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Suzie Porebski
Age: 39
Birthdate: August 5, 1979
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: HR Assistant at Gov.com
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Physical Description:
Organizations: Butterfly Kisses, Visions of Alice
Suzie Porebski is a member of two message boards for pedophiles

Suzie Porebski A.K.A. Suzieq0805 is a member of the pedophile message board Visions of Alice and was also a member of the now-defunct Butterfly Kisses forum, whose intended membership were female pedophiles with a sexual attraction to girls.

On the Visions of Alice forum, Porebski mentioned that her "Age of Attraction" was to girls aged between 2 to 5-years old.

Porebski also frequently expressed a desire to "cuddle" with young children and talked about wanting to kiss them as well.

She frequently uses other girls' pictures as her own, especially thin girls, as she has a fetish for anorexia.


I'm turning Nepi!

"Welcome aboard! Cuddling up with a soft, sleepy toddler is what makes life worth living, as they say (well, as I say, anyway!) biggrin.gif"

How Far Would You Go?

"I voted on kissing for my AoA (2-5), as there's something so magical about simply snuggling and kissing at that age...when you're in complete and utter bliss, you don't need to go any further smile.gif"

Age of Attraction

"My favourite age is quite young, around 2-4 typically, with a decided preference for pale, fair-skinned blondes...they're just so cute and adorable! There's something about them at that age that just make them so special...so sweet and delicate, almost like little porcelain dolls, or even fairies *giggles*"

Our Investigation[edit]

  • A user posting on Butterfly Kisses under the screen name "Suzieq0805" had listed their Yahoo I.D. which they'd used elsewhere online on accounts that related to their identity.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names/Aliases:

  • Suzieq0805
  • Suzie
  • Suz
  • Frailbutterfly

E-Mail Addresses:

  • suzieq0805@hotmail.com
  • frail_butterfly@hotmail.com
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger: suzieq0805
  • MSN Messenger: suzieq0805

Online Activity:


Additional Quotes[edit]

Shows of Affection

"For myself, I just love carrying a beautiful little toddler on my arm with my hand on her back and just have her snuggle up to me...the little airy sighs of contentment are really magical smile.gif

I also love putting them to bed and tucking them into their blankets -- I adore such moments!"

Girly or tomboy?

"I prefer very delicate, almsot faerie-like little gals...I just love being able to cuddle with them smile.gif"

Do little girls know the effect they have?

"I think that they have more of an instintive sense if the person they're dealing with likes children or not -- with me, they're always very playful and talkative, but I think they can sense that in me. Of course, my AoA might preclude some of their more, em, "naughty" feelings, lol smile.gif"

Additional Information[edit]

  • Has a fascination with Anorexia and possibly suffers from it herself.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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