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Richie Wright AKA Vapingdroid
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: research and development technician at the Tyson foods corporate office
Location: Sulphur Springs, Texas
Physical Description:
Other: see pics
Richie Wright is a person who has no idea about boundaries between adults and children, and who is very open about his beliefs that young children are responsible for being sexually abused.
Richie Wright


Sometimes the people we post here are not necessarily pedophiles themselves, but pedophile apologists who perpetuate the ideals and culture that allows and even encourages the rape of young children. This is such a case. This man also also behaves inappropriately and illegally with a young teenager in the building where he lives.

Richie Wright, AKA vapingdroid is a bit worse than a pedophile apologist. Richie is someone who believes that if an 8 year old female child gets pregnant it is her fault. He has repeatedly stated to one of our volunteers that if an 8 year old gets pregnant, it is her fault, and at one point said that 8 year olds in Texas "spread their legs" "because they are bored." He tries to justify his victim-blaming by later saying that the fault lies with the 8 year old AND her family AND the person who impregnated her.

However, he has followed that with the admission that he slaps the 14 year old girl who cleans his apartment on the bottom. He says that her father is dead and that her mother is "cool with him." He claims that they live downstairs from him. He also says that they watch hentai porn together. We believe he is a danger to this girl.

We also believe he is a danger to our volunteer, to whom he admitted these things, as well as his racist beliefs. He has threatened her several times and has told her that his father makes $300k a year at Wal-Mart and that money will help him cause harm to her.


When asked, several times, several ways, about whether or not an 8 year old can consent to sex, he answered every time that, yes, it would be her fault if she became pregnant:

what if she is 8 months old? is she still to blame?

25 November

Richie Wright


no shes not

but 8 years yes

omg your just as dumb as these east texans i said its all there fault geezeus learn to fucking listen women, ill pimp slap you next time i see ya to make it sink in

ts the girls fault and the boys and the parents fault. damn you really are retarded huh

obama is the anti christ lol damn nigger

When confronted about slapping the 14 year old on the butt, he said:

yeah and we are like sisters ive told ya this its nothing sexual damn you really are stupid, damn whore i knew better then to deal with out of state dumb fucks lol

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