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Damien or Damian Walker
Age: 32
Birthdate: June 6, 1987
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Previous: Student; Now: Incarcerated
Location: Highbridge, Somerset, England
Physical Description:
Height: 6'5"
Weight: Average
Organizations: Boylover.net, Girltalk - girltales.com, GlWiki, TkGL, Those Little Angels, MySpace, Livejournal Blogger
Individuals: Lux
Damien Walker is a nepiophile who is attracted to young girls under the age of three. In August 2007, he was convicted of 21 separate charges related to producing and possessing child pornography.

Sorrow AKA Damien "Damian" Walker is a self-described nepiophile. This means that he is sexually attracted to little girls who are infants or toddlers. His AoA is of children between the ages of 0-10 years old.

Prior to his arrest, he was in school studying to become a nursery school teacher, working part-time in a nursery as he obtained his education. Walker has kept a blog at Livejournal and a MySpace profile, in addition to having been a member of many pedo forums, including Girltalk - girltales.com, Boylover.net and a site dedicated to necrophilia. He also served as an administrator on GLWiki and the now defunct sites, TkGL and "Those Little Angels", both of which were owned by another pedophile named Lux.

According to Lux, he and Walker had grown quite close, even visiting each other in person, sometimes with Walker's four-year-old twin sisters in tow, even though Lux had already been arrested for child porn, rape and sexual abuse charges. Following Lux's conviction, Walker took over management of TkGL and "Those Little Angels" until his own arrest took place in February 2006. He was convicted August 2007 of 21 separate charges, including the making of indecent photographs of children and possession of over 480 like images. His sentence is not known as of yet; however, he is currently undergoing sex change treatment to become a female.


From Walker's profile on the "Those Little Angels" site:

Describe yourself: Primarily a nepiophile, the younger the better.

Currently a student at college, studying how to care for the little un's properly. Admin here and at TKGL and looking after Lux' stuff while he's gone.

paedophiles (like myself) never torture anyone, get your facts straight. Being angry at child mollestors who engage in unconsensual rape of minors is fully understandable, and I'd kill any of them myself. Wanting to kill someone for a sexual orientation they didn't choose though, but rather have been burdened with then constantly barraged with hatred from society for a crime they haven't and likely wouldn't commit, is purely sensless stupidity.

Our Investigation

  • While searching for information on another pedophile, Lux, we noticed a strong connection to another pedophile named Sorrow. It quickly became clear that the two were very close, working together on sites owned by LuX.
  • Further investigation into Lux revealed his comments on the GLWiki regarding Sorrow's having been arrested.
  • When searching for more information on Sorrow, we came across information posted to the newsgroup alt.hackers.malicious, which is an anti-pedophile group, by one of it's more prominent members, Rikijo. Rikijo and a-h-m had uncovered Sorrow's real name, Damien Walker, and the fact that he is from Highbridge, Somerset, England. Included in the report were several e-mail addresses belonging to Walker.
  • Searching the e-mail addresses provided, we were able to locate a MySpace page, a Livejournal account, Walker's personal website, and an online petition he had started. Walker's Livejournal account lists his date of birth and confirms his location.
  • One of our volunteers located two news articles outlining the details of Walker's arrest and recent conviction, confirming all of the other information we had previously received on the subject.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

  • MySpace User:Sorrow[1]
  • Livejournal User:Sorrowlocp[2]


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Highbridge, Somerset, England.

Walker was convicted in August 2007; however, as of this writing his sentencing was unknown.

Additional Quotes

I'm kinda new to all the kids there and as such get a lot of attention, which is saying a lot if you've ever seen how much the teachers in there have to put up with! Not that I mind of course.

Anyway, I was told, after a LG said she "loves me", that 3 LG's and a LB have apparently been arguing over who lovesme the most!

Kids that age are so cute!!

Anyway, as I was leaving at lunch time (since I'm only doing mornings during the half term) the LB who I had been told about called me back as I stepped out the door. I turned round and he blew me a kiss. I blew him one back and carried on, with a smile etched into my face all the way home.

I would love to publically make a loud enough noise about CL in general, regardless of the fact I expect I'd end up dead.

Problem is, I know I wouldn't be allowed to continue my current course or career path. When I get a bit older and give it up though, if nothing has been done, I'm gonna make sure everyone knows the difference.

Additional Information

  • Has an expressed interest in computers.
  • Proudly discussed playing with and collecting dolls.
  • Described himself as "an agsty goth".
  • Likes video games, music (Korn) and children's movies (Lilo and Stitch, Powerpuff Girls, etc.).

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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