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Eric Hagen AKA Kyp
Age: 38
Birthdate: September 19, 1980
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Computer-related, real estate, photographer
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Physical Description:
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Kyp AKA stewedsquirrel AKA Eric Hagen is a BoyChat poster, pedophile activist and friend of convicted sex offender guildsolutions

Eric Hagen, pedophile

Eric Hagen, pedophile

Eric Hagen AKA Eric Christian Hagen was born September 19, 1980 in Aspen, Colorado and grew up in a gated community in a South Denver suburb. As a student at Littleton High School in Colorado in 1997, he was an editor for the school's "Lions Roar" newspaper. After graduating, he attended Iowa State University in Ames, studying computer engineering and at one time, living on $800 per month. He also studied information security through the NSA Center of Excellence.

His education would take him along a path of many business ventures, including Switch Holdings, LLC, Creative Technical Solutions and Business Computer Solutions, LLC - all businesses which at one time were registered with the State of Colorado. Besides computers and technology, Hagen was also an avid photographer and had his own business at one time - Eric Hagen Photography. His favorite things to photograph were youth sports, including little league and skateboarding - often taking 3,000 or more photos at an event[1]. Although still working in the technology field, Hagen has also tried his hand at the real estate market, perhaps following in the footsteps of his stepfather, a real estate mogul; or his mother and grandmother, who have apparently had much luck financially. While financially risky, he pushed on and has even offered advice to those who have since jumped into the market.

Meanwhile, businessman Hagen was busy posting his viewpoints about child sexuality issues on numerous websites, though after this wiki was posted, he spent time cleaning up his internet activity. However, his internet activity is well-documented in screen shots and caches. Outraged that a friend had found himself in an awkward situation (and subsequently put on a sex offender registry) in the past, he strongly advocated the right of children to make their own decisions regarding sexuality. Coposters have scrutinized his comments and rendered him a pedophile. Hagen, being the advocate that he is, continues to push his views onto others.

Is he a father? Aspen, Colorado. No. Wait, yes.

He really isn't - at least, not biologically. But he's got a young friend whom he cares for very much. As well, he has vacationed with this same boy, another boy and convicted sex offender Matthew David Sluss guildsolutions in July of 2006, as evidenced by the photos on Sluss' blog, which is now being redirected to a completely different website. Hagen and Sluss at one time shared the same address, too. Love means all sorts of things to all sorts of people, but in this case love means subjecting an innocent boy to a convicted sex offender. It's also worth mentioning that Hagen has used the hosting services of guildsolutions, as well. Friends taking care of friends, that's what it's all about it the pedophile world. Speaking of friends, in October he posted about his roommate "Squire" who was in college majoring in education and had previously taken the summer to work as a counselor at a summer camp. Scary.

Not one to back down from an argument, Hagen did a lot of research about boylove sites while arguing like the pedophile he is on Slashdot 1 Slashdot 2 Slashdot 3.

The brave man visited BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition and even a blog where a man posted about being arrested for traveling across state lines with the intent to meet a minor for the purpose of sex. Heck, he even went all out and purchased Judith Levine's book "Harmful to Minors," often described as a boylove manifesto. Take one for the team, man. Wanting to push his pedophile activism even further down the throats of Slashdot members, he cited Department of Justice reports about recidivism, arguing "recidivism amongst preferential child sexual abusers (i.e. pedophiles) is actually one of the LOWEST in all of the prison system." He has a very odd fascination for pro-pedophile propaganda. Even a fellow Slash-dotter recognized that StewedSquirrel liked to post about child porn and seemed to be in favor of it.

Hagen's experience with law enforcement has not been especially active. At least, not recently. He has no use for "overzealous cops and prosecutors" and was "not a huge fan of the justice system." Though back in 2003 records show he was arrested and held for a couple of days on weapons-related and other charges. These included: flourishing a weapon, disturbing the peace, wrongs to minors, discharging weapons, concealed weapon, and assault. According to him the cops had it all wrong; he was simply shooting a toy gun in the park while a friend took pictures with a bunch of minors around. This little escapade nearly cost him his residence, as there were very strict no-crime rules. It should be noted, however, that all charges were later dismissed due to technicalities. Did Hagen lose his confidence in the legal system because of the wrongdoing done to his friends, or has he had prior, undocumented dealings with law enforcement in the past?

Hagen still posts all over cyberspace about technology, advocating pedophilia and cherishing the time with "his boy." Who for the record, is not really his boy at all. A boy who lost his father, yet all Hagen can talk about is what a gift he's been given. He claims to have compiled his writings and set them to music to help the boy deal with his issues and put together a video as a way to inform friends of what happened. After this wiki was posted, he removed the video and later closed his YouTube account.

As evidenced by his postings under the screen name of Stewedsquirrel, he is very much a pedophile activist, though it wasn't immediately evident just how much of an activist he was.

Kyp is a former much loved poster on BoyChat. He began posting on boylove forums over a decade ago, as a 16 year old Colorado boy with a young friend named "Chuckles." As stated so eloquently by one of his fellow BoyChat friends "Kyp, a young man, of 16 came here and professed his love for a boy 4 years his younger." Kyp almost instantly gained the love and adoration of his fellow boylovers. In January, 1998 Kyp made a farewell post on BoyChat. He had apparently made the mistake of sending a letter to his young friend, a letter which the boy's parents intercepted. Kyp was questioned by the police and though no formal charges appear to have been filed, he chose to leave the BoyChat community. But he came back. Periodically, Kyp likes to check back with his boylover friends and every now and again the old-timers wonder how he's doing. He is apparently so well-known that when he checked in at BoyChat in 2004, he commented that the administrators knew how to get ahold of him.

His website files include a boylove ribbon, an IBLD candle, pictures of himself and friends (including his young friend Chuckles); controversial photos of young boys, apparently the work of Sally Mann; references to Star Trek, Star Wars, Tori Amos and his musical compositions.


I was 'interviewed' for possible child molestation of a boy I have known for a long time, and would truely consider the best friend I've ever had. They talked to him too... I guess because they didn't believe what I had told them. I don't know what they asked him.. I don't know what happened. But they found nothing. There was nothing to find, just as I had said- I begged not to bring him into this, but.... well.. I cried knowing that he was going to have to hear all this... I cried for him- not for me- That is true love. That is my love.

I am 16 years old from Denver, Colorado. I am a sophmore in high school, and was the MVP for the Varsity Golf team last season. I also play soccer, snow ski, waterski, and enjoy biking, playing the piano, and working on my computer (of course). - From Eric Hagen's nyx website

I'm still a proponent of the idea that the government should not be allowed to press charges at all unless they have clear and demonstratable evidence AND the "victim" wants justice.

Legislating ANYTHING that is not DIRECTCLY harmful to people is an absolutely absurd example of our nanny state.

Rights is being allowed to do things, not arbitrarily told not to do things because someone ELSE couldn't handle it.

I hope that this is saved somewhere- as a message to others- a message, and a tribute... It is not me that will live on, but my ideas, and my spirit- My spirit will be free at last. Free Spirits. Kyp - posting on BoyChat

I am now a legacy of this board- a person of the past, but I hope that I have made a difference. Kyp - posting on BoyChat

where does the "physical maturity" of a person have anything to do with what they should and shouldn't be doing in bed? -StewedSquirrel, June, 2004

Our Investigation[edit]

  • While researching guildsolutions, we came across Stewedsquirrel as a "friend" of his on SlashDot. Since it had already been determined that guildsolutions was a Registered Sex Offender, it was important to research any and all connections to him. Here are the steps taken to verify that Stewedsquirrel is Eric C. Hagen.
  • A simple Google search for "stewedsquirrel" yielded many links to online profiles, user names and Email addresses.
  • One of the first pieces of information found was a series of posts made by this user name on http://www.forums.ninjai.com/ (now defunct). In these posts, he talked of a friend who had been required to register as a sex offender due to some incidents that had occurred several years before. His posts also appeared to be supportive of children being allowed to consent to sex. Several of the posts were signed "Eric."
  • The profile for this user name on this forum listed the website of http://www.sandpile.net and said that the user was from Colorado, and also listed his age.
  • A check of whois records revealed that Eric Hagen was the owner of the above Website. Information for the Website owner was used as a baseline for comparison of further searches that were done.
  • Additional research found a YouTube profile for Stewedsquirrel, which (at the time) contained one video made by the user, and that user was shown in the video.
  • Further research found other pictures of Hagen, which were then compared to those on Guildsolutions blog, http://blog.guildsolutions.com (which now redirects to a completely different Website). There was an "album" on the blog with pictures of Guildsolutions, 2 boys and an unidentified man - the group took a vacation in 2006.
  • Comparison of the unidentified man and pictures found of Hagen in other places, as well as the YouTube video, showed that it was indeed the same person.
  • Stewedsquirrel later added another video to his YouTube profile, entitled "Losing a Father" in which he spoke of a young friend whose father had died, and that this kid was "his boy." The video showed pictures of the boy. This same boy appears to be the one shown in the pictures on Guildsolutions blog as noted above.
  • Other general searches showed many other online profiles, user names and Email addresses, which were compared with and verified using baseline information found earlier (name, address, etc) and created a very long and vast online history.
  • Many of Stewedsquirrel's online postings contained either his first name, or first & last name, and many others referenced his Website.
  • Many postings seemed to advocate a lower age of consent, including several postings on SlashDot, of which he was often chastised by other SlashDot posters.

The connection to Kyp:

  • The course of our research of BoyChat posters, we came across a poster named Kyp, who on January 10, 1998 made a post which stated, in part: "I was 'interviewed' for possible child molestation of a boy I have known for a long time...."
  • In many of his early BoyChat posts, he used a "signature" which contained links to his E-mail, "Kyp's BC Regulars List" and his homepage. The homepage link led us to his former website: http://www.nyx.net/~ehagen
  • Further research revealed that this Website was that of Eric Hagen of Colorado, whose age and other information matched that of Stewedsquirrel.
  • Pictures, files and other information on that Website matched that of the BoyChat poster known as Kyp.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Kyp
  • Iapup
  • Pup
  • erichagen
  • stewedsquirrel
  • stewey
  • ehagen
  • stewedsquirrels
  • hagene

Known E-mail Addresses

  • eric@sandpile.net current as of July 22, 2007
  • kyp00@geocities.com
  • kyp000@hushmail.com
  • kyp@hushmail.com
  • kyp@operamail.com
  • erichagen@bxboards.com
  • eri@iastate.edu
  • ehagen@nyx.net
  • ehagen@nyx.cs.du.edu
  • ehagen@denvernewspaperagency.com
  • ehagen@bcsdenver.com
  • info@switchgroupit.com
  • eric@sportphotopro.com
  • hagene@denvernewspaperagency.com
  • eric@switchgroupit.com
  • ehagen@octagonsystems.com

Known Websites

Note: some are no longer active or were deleted after this article appeared.

Other Internet Activity


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

(current as of December, 2007)

2343 S. Vaughn Way, Apt. 107
Aurora, CO 80014

Previous Addresses

  • 12079 E Utah Pl, Aurora, CO 80012
  • 926 S Ivory Circle, #B, Aurora, CO 80017
  • 14590 E 2nd Ave, Apt 308B, Aurora, CO 80011
  • 2420 S Quebec St, #F, Denver, CO 80231
  • 212 S Hyland Ave, #1, Ames, IA 50014
  • 8 E Belleview Way, Greenwood Village, CO 80121
  • 2214 Friley Pearson, Ames, IA 50012
  • 2225 Friley Pearson, Ames, IA 50012
  • 3421 Shore Dr, Excelsior, MN 55331
  • 12089 E Utah Pl, Aurora (also listed as Denver), CO 80012
  • PO Box 40398, Denver, CO 80204

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

(as of December, 2007)

  • 303-755-2934

Previous Phone Numbers

  • 303-668-4651
  • 303-761-6320
  • 515-572-5522
  • 801-237-2800
  • 303-755-2934
  • 303-250-6833
  • 303-668-4651
  • 515-292-8913
  • 612-470-4178

Additional Information[edit]

Businesses He's Owned

  • Switch Holdings, LLC
  • Eric Hagen Photography
  • Creative Technical Solutions
  • Business Computer Solutions, LLC


  • Littleton High School graduate
  • BS degree in IT & Security
  • Training through NSA Center of Excellence
  • Attended Iowa State University from appx 1999 to 2003, computer engineering

Employment & Experience

  • 1997 - Editor of Littleton High School Newspaper called "Lions Roar"
  • Denver Newspaper Agency
  • Photographer - little league games & skateboarding
  • Denver Post

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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