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Brendan Jones
Age: Early 20s
Birthdate: Between Aug. 22 - Sept. 22 (Virgo)
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: College Student
Location: Ward/Como, Colorado
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boylover.net, Boylove.net, Global-Unity, Boylove Online Community
ShadowedSunrise AKA Brendan Jones is a pedophile who wants to become a teacher. He coaches and plays soccer, and has discussed his involvement with two young boys on the pedophile forums.

ShadowedSunrise AKA Brendan Jones is a pedophile from Colorado who is very active in the online pedophile community. He is a member of at least four known sites: Boylover.net, Boylove.net, Global-Unity and Boylove Online Community. While on the Boylove.net site he worked as a "Senior PAL Administrator". In this role, he not only welcomed new members and assisted them in becoming acclimated to the forums, but he organized and supervised others whose role was to greet newcomers. He also serves in this same type of role on the Boylove Online Community site.

Brendan also played a huge part in creating the graphics used for the Boylove.net site, and takes great pride in his creation of signature images for other members to use in their posts as well. In addition, Brendan often gives advice to other pedophiles about how they can hide "boylover" files and images on their computers so that they will not be discovered.

Brendan has posted in the forums that he is primarily attracted to boys between the ages of 6 and 14 years old. He has also shared that he has two YFs. One of the boys he posted about is an 11 year old who recently left Brendan heartbroken because he and his family moved to Canada, and Brendan has been unable to find a way to go visit with him without being conspicuous. He commented that he does take solace in having his 14-year-old YF with him still, however he is concerned about their relationship because the boy has just entered puberty. Brendan has not openly admitted to having had sexual contact with his YFs, stating however that he leaves it up to the child as to where to draw the line with regards to a physical relationship.

Brendan is in college, studying to become a Biology teacher. It is his hope to teach students between grades 6 and 12. When he was in high school he was very active in the science programs, as well as doing quite well as a soccer player for his school. He still enjoys playing soccer and has posted about coaching boys soccer, as well. He has also worked as a camp counselor and has stated that he will definitely take on that role again in the future.


Does the age really matter?

Who cares if they are 19, or if they are 12. Who cares if it's AOC or not.

What matters is that you love them. Don't get caught up with what other peoples perspectives are on what it means to be a BL. You love who you want to love and throw 'age' out the window. Just because another person defines 'BoyLover' differently shouldn't matter.

Re: How did you come out to yourself as a BL

Another great author who slips my mind right now said "Be the change" and by joining board like this we are showing people that we are here and we will always be here and that we deserve a place in society.

Sure we might get the short end of the stick now-a-days but I for one am looking further down the road to when I can walk down a street with a cute boy and no one cares.

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed ShadowedSunrise on Boylove.net serving in the role of an administrator. His profile revealed his e-mail address, as well as contact information for his AIM, MSN, and Yahoo instant messaging accounts
  • Using the e-mail address provided, we were lead to several non-pedophile websites to which Brendan belonged, starting with his MySpace profile. In that profile he gave his first name, age, location and zodiac sign as being Virgo.
  • From there we found him on a paintball forum, wherein he had posted pictures using the "zokocow" name in the filenames. His e-mail address also lead us to several photography sites, including one in which he gave his full name, Brendan Jones.
  • We went back to MySpace and searched using his full name and obtained the same result as we achieved using the zokocow e-mail address, thereby confirming his full name.
  • Further searches using Brendan's real name and contact information gave us the opportunity to further confirm that which Brendan had already provided through his postings on the pedophile forums.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

Brendan Jones was last believed to be in the Ward/Como area of Colorado. He attended Nederland High School and may have family remaining in that area. If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Re: Kids Say The Darndest Sexual Things

I was rock climbing with my YF one time and as he hit the top and I was repelling him down the harness pulls tight and you get a pretty good view of the goods but anyway he noticed me catching a glance and rather then call me out on it he says "Does this make my crotch look big?"

I must have turned purple.

Boys from Behind

I know what you all thought this thread was going to be about... perverts.

Anyway, don't ya just hate it when your at the supermarket or something and as your moving along all you see is a stunning boy from behind? You start thinking to yourself... "Just turn around" but alas they walk away without you ever seeing their face.

This ever happened to anyone else?

Re: How did you come out to yourself as a BL

I'm right there with JB.

I first realized that girls/women no longer made me feel happy but my class mates and friends did. Slowly that progressed into younger boys and eventually I found myself just trying to convince myself I was crazy.

I found bl.net shortly thereafter and realized, I too am not alone. It's been a hell of a ride but one I'm so glad I took.

I no longer get depressed and I know I have a bunch of really great friends here on BLN and if I ever do feel sad, I always just post about it and you more often than not get a flood of warm-hearted, sincere replies.

So in coming out to myself I really just realized that there are many like me who have walked this path and know what hardships there are in being a BL.

We're here for ya whenever you need us.

Re: Around the block

1950's... That was a long time ago.

Anyway, those are some powerful words and I would like to agree with them. We are the change that is coming and I know that in time there will be a space for bl's and the change starts here and now.

Re: how to meet a yf??

From my experience, the best way to getting a yf is just be friendly.

It's not something that happens overnight, nor should it be. Just start with a smile and a hello, find some common ground and just talk to them. If your concerned about parents they usually just give you funny looks but on the rare occasion they call you out on something, I go with the 'your son is extremely intelligent and has some really interesting things to say' than just smile and walk away.

Like was said before have patience and just talk to boys, you'll be surprised at where it gets you.

Re: “Boys give me a boner...what's wrong with me?”

WOW! Way to dig up an old post.

Indeed, I'll call it pheremones and something boys give off that just make us feel um... 'happy'

Re: If The Authorities Find Cp On Your Computer, What Do You Think Will Happen?

I don't really know. I've been torn on this for a while because yes you would be ostracized for what pics might be found but on the other hand you would become a media figure and potentially be able to speak as an advocate for non-pedophile BoyLovers.

But in reality I can sit here and theorize what would happen and most likely something I never imagined would happen.

Additional Information

  • States that he is a photographer; however, it is unknown as to what extent whether hobby or if he has done any professional work.
  • Has an older dog named Kramer, a yellow lab/mix whose coat has a "fox-red" tint to it.
  • Loves books - worked in a bookstore for 6 years, favors the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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