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Walter Frederick Howard
Age: 62
Birthdate: August 10, 1956
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Activist
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: SOclear, SOSEN, Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, Rights and Law, CFC America,Roar for Freedom, Boylover.net
Walter Howard is a Registered Sex Offender and an activist for sex offenders. He is an active participant in several RSO advocacy groups and Websites.

Walter Howard AKA TMaximus95

Walter Howard AKA "Walter Hollis" AKA "Walter Hollace" and "TMaximus95" is a Level-3 Registered Sex Offender in the state of Massachusetts. He was convicted for multiple counts of child rape, indecent assault and battery and assault with intent to commit rape in 1992. After serving 8 years of his 15 year prison sentence, Walter was civilly committed to the Massachusetts Treatment Center at Bridgewater Correctional Facilities and released in January of 2007. Since his release Walter has become an outspoken activist against all sex offender laws which he states are unfair and unconstitutional. He's especially adamant about civil commitment laws and states that no first-time offender should be civilly committed after their prison sentence is up. He states they should always be released and only properly managed after they’ve created more victims. As the most radical RSO activist to date, Walter goes so far as to claim it is worse to be on a sex offender registry than it is to be sexually assaulted.

Walter states that he was abused as a child himself by older men and authority figures from the time he was 8 until he was almost 25 years old. It was from his abusers that Walter states he learned the grooming tactics he used on the multiple teenaged boys he molested and states that he had a hard time in prison "processing the reality that under the law, children are not allowed to consent". Walter believes his therapy was a ‘sham’ because they would not allow him to take the victim role during his treatment and states that he "copped an attitude" due to his perception that the therapist was biased against sexual abusers of children.

After Walter's release from civil commitment he has become active in sex offender groups and forums and attempts to abolish sex offender laws. He is closely involved with and supports Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children and is affiliated with SOclear, SOSEN, Boylover.net and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer AKA "Lek" member of BoyChat and well-known pedophile activist.

Walter refers to himself as the executive coordinator for the National Coalition for Social and Political Reform, the NCSPR, which he states is devoted to uniting all RSO groups under a "Unified Position Statement". This statement includes:

  • We Especially Oppose the Current Sex Offender Registration System
  • We Oppose Electronic Monitoring
  • We Oppose all Forms of Residency Restrictions
  • We Oppose Mandatory Minimum Sentences
  • We Oppose Civil Commitment for First Time Offenders
  • We Oppose Email and Screen Name Registration
  • We Oppose “Romeo and Juliet” Convictions and Registration


From Truthseeker Radio 08/09/2008 Episode 5

It's my belief that the government has no business dictating to any family what age their child is able to consent to sexual relations.

Some children mature earlier than others. I don't think that the government has a right to undermine or subvert human nature or childhood development, especially when it comes to human sexuality because love, (and sex is a part of love) is something that's natural.

And kids need to learn how to love, they need to be taught how to love.

They need to experiment and see what they like and I just think what the government is doing is terrible and I don't think they should be dictating these things. This belongs in the hands of families.

Consensual sex should be a civil matter even when the parents have decided that their child wasn't old enough to consent.

No individual should be held beyond his time unless it is clear--by current behavioral evidence--that the person remains dangerous, and not by hired gun psychologists either. States have to pay for that shit, and it's costing the taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars each year. Not to mention the fact that under those conditions, prisoners become potentially more dangerous out of spite, hopelessness, or anger.

Civil commitment should be a last resort for someone who is clearly mentally disordered and dangerous!

This Country is going to hell with this sexual predator nonsense, and it's time we speak out. The media giants are making a bundle on this subject, and our representatives are too lazy to look into the real statistics. This is a political profit subject because no one likes sexual offenders. I don't like murderers either, but I don't want to jeapordize the Constitution to persecute them. I believe children are to be cherished, and that childhood should never be stolen from anyone. But our Constitution and Rights are worth more than ANYTHING on earth..

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Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Walt
  • Walter Howard
  • Walter Hollis
  • Walter Hollace
  • TMaximus95
  • TMax
  • Soundman51
  • Maximus
  • Maximus Trillious
  • reaction1776
  • lala
  • Portman

Known E-mail Addresses

  • tmaximus95@yahoo.com
  • tmaximus95@aim.com
  • walter.howard@mac.com
  • whowardf@gmail.com
  • americanresearcher@yahoo.com
  • americasresearcher@hotmail.com
  • whowardf@hotmail.com
  • whowardf@aol.com
  • whowardf@mac.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address[edit]


68 Grove St. #2
Lowell, MA 01851

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

(978) 710-3474

Additional Quotes[edit]

Only ONE out of FOUR offenders ever commit the crime again, and I believe that it's the fault of our system. Not them!

This battle against sex offenders was won through angry emotionalism, and it will be defeated in like kind. That goes against what most people believe, but for the nice folks that think that being soft when your rights are being stripped from you is the way to go, well please, stay away from me. For anyone that wants to become a REAL ACTIVIST, please contact me here, or through my email..

From YouTube Editorial 1:

Eventually ex-offenders are going to snap and could become suicide bombers or even worse.

Everyone has a breaking point

Kids are much better educated about sexual abuse today and they're not about to get themselves into a situation where they could be exploited, or worse.........End up on the registry themselves.

We know a line has to be drawn somewhere but sex is a normal growing experience and is not a horrible crime when there's no force involved. It's all a part of everyone's life

To sum this tragedy up in a nutshell, my crimes involved the manipulation and bribery of several teenage boys (age 14 to 16 years old) to allow me to have sexual relations with them. My crimes were not physically violent. That is, I didn't force anyone into anything, but I did use money and gifts to gain their cooperation. It was hard for me to talk about the idea of consent, because during my treatment in prison--in the therapeutic setting--consent was not considered a justification. I had a hard time processing the reality that under the law, children are not allowed to consent. After all, during my childhood, I was led to believe that I had consented and there was no excuse. The other associated problem was that I didn't consider teenagers to be children. My solicitation of teen victims were nothing more than a reflection of the methods used by so many men who molested me as a child. I embraced their grooming tactics as a romantic process, and then used that process on the teen boys I had molested.

About 5 years into my prison bid, I learned that all the boys were exposed as "prostitutes." I boy committed suicide, two are now heroin junkies, and the 4th boy is doing well. {His family moved away in fear of public persecution against their son}. During my years in prison, I agreed to do sex offender treatment. I learned alot, but it all boils down to people not minding their own business. That's what does the most harm. If a boy has had sexual relations with a grown man, and feels upset, then, he should accept responsibility and be accountable for his own choices. However, boys are easily exploited {Money}, and will regret their actions later on. This is also responsible for their guilt, shame, and some times, depression.

It's amazing to me how many cool stories I've read about the things boy lovers do with their young friend. It's not all about sex. I'm finding that many BL's hold their responsibility to a YF with a great conviction.

There was a time when all I wanted was the sex. I had no understanding for Love and it's accountability. As a boy, I was a toy. As a man, I played with toys. But when I became a real man, I realized that my YF's are not objects of pleasure. They are family!

I think the best thing one can do for a YF is to be there when he needs you. To take him to a ball game, or another sporting event. To talk about ethics and politics. To hold and cherish for life. It's a wonderful thing when a YF becomes your best friend for life, especially after they get older.

I love doing non sexual things with my young friends more than anything else. They enlighten me, encourage me, inspire me respect me. And they do it because they want to. Not because of gifts, bribes or exploitation. With every young friend I meet, a piece to this puzzle is found, and the picture thats being created is becoming more clear. It's not such a bad picture at all. The picture is darkened only when the love between us goes awry.

What do you do with your young friends to help them find happiness in life? What is the reason behind it all?

That is to say that people can only take so much before they snap. "I BELIEVE" that at some point ex offenders will snap and become either enemies of the state, or possibly people that will seek revenge against our communities. That of course would be wrong, but I see it as a possibility.

Most importantly, people who were never abused by a sex offender should but out! I think it's time for Americans to re-learn how to mind their own business

Well, I think that America is going under. Our civil rights mean nothing unless we have a lot of money. Our human rights mean nothing because all the heinous torture of sex offenders is done behind closed doors under the guise of treatment.

Sex offender registries do NOTHING to protect anyone from sexual abuse...and residency restrictions only make predatory acts more likely than not.

BLers and RSO's have a simple thing in common. Persecution from a bigoted society and a hypocritical judicial system. I hate to say this, because I once Loved this Country, but this is not America anymore. Our Government representatives have legislated the bill of rights out of our system.

RSO's do need support, but more importantly, everyone needs to be informed that RSO's re-offend at a rate of less than 4% over a 5 year period. That means 96% do NOT re-offend. There's an awful lot of bogus information / ideas about boy lovers and RSO's. We certainly do have a lot in common.

Eventually, people like this are going to realize that they are placing their families at greater risk with this banning, etc... If I were a sex offender, an angry sex offender, I wouldn't offend in my neighborhood. I'd go into another neighborhood to do my dirty deeds. Wake up neighborhoods, you're only making matters worse for yourselves, and placing your family at greater risk.

This banning stuff puts everyone at greater risk. Angry sex offenders unable to find homes are going to emerge and go into your neighborhood to offend anyway. This stuff doesn't do anything to prevent the horrific crime of child sexual abuse. The best solution: "Watch your own damn kids, and stop trying to have the government make you perfectly safe."

Eventually, sex offenders are going to strike back!

Well, I doubt that will happen for me. I'm pretty much fixated on teens. That's not to say that I don't have "attractions" to younger boys, because I do. But those attractions are much different than those I have for the teen boys.

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