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Sarah Louise Arney
Age: 40
Birthdate: November 10, 1979
Race: Caucasian
Location: Killeen or Lott, Texas
Physical Description:
Height: 5'3"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn/Red
Pedophile Websites: Butterfly Kisses, BL.net, BLISS, BoyMoment, BoyTalk, Boyzparadise.net, Common Ground, Forum m/bl, GirlChat, Hoby's Dreamscape, Lil' Girl, TkGL, VoA
Sarah Louise Arney AKA Soulfulsongbird is a female pedophile who teaches Sunday School to children within her age of sexual attraction, earning their trust while hoping to catch a glimpse of a child's private body parts.

Sarah Louise Arney AKA Soulfulsongbird

Soulfulsongbird AKA Sarah Louise Arney loves to sing karaoke, enjoys teaching a 2nd grade Sunday school class at her local Baptist church, and is a female pedophile who is attracted to children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

Sarah Arney has been a frequent poster on many pedophile based message boards for many years, even some from days of old which are now defunct. When we first came across her posts on TkGL, she was pretending to be a man stating that she had a little girl friend who called her "Dad". At that time, she stated that she was attracted to little girls between the ages of 4 and 12 years old, with particular interest in 7 year old children. Later we would find her posts on GirlChat, another site geared towards pedophiles who are attracted to girls. On this site she stated that she was a 2nd grade Sunday School teacher, and again mentioned her AoA. In addition to posting on the boards geared towards those who are sexually attracted to girls, Sarah also posts on quite a few "boylover" message boards as well, including some of the more popular sites such as BL.net and BLISS. On those boards she comes across as a female attracted to little boys.

Sarah also has shared that she has a fetish involving wet kids, and has several times relayed stories about watching children playing in water, while she hopefully catches a glimpse of the children exposing their private body parts. She has not only presented herself as both male and female to her peers, but with varying ages as well. On GirlChat she told everyone she was in her mid to upper 40s, yet she maintains a profile on MySpace wherein she presents herself as a teenager. It is very difficult to know just who Sarah Louise Arney is, but there is no doubt that she is a pedophile.


I can tell I am in the right place ,I love little girls ,no kiding,they love me back ,the little they are the more they love me .I teach six & seven year olds at church I am in haven when I am with my class ,I am in hell when not with them.I love to see games at school VB ...,i LOVE to see play's at church & school,do we see A trind here If there are little girls somplace look around I am there,you are to uuuum .Anyway I will be here as much as I can be ,if A little girl needs my time I will give it to her first ,but you all ready know that. I have to go to the school now ! ,later.soulfulsongbird

I Love girls,the younger the better.SaraLove you,and Thank you.

Our Investigation

  • We first discovered soulfulsongbird on TkGL, a pedophile site geared towards those who are sexually attracted to little girls. In her post, she came across as a man, stating that she liked little girls between the ages of 4 and 12 and that she has a little friend who calls her "Dad".
  • Later we would find that soulfulsongbird was also a member of GirlChat, posing as a woman in her mid to upper 40s and revealing that she is a Sunday Schoolteacher.
  • Searching the internet for more information, we also found her on Wikipedia, stating that she was from Texas, near the town of Waco.
  • Further searching led us to a Bebo.com profile, wherein she confirmed her location as being in Texas, and that she is indeed female. To further the connection, she joined VoA, another pedophile site, and listed her location as being Texas.
  • Continuing our search, we began to discover that soulfulsongbird was also a member of many boylover pedo sites, including BL.net and BLISS. Notably, she used the same avatar on those sites as she did on the VoA site, and also mentioned having lived in Texas.
  • On the GirlChat site, soulfulsongbird made a post regarding all of the pedo based sites she belongs to and once again noted that she was from Texas.
  • A Google search assisted us in locating her homepage, which included her date of birth and age. We also noticed that the site was hosted by Tarleton College, which matches the college listed on her real MySpace page. On the site she also listed her resume with her complete address at the time, as well as an e-mail address. Her web address through Tarleton College also revealed that her last name was Arney.
  • A search of Sarah Arney in public records revealed a Sarah Louise Arney, with the same date of birth. Using that name we searched MySpace and came up with the exact same MySpace page for "trippinweasel", confirming all information we had previously connected for this person. A post on GirlChat revealing yet another e-mail address also lead us to the same information we had previously found.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • soulfulsongbird
  • sfsb
  • Mora
  • M.R.
  • bubble
  • trip
  • trippinweasel
  • soulful
  • passion

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address


Rosebud, TX

Possible Current Location

Lott, TX

Previous Locations

814 Highland Avenue
Killeen, TX 76543

1100 Shady Lane Apt. #504
Belton, TX 76513

Last Known Phone Number

Note: May not be current number

(254) 690-1594

Additional Quotes

My young friend won the band contest .That I was so looking foreword to. It raind alot all day and into the night, many of the girls were in white tops in the band and in the stand, the top were transparent in all the rain ,what joy .when the flag girls would swing there flags they would soak each other . One of the juge's had A four year old she was in A plad school outfit,when the good school bands would play she would get up and dance. The better the band played the more she danced,if the band was no good well,if she did not dance to A band you new they were going to lose. the juge all so had A older girl that help her juge ,she was about sixteen,she had on A pink tee top ,that was very clear inthe wet . She would conpair notes with her mother ,so did the folks in stand. I had A great few of the many little girls in there little wet shorts ,up in the stands and down on the grass. I loved it when thr flag girl would slid on the wet grass and show there ass. bI lved the wet kick's the wet tops . All in all I had fun more so they the band had A blast .At the end of the contest all the drumers from all the bands got to march as one band , it was A blast .


A five year old let me know she loved me .I was all for that.Her mom works to hard .all night long,no dad in her life,so room for me in her hart. I make time for her ,she loves me.

Additional Information

  • Attended Tarleton State University as a psychology student
  • Like to karaoke at a place called Bos Barn
  • Has profiles listed on several dating sites

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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