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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

William "Bill" Page
Age: 63
Birthdate: July 12, 1956
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Mailing Specialist
Location: Gaffney, South Carolina
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Gray
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, Visions of Alice
Bill Page is a pedophile who is sexually attracted to little girls and is from South Carolina. He is a longtime poster on Girlchat and Visions of Alice and claims to be around naked girls on a regular basis.

Bill Page AKA Siva, Pedophile

File:Siva sigpic1.jpg
Siva's sig pic on VoA
File:Siva sigpic2.jpg
Siva's sig pic on GC


(August 7, 2008)

We present the perfect gift to LGLs everywhere ...

Bill Page AKA Siva (full legal name William Adrien Page) is a dangerous and calculating pedophile and long-time member of the forums at GirlChat, Visions of Alice and many others. He claims to be the oldest child in a very large family, living in a happy, structured world. He claims to have had many “special little girls” for the past two decades and continues to have "many little girls" surrounding him. He talks constantly of showering with children and being nude with them; he even goes as far as to brag about getting permission from their parents to do so (a list of children he has referred to in his posts is shown below).

Bill Page has been married for approximately 30 years and we believe that he currently works around the Charlotte, North Carolina area. According to statements he has made over the course of several years, he spends time with children at his home, in parks and many other places. One of his favorite places he refers to as a "greenway" where they spend lots of time in the river.


I spend time with them naked, they show me they masturbate, I am their bestest friend, I shower with them and pee with them and hold them and love them and sleep with them.

Have you ever explained eating out a girl to a 9YO? I have. She was amazed at this. Have you ever explained a blow job to a 9 YO? I have.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen LG's naked and thought: "The first sip of wine after crossing a desert!"

But she wants to kiss and she thinks that is so cool she can kiss like I showed her and she can do this anytime she wants with someone who she loves. We actually like “make out”. – laughing.

Kidding aside I do see little girls peeing quite often and I find it erotic. It is in several settings as well. Sometimes it is outside and sometimes in bathrooms. Recently I was with the girls at the river and one just squatted and peed through her suit - that was wild to watch.

I often am with naked little girls and so I give them wide latitude as to how they act...I have up to 6 girls at the house at a time and we share MANY situations including what some would conceive as being sexual.

I surely do not agree with a lot of parents but yesterday I showered naked with a little girl.

- Siva, June 2008

I was laying on my side and when I cracked a bleary eye my first sight was two little kitties standing side by side!! I opened both eyes!!! The girls saw I was awake and so climbed all over me to get under the covers. I rolled onto my back and now had a naked girl on each side of me.....Sorry for TMI but there I was naked laying on the floor with two naked girls giggling and climbing all over me.......At this point I thought we were set for the day but something struck them as funny and they decided it would be fun to run around the house naked and they did!! I got two very cute naked girls running around giggling naked all over the house.

- Siva, August 2008

Our Investigation

  • We first became aware of "Siva" as a GirlChat poster.
  • Using contact and other information from his Girlchat posts we were led to other user names, online activity and contact information.
  • The online identities then led to his real-life location, place of employment and personal information.
  • The real-life information was checked against publicly-available information.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Siva
  • methmaren
  • Raen a Sul hant Meth-Maren
  • Bert
  • Neuralafex

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

Other Online Activity


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

140 Lakewood Dr
Gaffney, SC 29340-5645

Previous Addresses

  • Southern California
  • Holyoke, Massachusetts
  • 1760 Oakland St, Petersburg, Virginia (1986-1991)
  • Richmond, Virginia (1983-1986)

Last Known Phone Number

(864) 488-1541

Previous Phone Number

(804) 733-9033


  • Bill Page is employed as a mailing specialist at Direct Print Imaging located in Charlotte, North Carolina and had previously been in the engraving industry for 25 years.
  • "Siva" claims to have been in the fashion industry for over 20 years.

Girls He Spends Time With

This list is not all-inclusive; these are the girls he talks about most often.

  • Maggie - Approximately 6-9 years old (she is his granddaughter)
  • "M" - Approximately 6 years old
  • Mary - Says this is his niece, approximately 4 years old
  • 12 and 16-year-old nieces
  • Nikki
  • Rita
  • "L"
  • "J"
  • "Baby J"
  • "A"
  • "K" - A girl who he says he recently got permission from to shower with her.
  • Gabby - Approximately 3-7 years old
  • Tiffany/Tiff - Approximately 13 years old
  • Bob - A girl he has talked about "losing"
  • Rachel - 6 years old in the 1980s, says he rescued her from abuse
  • Two sisters who he said he didn't get to know until they spent the night at his house.

Boys He Spends Time With

This list is not all-inclusive; these are the boys he talks about most often.

  • A grandson who is approximately 8 years old - possibly "B"
  • An unknown boy who is approximately 9 years old

Additional Quotes

Then there came a time when I found I could make a lot of money doing some very violent things and so I led not only a double life as a pedophile and a family man but also a third life doing "business" on the side.

Now, I am a simple man with simple pleasures. I have many little girls surrounding me at times and so I am satisfied. I am lucky enough to be involved personally with these girls and go potty with them, help to bathe them, help them to dress etc and I am their bestest buddy. It really becomes silly in todays terms since everyone seems to wait on every instance of seeing panties or seeing kitty. I miss half of it most times actually - laughing. I might have a girl naked in my living room but I am busy elsewhere either with a girl or boy playing etc. It doesn't matter - what matters is atmosphere and future considerations.

I fucking love drugs. All kinds of drugs.

All I know is that a half dozen or less LG's come here every weekend and we love each other beyond reason. We shower together and sleep together etc.

I am supposed painted as a sell out and happy with slavery and yet I spend days naked with a group of little girls not related to me. If parents allow me to be naked with their girls on a regular basis then the difference you are speaking of must be subtle indeed since I thought our goal was to be able to be ourselves.

I am not out nor am I some activist by defintion here but I just broke the hold of a parent over a litle girl and now that girl comes here and showers with me. (Or will actualy - not yet.)

- Siva, July 2008

Hand washing, toilet flushing etc and now "I" have to pee as well. So in the stall I go and suddenly I have 4 pairs of beady eyes at waist level staring at me - LAUGHING. Now I am not sure I can actually pee - laughing. All I hear is: "That is the way Siva pees." "Siva helped me get on the toilet." "Siva doesn't have to sit down." etc etc Finally I get to pee and it is THE topic of conversation for the next few minutes. The girls are happily informed and making comments and so silly. I wash my hands and pause for just a second wondering if when I walk back out into the restaurant I am going to be arrested - laughing.

There is something about naked 3 YO's and hot water running over you.

As for incest? I agree as well. Incest is a tricky slope anyway. I know a lot of people from a bunch of different countries and what is taboo in one place is commonplace in another. I am always a big supporter of intimacy with a child.

I do have MAA friends who have met my girls and interact with respect and love.

[name removed] is a little older and taller (5 YO) she can stand on the molded bench in my shower and the water only hits her in the middle of her back instead of in her face......She spent the night last night and so this morning we took our shower together. It is always such a wonderfully intimate and caring thing between us. (I know that in some countries showering with your children/grandchildren is not an issue but in America it is not the norm and so is special to me.) Finally she lifted her head and gave me a baby smooch on the lips and we got out and I helped her dry off. Then it is time to shave - laughing. We "MUST" shave in only panties by her decision so we are together in underwear with her sitting on the counter next to the sink and me standing.

Suddenly she pulls her pants all the way down, bends over and wiggles her little heinie at me.....I said: "You pull down your pants and shake it at me [name removed] and I am going to bite your butt!!" She says: "nuh-uh." And proceeds to do it again. I snatched her up and she shrieked!! She is squirming and trying to get away and I bent down and just barely nipped her little tushie.

I scooped up my little sweetheart and we had our open mouthed little smooch and she just laid her head down on my shoulder and snuggled.

We are pedophiles so we have been forged like steel in fire and adversity. I revel in being a ped. I would have it no other way. When they finally make all this legal I am the one who will not know what to do. I am going to be the throwback, the dinosaur. There will come a day and I wish it so when I will come to a forum and people will feel pity for me since I wish to hide who I am.

Her now stabilized and purring I raised my head up level and looked straight ahead. Two inches from my nose was her cute little bubble butt starin straight back at me- LAUGHING!! She tells me to wash her back and I do while dodging her tushie which she is wiggling around in front of me. And then I realize- she is going to have to rinse it off!! And of course she does. "Turn me around Pepere!" So we carefully help her replace her feet and when I look up nothing has changed height wise - laughing. Now I am staring directly at her little kitty!!

A little while back one of the girls approached me quite put out. She just walks up, pulls down her pants and panties and complains: "Pepere, my panties are wet!!" Now we had been together for hours and I certainly noticed that off and on she had been playing with herself and many times without even realising she was. I really didn't want to get into a long drawn out conversation about masturbation with a 6YO who is not related to me so I was kind of skirting the issue. I guess she thought I wasn't believing her because abruptly she says: "Pepere, for real, feel." It was ludicrous. I mean, I am kneeling down in front of her so I can be at her level and she is standing there with her panties around her shins demanding I feel her panties to prove her point. Indeed they were so slightly damp. So I bite the bullet and explain how she is rubbing herself and that is going to happen. She looked stunned and then in a quandry. Like so many 6 YO's she likes to play with herself BUT she hates haveing her panties even slightly damp.

She is laughing so hard she can barely stand still and I reach out, grab the waistband of her panties and reach in. At the last second she bends over so I can't reach and is laughing so hard she is shaking. Then she stands up straight and tells me to get the poilet paper!! We do this like three times before she pulls the punchline in her mind. At the last second she reaches in her panties, pulls out the toilet paper and shows me it. Now this is from a game she plays all the time with me. Whenever we go potty together she wipes and then shows me the paper. I make a screwed up face and go: "EEEEWWWW!!" She finds this hilarious for some reason and hey, she is only 5 eh?

When I climb into a shower naked with 2, 3 or even (rarely) 4 girls I am not a pedophile buck, I am a human male and I am Pepere. And those same parents hate pedophiles and that should tell us something buck. They don't hate an adult male taking their daughters into showers with them but rather they hate a misdefined concept. Now my question is what is it you want? A vindication for a word or the right to shower naked with children with parental approval?

Personally I see it as a step forward if I can convince a parent to allow me to be naked with their daughter while not convincing them pedophiles are great folks. And even more I see it as a great step forward that a parent will allow their daughter to decide to be naked with a non related male of their own volition even if I don't say I am a pedeophile.

What is our goal? Saying pedophiles are great people or liberating kids?

There is only room enough for one pedo on my street!!! (ROFLMFAO) Sheesh you can't even trust 10 YO's anymore. I should really be jealous and tell the little bastard: "Fuck you, I shower with her." LAUGHING!!!

On the professional side, two of my designs have been bought big time by a major department store chain for the spring collections and one of my designs was just shown on the runways in NY. It was worn by a 10 YO girl on the runways which was so cool to see. So this spring you will wander into a department store chain or two and see a lovely floral pattern being used for bedspreads and curtains et al and without knowing it you will be buying a design I drew - smile.

Additional Information

  • Has or had heart problems.
  • Uses the terms "eh" and "buck" a lot.
  • Went into the military at age 17 - in the early 1970s.
  • Signs his posts "I am created Siva."
  • Claims to be the oldest child in a large family, supposedly lost a brother in the 9/11 attacks.
  • Claims to have competed in classical piano as a grade school child.
  • Bought his first computer in 1980 and discovered an "underground" for people who liked little girls.
  • Used illegal drugs prior to his heart attack, was apparently connected to a lab assistant at the University of Mass at Amherst in 1973.
  • Claims to have been involved in a lawsuit against AOL in the early 1990s.
  • Part of the "Jive Five" on GirlChat, which included himself and Seamus, Sibelius, Smeagol and DeeGee.
  • In 2003, stated that he had been married for 25 years and had a mistress for 10. Says that he has expressed his interest in little girls to his mistress in the past.
  • Says he owns several guns and does target shooting often.
  • Says he has met other girl lovers in real life, including some who post on GirlChat.
  • Says he is called "Pepere" by his grandchildren and other little girls.
  • Says he has large files with the FBI and NSA.
  • Plagiarizes other people's writings and posts them on GirlChat
  • Claims his worst fault is his bad temper.
  • Claims he was the victim of identity theft.
  • Claims to be a member of Intertel and Mensa.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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