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Roderik Muit
Age: 45
Birthdate: April 27, 1974
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Computer Tech
Location: Netherlands
Physical Description:
Organizations: Visions of Alice, Butterfly Kisses, Lindsay Ashford, Jongens pedophile.nl
Robert Muit is a Dutch pedophile activist who has helped to facilitate several pedophile websites, and openly advocates acceptance of pedophiles.

File:Roderik Muit - 01.jpg

Roderik Muit is a pedophile who, for some reason, gets upset when people point out that he's a pedophile, even though he posts on every one of his websites about his sexual attraction to young boys. For some reason, it also surprises him that people would be upset that he would try to interact with children. In other words, Muit is just as deluded as the rest of his fellow pedophiles, in that he thinks that the rest of the world should accept him as he is. And, like other pedophiles, he is very selfcentered and arrogant, even to the point of imagining "reactions" that people will have to his pedophilia, then countering those imagined reactions on his website, including responses to imaginary reactions of other pedophiles patting him on the back. He also writes about how his attraction to boys shouldn't be a big deal, yet mentions it at every turn.

Muit says that he is in control of his feelings, just as many others have who have ended up in prison and on the sex offender registry. Why, then, would he need someone else to prevent him from doing harm to someone, as he says in this quote?

Just trust that there are people who can talk to me and who can keep me from doing any harm.

Roderik Muit also seems to have a problem with a website which is aimed at stopping child pornography. It is a dutch site, and Muit constantly rants about the website and its owner. Of course, it is not surprising that a pedophile would oppose an anti-child-pornography website. The bottom line is that he is a selfish pedophile who is attracted to children, and doesn't care about anyone else's feelings. In other words, the delusions he is under are just as dangerous as any other pedophile.


The conclusion I have reached is that I don't want to do anything with them. Not because these feelings are bad in themselves, but because doing something with them will probably result in bad things. If I fall in love with and/or have sex with a younger boy, then the chances are very big of him getting into trouble. Either with himself, because he will at some point get very confused about it, or with society (well, you can fill in all kinds of stories here yourself, can't you?)

I just hope that your kids don't 'by accident' get into contact with me, or even -God forbid- like me! If that horrible situation happens, you have a way out as long as you show some respect. Just tell me in a civilised manner that you can't really handle me having contact with your kids and perhaps even why. If I hear your reasons, I'll probably respect them and back out, even though I'll probably disagree with you.

He will probably respect you? As a parent, he might just respect your wishes that he leave your child alone. Probably.

Muit doesn't even see the difference between sexual attraction and parental love for children.

What is so sick or bad about it? Where am I different from a 'normal' person (a loving parent or relative, for instance) and where's the danger in those differences?

Our Investigation[edit]

Roderik Muit is an "out" pedophile, so no investigation was necessary to prove that he is indeed sexually attracted to young children. WHOIS information and information on the bluebox server proved that he has hosted and facilitated other pedophile websites besides his own.

Online Accounts[edit]


Email Accounts:

  • hostmaster@pedofilie.nl
  • roderik@blueboxserver.net
  • ro@muit.nl
  • roderik@muit.nl
  • roderik@ripe.net (defunct)
  • roderik@pedofilie.nl
  • info@wyz.biz
  • AIM: Roderik1974
  • ICQ: 11315631

Last Known Address[edit]

Govert Flinckstraat 168A
1072 EP Amsterdam

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

  • Telephone: +31-20-664 05 65
  • Mobile: +31-622 517 218

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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