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Lance Warren Roberts
Age: 72
Birthdate: June 19, 1947
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Financial Adviser & Stockbroker
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boychat
Lance Warren Roberts AKA Royal, and many other names, is a long-time Boychat poster and admitted "boylover" currently living in Malaysia.

Lance Roberts AKA Royal is a self-admitted "boylover" who has frequented Boychat for over a decade and was also a poster on Alt.support.boy-lovers. He is currently a financial adviser and U.S.-licensed stockbroker based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is licensed to practice in California, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia. He holds a BS in Economics and Political Science and an MA in Economics and Diplomacy.

Lance Roberts was born in Texas and joined the Air Force after high school. At age 26, he decided that the military was no longer his cup of tea, having served in the Vietnam War and been involved in over 200 missions over North and South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. After the Air Force, Roberts spent time in England and Thailand before finally settling in Malaysia. It was in England (at age 29) that he met his first wife (who he later divorced) and began having children. Roberts is known to have at least 5 children and 7 grandchildren and he has been married at least two times.

At 18 I intended to be in the Air Farce all my life. At 26, burned out from one (1) war, two hundred and twenty-three (223) combat missions over N.& S. VietNam plus Cambodia and Laos, and three hundred forty-four (344) days nursemaiding a hell-weapon aka sitting nuclear alert duty, I resigned my commission and became a civilian. Studied Arabic and marketing and sales and became a Middle East whiz. Thirteen (13) years later, including (1) failed attempt to start my own export firm and a brush with personal bankruptcy when it failed, I became a financial advisor and stock broker at age 39. Now, lots of brokers start right out of school and are burned out by age 30, but I've died and gone to heaven, professionally speaking, on my third choice of career, begun, note, at 39. Eleven years later I'm still loving it, though if the company president finally waves enough money under my nose, I MIGHT sell the practice and devote myself full-time to the new international tax firm.

"Royal" is fiercely loyal to the Boychat administration and in general, seems to be well-respected by his fellow posters. Though he doesn't appear to have ever been part of the administration, he always agreed with their policies and often tried to help by suggesting to other posters ways in which they could protect themselves from getting into trouble due to their online activities. No indication has been found that Roberts was arrested for boylove-related activities, but he has stated that he lost a young friend due to paranoid parents and police.

Aside from his professional career in finance, Roberts is also an author under the pseudonym of R.R. Lawrence. His books include The Starsword, America and The Dawn of Brighter Days: Slashes Debt--Puts Money in Your Pocket and are sold by major retailers. But he didn't stop there.

Back in the late 1990s, Roberts had agreed to fund a publishing company called RoyalDen Publishing and go into business with fellow Boychat poster Denny Mintun. What Roberts didn't know at the time was that Denny was not being truthful and was in fact working with outsiders to expose the pedophiles on Boychat. Having learned of Denny's true motivations, Roberts backed out of the deal and in time, returned to Boychat to tell his tale.

Here's the situation. I am screwed if Denny decides to screw me. I am out several thousand dollars toward funding the publishing venture, and I will write Denny later asking him to remove the "Royal" from the title -- or, as I think on it, I'm just going to change the nick and the hell with it. I am sorely wounded that my money has been taken under false pretences. I am very upset that my writing will probably never see the light of publication. I am glad that I did not send the last check. Denny must have found another source of cash to milk.

Not only was he upset that he was bilked out of money and his work was not published - at that time - as he had intended, but he was also fearful of being exposed to the companies he worked with/for and the clients that he served.

Royal continues to post on Boychat and surrounds himself with his family and other children. He has also been known to provide financial help to his fellow Boychat posters and is a contributing writer to the financial publication KLAmerican, published by the American Association of Malaysia[1]. He is also a member of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.


I'm a happily married (twice now) guy with kids who happens to be a BL.

I initially wrote this story for my daughters, about the time the last ice age was giving way to longer summers......The sex was implicit in the original, though barely and only hinted. It was for my kids, after all.

If you can find someone closer to your age like myself, who enjoys (too mild a word) sex with women but also loves boys, this might indeed be the perfect solution.

If current US laws indicate KP as anything with a naked child, roughly half my family albums are KP. I can tell you that the assorted children (mostly daughters, but a young son, a growing nephew, their assorted friends, some grandkids) are hardly being forced to remove their clothes. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I have raised a LOT of daughters over the years. I am -- as you know -- attracted to the female form, preferably athletic and fit. My daughters meet all the criteria that attract me.

I have lost, hmm, one yf to paranoid parents and police, stonewalled, did not go to prison and have my life ruined. I have also had a number of potential yf's who did NOT end up as such because of paranoid parents, despite the boys' own wishes in the matter.

If I take a photo of young Suresh in the buff, or even in a sex act, as a memento of a beautiful boy in his prime, and someone with whom I share it posts it on the net, no one is harmed.

Our Investigation

  • We first became aware of Royal as a Boychat poster.
  • Using contact and other information from his Boychat posts we were led to other various user names and online identities.
  • In July 1997, Royal posted to alt.support.boy-lovers with the email address of [email protected] and user name "tietax". In April, 1997 he also posted to a non-pedophile group with that same email address and user name Lance W. Roberts, thus tying the online persona of Royal to Lance Roberts.
  • This identity then led to real-life online identities as well as location and personal information.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Royal
  • R. R. Lawrence
  • Roy
  • Roy R. Lawrence / Roy Lawrence
  • rrl/RRL
  • not.roylaw
  • asiaroy
  • Roy L
  • Lance W. Roberts
  • Lance
  • lroberts
  • tietax
  • travelance

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address


Previous Addresses

Kenanga International BLDG
Suite 1203
Jalan Sultan
Ismail 50250
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Last Known Phone Number

  • (60-3) 2164-9049
  • (60–3) 2164-9029
  • (Fax) (60-3) 2164-9039

Additional Quotes

if as a straight, married guy I can be turned on by straight porn.......then why assume that my BL part is not turned on by KP?

I am now so paranoid that I have installed PGP in various volumes on the hard drive and my personal pictures, the pictures of my children, the pics my my children send me of my grandchildren, are all on the encrypted disks. I run PGP Wipe periodically, set to military spec -- yes, it's possible to find bits and pieces after that's done, but you'd better have a Cray and lotsa time and money. Cheap insurance. If I'm charged with pedophilia, having the pics of my granddaughters in the bubble-bath, sent to me by their mother, would be used against me.

I think there is a world of difference between seduction and rape

Additional Information

  • Roberts has stated under both his real-life persona and his Boychat persona that while in Thailand in 1987, a major U.S. broadcast station interviewed him and other expatriates.

Employment History



AKA: IC Advisory Services, Inc.

Home office

1420 ROUTE 206 NORTH SUITE 210



10/1998 - 07/2004


04/1997 - 10/1998

  • Note: Records indicate that he may still be affiliated with this company


CRD# 10673
07/1989 - 06/1997



I'm Regional Vice President for South and South-East Asia with Global Benefits Group / TieCare International, a specialist firm which deals almost exclusively with expatriates. I hold the NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.) Series 7 General Securities License and Series 24 General Principal's License. If you're impressed by such things, I have a BSc from the US Air Force Academy and an MA from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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