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Jack McClellan's Portland Girl Love, formerly Seattle - Tacoma - Everett - Girl Love
Created: 2005
Referred to as: Jack McClellan's Pedophile Website
Based out of: Amsterdam
Founder: Jack McClellan
Purpose: To help other pedophiles locate pedophile-friendly events which little girls go to
Website Address:
Current: http://pdxgl.info/
Organizations: GirlChat, Epifora
pdxgl.info (formerly stegl.info) is a how-to guide for pedophiles in specific areas.

Pdxgl.info is the current website belonging to Jack McClellan. It is now focusing on events around Portland, as that is where McClellan currently lives.

stegl.org was the first "girl love" website that Jack McClellan created. pdxgl.info is the current URL for it. Modeled after his prostitute websites, his websites objectify children by rating them and rating events based on the "quality" and number of little girls who go to them, as well as the presence of police officers, and how comfortable an unaccompanied adult male would feel at the event.

Also listed there are articles about the laws in the area, and what punishment would be for molesting, kidnapping, and/or murdering a child would be.

Strangely, it also has links to websites and articles about weather, radio stations, circumcision, drugs, and "dark areas," all interests that McClellan has, and has had for years. These same kinds of articles were also listed on his "Street Guide," which, for years, was a guide for johns to seek prostitutes in the Washington and West Canadian areas.

The site is currently being hosted by Leaseweb, which is an ISP that hosts multiple pedophile websites.


There has been a lot of media attention focused on this website and its owner, due to parents being rightly concerned for their children in this area, and disgusted that someone would create a website that could be used to target their children.


Santa Clarita Lanes bowling alley

"June 9, 21615 Soledad Canyon Rd. I only came in here to use the ATM, but ended up buying a pop and loitering for a half hour because there were several cute LGs (some were bowling). I never thought of bowling alleys as good GL hangouts before, but this place changed my mind!"

Armenian Cultural & Independence Festival (Hollywood, L.A.)

"May 27, on Hollywood Blvd between Vermont and Alexandria avenues. Not many LGs, and I discovered here that I don't fancy the Armenian variety."


"Most libraries have frequent programs and events for children, and sometimes you can get quite close to LGs there (they've sat next to me at Internet terminals). Libraries also have free flyers, papers, and posted announcements that list local places and events where children may be present."

Elementary schools

"Elementary schools have special events during the school year where the general public is reportedly welcome, but some of them may not be welcoming to unaccompanied men with no students at the school. The best events for solo men to blend in are concerts and plays, rather than carnival-type parties. Frolicking LGs can also be viewed at recesses on the playgrounds (the best ones are those with businesses or other legitimate adult activity across the street or adjacent to the school), but be discreet and maintain a reasonable distance from school property."

More Information

If you have any information regarding this organization, or the location of its webmaster, please contact us at [email protected].

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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