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Paul Philip Christiano
Age: 43
Birthdate: February 4, 1976
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Professional Dancer/Choreographer
Location: Bartlett, Illinois
Physical Description:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: GirlChat
Paul Philip Christiano is a professional dancer/choreographer and a convicted sex offender from Illinois.
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Paul Philip Christiano
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Paul Philip Christiano

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Sproutinghalo AKA Paul Philip Christiano is a professional dancer and choreographer who once had a bright future and promising career ahead of him -- that is, until he was convicted for the possession of child pornography in 2000. Now that he is bankrupt, unemployed, and living with his parents, he seeks the online support and friendship of other pedophiles in the GirlChat online community as a new member. Christiano states that he joined the site because it is his desire to gain a deeper understanding of his own self by discussing his sexual "challenges" with other pedophiles.

Christiano, who is required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life, shares that he is sexually attracted to little girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. While attempting to continue the enjoyment of his career, which includes teaching students, this former gymnast turned professional dancer has sought to hide the truth about his conviction from his employers and students alike. He has been brought up on charges of failing to properly register with local police, after some of his students discovered that he was listed with the Illinois Sex Offender Registry. Christiano downplays the seriousness of his crime and has stated that the extent of his remorse lies solely with the criminal act itself, choosing instead to embrace his pedophilia.

Christiano posted that he once fell for a woman named "Sarah", who was the mother of a 2 year old little girl. He states that Sarah knew of his conviction but chose to stay with him, until the father of her child threatened to sue for custody of his daughter if Sarah stayed in the relationship with Christiano. In the aftermath of that relationship, Christiano states that it left him longing for a picket fence lifestyle, complete with a wife and children, although he questions whether or not he would be able to provide a level of comfort for his partner while knowing that he still would hold on to his attractions to little girls.

Quite an odd character, Christiano posted on his MySpace blog that he sleeps with a doll, which he has named "Sarah." He also posted in the GirlChat forums:

Would it be easier NOT to desire a fulfilling peer-to-peer relationship, knowing my head is likely to list (ever-sosubtly) in the direction of a young passer-by at any given moment, torn as I'd be between the need to ensure the comfort of my adult partner and the need to hold true to that painstakingly understated aspect of myself, or am I blessed with the ability to find women attractive (on occasion), knowing that my sublimated desires for children might otherwise solidify past the point of no return a Smurf-like asexuality put to best use by quitting society altogether and joining a monastic order?

Shortly after taking note of that post we discovered a picture which Christiano had posted on his own MySpace page, of him dressed in "smurf blue" dance clothing, along with the caption "...accentuates Christiano's Smurf-like asexuality", with credit given to 'The Village Voice' for the quote.


Because I'm also able to find adult women attractive (on occasion), the possibility of loving a girl from the time she's little up through puberty and into adulthood is something I often dream about.

While society might expect me, as a remorseful "pervert," to renounce my sexual identity as part of my community service for committing a reckless act, I've realized I'm less of a threat to society now that I've made efforts to accept my sexual off-centeredness for better or worse, while restricting my remorse to the criminal act itself.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • Based on information Christiano provided in his posts on GirlChat, we were able to locate public information which matched his age, location, occupation and stated conviction (including the conviction date). From this we were able to search using the real name found, Paul Philip Christiano.
  • A search of sex offender registry records for the State of Illinois lead us to the registration details for Paul Christiano. All information in the registration matched info he had provided through his posts on GirlChat.
  • Using his real name and screen name, we were able to locate quite a web presence for Christiano, including profiles on sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, and even his own web site in which he advertises that he is available to work with students.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • sproutinghalo
  • OlympicAesthete

Known E-mail Addresses

  • Run4est142@aol.com

Known Active Websites

  • Paul Christiano's Web Site[1]
  • YouTube Member:OlympicAesthete[2]

Known Inactive Websites

  • Amazon.com Wishlist for Paul Christiano
  • Facebook Profile:Paul Christiano
  • LiveJournal User:sproutinghalo
  • MySpace Profile:paulpchristiano No longer Active


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

142 East McClellan Court
Bartlett, IL 60103-6524

Christiano also shows the following address on his resume:

2351 N. 187th St.
Shoreline, WA 98133
(248) 961-1726

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

(630) 830-1726

Additional Quotes[edit]

I've dreamed of pulling tenderness of near-terminal intensity out of hundreds of children. If I'm not appealing to the little girl inside my head to collapse me by tenderness into my most valuable parts, like a flower crushed to release its scent, I'm appealing just the same to the little girl inside the woman.

I'm frankly jealous of the number of "child whisperers" on this board, people who seem to understand children implicitly, in a way which fascinates the child as much as the child fascinates the adult.

As much as I adore the exuberance and spontaneity of little girls, though, I possess little to no instinct as to how to respond to this energy in practice. In that way, girls are over my head (perhaps why I always feel compelled to drop to my knees in their presence). I realize there are people better suited than me to engage, guide, compete with, and, when necessary, deflect, a child's energy, so, instead, I dream alot. If I were to stop dreaming and wake up cuddling a real, live girl, I certainly hope I wouldn't spend the entire relationship trying to capture something I can only see when I'm not staring directly at her, that golden snitch called "Essence."

...I desire girls in ways they're completely incapable of giving themselves to me. I'm doomed to pine over figments of my imagination, girls who are sexually well-versed, yet wholly innocent...impossible creatures!...

...What draws me to children is their potential to understand sexuality in an unADULTerated way. I suppose the paradox of the "sexually-wise" child isn't as irreconcilable as I thought, though I agree society fights tooth and nail to strip children of that unabashed understanding. I don't think keeping a child ignorant of sexual matters does anything to help his/her sexual outlook later in life...

On my darkest days, LGs are the predators, luring me with irresistible cuteness close enough so they can eat my face off.

...My "Stage-Daughter"

In 1998, I met an impossibly charming nine-year-old who inspired me to choreograph a narrative work entitled Dear John, She's All Yours..., about a detached father whose wife saddles him with an ornery daughter after deciding to spend the rest of her life "on vacation." Father and daughter endure a series of miscommunications, grating at one another's nerves until forced to make peace with each other in order to cope with the loss of wife and mother, and kindle a powerful bond in her absense. The rapport this child and I built over the course of the rehearsal process unearthed my (extremely) latent paternal instincts, forcing me to reevaluate my vasectomy plans. Alas, the only "Dear John..." letter I premiered that Spring was the one I wrote this child's mother about why I had to pull the piece from the concert.

I sent my would-be "stage" daughter Swarovski crystal collectibles every Christmas until she turned eighteen, at which point I started feeling more like a stalker than a deadbeat "stage" dad desperate to make things right...

Additional Information[edit]

  • Completed his first year of MFA course work in dance at the University of Iowa.
  • Also shows a Washington state address on his resume, however he does not appear to be registered as on the Washington State Sex Offender Registry - He is required to register anywhere he resides or works.
  • Michigan Sex Offender Registry for Paul Philip Christiano.[3]

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