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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Steve Diamond
Age: 48 (approx)
Birthdate: Approximately 1971
Location: United States
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, GirlChat
Steve Diamond AKA Steve_d AKA Stevie-D is a pedophile who posts on BoyChat and is known for creating rhymes geared towards the pedophile community. He is a conceited individual who has not only posted about boy love, but about bestiality, as well.
File:Steved sigpic1.jpg
Steve Diamond AKA Steve_d

Steve Diamond AKA Steve_d AKA Stevie-D has been around the online pedo scene for many years. The earliest information so far indicates that he has been around since about September 1998. He is a boylover and was once a moderator of BoyChat (an "honor" he loves to talk about everywhere).

Not too much is known about his personal life. He was born and raised in Michigan. He says he has been sexually attracted to boys for as long as he can remember, including childhood and early teen years. He describes a time where he worked on a suicide hotline for other pedophiles where he had to listen to them talk about sex with boys and try to talk them out of killing themselves. He left this job very frustrated because he felt he was only having to deal with the stereotypical" pedophile and never got to see the good in boylove. He served as an MP (military police) for 6 years, with his company being mobilized to serve in the Gulf War.

Diamond is very cocky and full of himself. He believes he has been through all the hardships life has to offer, and therefore everyone needs to listen to what he says. He has an opinion on everything. He takes it upon himself to critique fellow pedophiles on how they act or how they write in blogs.


Re: How Do you Feel About Being Labeled a 'Pedophile'

Posted by Steve-D on 2011-January-3 09:18:19, Monday

In reply to How Do you Feel About Being Labeled a 'Pedophile' posted by TheGoldenLoner on 2011-January-3 05:55:42, Monday

"How Do you Feel About Being Labeled a 'Pedophile'"

I am fine with it, under very specific circumstances.

The word "pedophile" must be understood as meaning "child lover". No more, no less. There must be no stigma or stereotype associated with it's usage.

In my opinion, this word may be used on equal standing, with the word "pedosexual".

So long as it is not being used with a derogatory, slanderous or malicious intent, I am comfortable with the word "pedophile" being used.

With love...


...People need to stop cowering in the shadows, clutching onto their 30 GBs of child pornography...to affraid to do anything, because that would mean they'd either have to do away with their beloved treasure chest, or they'd become a paranoid target, and never realize their full potential...probably go to prison for the CP, too...for a long, long time.

We need to get to a point, where we are back out on the streets, demonstrating...

This is never going to happen, if people continue to offer their heads up, on a silver platter.

I was a teenage boy who wanted nothing more than to have sex with boys from the ages of approximatel seven to twelve. As I continued to grow older, nothing changed, except my ability to tollerate having young boys around me.

Our Investigation[edit]

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Steve_D
  • Stevie-D
  • Steve Drew
  • Mister D.
  • Mr. D
  • Uncle Stevie

Known E-mail Addresses

  • stevediamond@letterboxes.org
  • steve_d@goplay.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes[edit]

...and, anyone who believes that a pedophile even wants a child to behave, think and feel as an adult, clearly does not understand pedophilia.

If that is what we wanted in a relationship, then we would be with adults, and have an easier way of life (probably).

Child/adult relationships are not the same, as adult/adult relationships.

"Pedophile"...It means "Child lover", in literal translation. We love pedos (children) because they are pedos. To expect them to be adult, is a conflicting paradox...It defeats the whole idea of even being a pedophile.

I tend to wonder, if your blog title “Defending the Pedoerotic” wasn’t a bit to bold, for some (or one) of the blogger staff members to psychologically move past.

When dealing with this type of issue, being broad in scope, and a bit vague in the definition, is a plus. Telling people you are blatantly defending “the pedoerotic”, might have been a stumbling point, here.

Quite a number of us have been in the combat zone, during a time of war...Quite a number of us have put our lives on the line...Quite a number have suffered.

...I could directly name a few, who have frequented BC over the years...

...They are boylovers...They are the backbone of American freedom...American existence...

...and it is a kick in the balls, every time some young punk wants to come along, and tell you that the very right you have spent your whole life fighting for...the very right you have, in part, given to that same young punk...is exactly what that young punk, thinks he flippantly can take away from you.

There are a lot of us out here, who have paid for our right to exist and speak...It was bought with blood...It was bought with courage...It was bought with sacrifice.

Additional Information[edit]


Back in Dec 1998 and April 1999, Diamond decided to write what he coined "BC Nursery Rhymes". He took different members of the BoyChat community and wrote little rhymes about them in tune to popular nursery rhymes. Here is an example:

Good Mr. Gort
sat on his porch,
watching boys giggle and play.
Along came his lover,
a boy like no other,
who swept good ol Gort away.

jm "the free",
likes to pee,
with his boys in the comode.
But when his dog lurks,
she gets quite a squirt,
and licks S's wee off her nose.

He also posted a pedoerotic story called "Goodguy's Erotic Quest" starring fellow pedos Goodguy and Weyland prefaced with the following:

Next, let me explain that since this is a fictional work, I took liberties of being as creative as I felt like being....thus you may notice such discrepancies as the characters being 10 years old and younger, but still being able to ejaculate sperm. In my "perfect" world, that's how I view it as happening.

Third, this is a first attempt at this sort of material, and I'll certainly admit that this story has tons of erotica, but very little storyline....

The following is a sample of the story. WARNING: This may be graphic.

....and with a force like none other, he was overtaken by orgasm

....shooting his hot, salty, boy goo, into his little (and perhaps younger?) lovers mouth....

....It felt like flying....It felt like Heaven.....It felt...like a dream, as Goodguy's eyes sprung open and he quickly sat up in his bed....it was morning, and he had just experienced yet another one of his "boylover wet dreams".

Looking below his sheets, he discovered that, like all past occasions, he had shot cum all over himself and his sheets.

....This was not a problem...not a problem at all...

Goodguy's dog Lucky (who was a very lucky dog) was always ready and willing to assist in the clean up.

Goodguy called, "Here Lucky!...Up here!", to which the large German shepherd obediently jumped onto his bed....Goodguy spread his legs wide and pointing at himself said, "Yummy!...Lick!"

In May 2007, he also posted a poem titled "Anti-Family". Here is an excerpt:

Why judge what is love?
Why scold what is pleasure?
These things have a place in our lives.

“Don’t test us you pervert!”,
“How dare you subvert!”,
…”These things are for husbands and wives.”

“It destroys children”,
“It destroys families”,
“How could you advocate this?”

When the world’s been brought down,
by fear, hate and lies,
I just can not go on like this.

To call something this basic,
this natural, this loving,
“destroyer” of that which it creates…
…is the height of absurdity,
for children, love and family,
are just what sex facilitates.

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