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Shana Rowan is betrothed to Geoffrey Boudreau, who is classified as a sexually violent offender by the state of New York. Though Shana tells his story differently, there are obvious lies in the story. Whether she made the lies or is just falling for them, they are lies nonetheless.

She says that her fiancé molested a relative when he was 12. Or 13. Depending on which story you watch or listen to. She says that he stopped raping his relative when he was 15 1/2. or 14. Depending on which version of the story you encounter. His victim, she says, was 6. Or 7. Depending on which story you watch or listen to. The fact is that he was convicted of Sodomy:Deviate Intercourse With Other Person Less Than 11 and is designated a sexually violent offender. Description of his crime reads, "Offense Description: Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Contact."

No matter what story you read, or hear on her "made for TV" videos, the victim is dismissed and the crime is described by Shana, thus: "There was no intercourse, and there was no violence, it was mutual touching of genitals and some oral contact." But she goes into great detail about the harm that was allegedly done to Geoff by his mother and step-father. She says, many times, that Geoff has blurry memories of what happened, so nobody will ever really know the true story. She also says that a judge was willing to offer poor Geoff a deal of some sort, but his evil mother had the proceedings moved to the county, away from this kind judge. Never mind the fact that judges do not offer plea deals, never mind that his mother could not have his trial moved to a jurisdiction, in Shana's eyes, Geoff is the victim, not just of his mother, but of the system, and his victim is meaningless. There are many inconsistencies in her story, mostly when dealing with the subject of dates and math, but that is standard operating procedure for most RSO activists. If the facts get in the way, they make new ones. So now she has joined the ranks of child molesters, rapists, and NAMBLA members. As a matter of fact, she is a member of The New NAMBLA, serving as one of their Minutemen, and running the facebook page for the New York chapter of The New NAMBLA.

Had Shana decided to help her fiancé with his alleged emotional harm by being there for him, rather than spending all of her days and nights attacking people who don't agree with her "statistics," Geoff might have the better life that she says she wants him to have. Instead, she aligned herself with those who harm our most vulnerable, our women and our children, and decided to take on the world and try to change their view of sex offenders. For that, she gets the spotlight and adoration she obviously desperately needs for herself on youtube, facebook and other places, from criminals and supporters of sex offenders. Though she was warned by one of our volunteers that she was indeed in bed with NAMBLA via RSOL, she has continued her attacks on normal people who are concerned about the safety of their children, and others, on news websites around the world. She wants to try to change legislation, and the public opinion of pedophiles, so that her fiance` will not have to be on the sex offender registry, even though he can't even follow the law after release and is serving 3 years probation for failure to change his address on the registry (sentenced in September, 2011). She has even said that she wants to "get rid of all of these laws."

Though she says she barely graduated high school, she presents herself as an expert on crimes, statistics, and even psychological profiles of sex offenders.


Re: the living situation, I can't offer much help...we don't have kids so that's one aspect of things we don't have to deal with. However you are not the only one I've heard of in this exact situation - I know of some moms who have gone to court over it. I just want to get rid of all these laws - they hurt more families than they help.

"It is true that the Facebook group, XSOs, is where I spend a lot of my time simply because it's easier for me to network through Facebook (in terms of getting the word out to those who AREN'T lucky enough to be family members of registrants). Anyway, I have also been entirely wrapped up in the creation of my new website. I created a group called ESCAPE, which stands for End Sex Crime through Awareness, Prevention and Education. Although I am continuing to work with groups that focus on reforming sex crime legislation and the harm it does to families, and that is one of the main focuses of ESCAPE, I am hoping that my group can become one step closer to helping the general public understand how harmful these laws are. I'm focusing on statistics that prove SO legislation does little to nothing to help prevent sex crime, and how overcrowding the registry with non-dangerous individuals is a dangerous."

I have agreed to be the Facebook page admin and "manager" for the NY chapter of RSOL! I am very excited and have some ideas, although I am sure that there is a lot I haven't thought of, either. I just created it a little while ago, and plan to really get going on it tomorrow (right now it's just the logo and basic information).


Pedophile Websites



Last Known Address[edit]

See nsopr.gov


  • iloveanso@gmail.com
  • retroglamor@aol.com

Additional Quotes[edit]

About a man who is on trial for sexually abusing 5 women:

Even if Mr. Tait is guilty of abusing his employee, it is not as though he is going to run out and abuse random women on the street. That is simply not the profile of this type of offender, and again, there is significant research to back this up.

I want to make a T-shirt that, on the front says, "Proud girlfriend of a registered sex offender". On the back, it would say something like, "Ask me why sex offender legislation needs to be reformed" or "Ask me why the registry does more harm than good". Even though I don't know as much about it as some do, I know enough to tell people how it has effected my life and my boyfriend's; even just sharing statistics such as the low recidivism rate, the screwed up "therapies" SOs must endure during/after incarceration, the fact that most sexual offenses are perpetrated by a family member not on the registry, etc...might be enough to get people thinking.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Interests: "Dogs, writing, hiking, pole dancing (it's fantastic exercise!), playing piano, vintage clothing"
  • Married name is Newman

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