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Bryan Patrick McMullon
Age: 37
Birthdate: January 30, 1982
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Day Care worker/Possibly Teacher
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Physical Description:
Height: 6'6"
Organizations: GirlChat
Bryan McMullon is a dangerous pedophile with access to children where he works and volunteers.

Bryan McMullon

Bryan McMullon AKA "Tamachan" is a dangerous pedophile living and working around children in Canada. He has formal education in childcare and volunteers to work in his Mother's "JK/SK" class. Working there, he is around many young children by his own admission. Bryan constantly places himself in and around young children.

We first noticed "Tamachan" posting questions on GirlChat that indicated he was trying to conceal the "sensitive data" on his computer. We interpreted this to mean child pornography. We then found dozens of question and answers from his fellow pedophiles all geared at protecting his files or reducing the opportunity for them to be found. As we searched deeper, we began to encounter his open admissions and desires regarding his pedophilia. He spoke freely about his work and desires to be around young girls.

He has worked at the Canadian grocery chain "Sobeys" as a front end cashier, at a Taco Bell and at various child and day care facilities. In addition, he volunteers at places where children are to be around them even more.

You may recognize this tagline:

Peace, Love and Watermelons now at Sobey's!!

Tama !

Bryan is currently furthering his education to be better prepared for consideration for employment at schools and day care facilities around his area. He has already had one near-miss brush with Law Enforcement over his perversions towards a young girl. It is only a matter of time before he acts upon his suppressed desires.


When I was fired from my daycare job, I was taken away from someone very special to me. It nearly devastated me, but it crushed her, and there was nothing I could do about it.

From a June 2008 Post

And while I am completely and entirely in love with a girl I am painfully separated from so I am LGF-less as most of the posters here describe it, I am a daycare teacher now, and have been working with children for most of my life... so I can't imagine any other way of living my life.

If the town you live in is anything like mine, they are always happy to have new volunteers, which will give you a leg up on the competition for payed positions... I laugh that the town actually pays me to look after so many wonderful young ones.

…2b) Has being a child lover been a negative force in your life, and if so, to what degree?

"I've had one brush with the law, related (although falsely) to my being a paedophile. I use that term in this context because of the double meaning it has in this day and age. Thankfully I was able to dodge the bullet so to speak, and things never escalated to the point where things would be really serious. (Although lawyers were involved on both sides.)"

5) How big a component of your self-identity is being a child lover to you?

I can't really give you a percentage, but coming up with the answer to this question is actually a big part of what happened to me in the Year of Hell. What happened is that when I first accepted my Paedophilia, it was because I had fallen in love with a 12 year old girl.

The past year was hell, put I'm starting to live my own life again. Which means one of two things could happen: Things could get better, or I may not have hit bottom afterall.

I've been going through some pretty dreary times this past year, both in LGF terms and otherwise. The whole what goes up must come down thing was working overtime... I was happier than I had ever been, and then faster than you can say "twelve-year olds are moody" things went sour. (When this all went down, I posted the whole story under the name of Kingbry. If you guys really want to know I'll tell you, but this is a long enough story already.) She hasn't spoken to me in a long time, and then I went through this whole "give her her space and she'll come around" time, and that REALLY sucked. During this time my father was arrested and charged with assault, and has moved several hours away.

So to make a long story short, I eventually realised that she ain't "coming around". When I realised this, I also realized how much of my life I had put on hold in order to give her space. I began changing this, by once again volunteering in her school. There wasn't really any other school I can volunteer at, and I need to keep my references current so that I can apply again for the Faculty of Education in a year. Well, this means that at some point we're going to come in contact. Depending on how much anger the girl still has pent up, she may destroy any chance I have at a carreer in Ed, but hopefully it won't come to that. :) Maybe everything will be fine, its just all up in the air right now. Uncertainty is not fun.

So how do you live your life after her when you don't remember what your life was like before her?

From a 2004 Post

Well, when I came to work this monday, my supervisor (who also supervised the Spring Break programme) told me that the boy's father has accused me of touching the boy in certain below the waist areas. This is ridiculous, because I have so many witnesses, but for some reason this thing is not going away. I now have a meeting sceduled for Friday with the Director of Partnerships and Programmes (which is as far up on the pecking order as the Recreation Department goes) and someone from Human Resources.

From another 2004 Post

12. Are you happy with your given name?

Interesting story. I was going to be named Bryan Shane M-------, but by god-father pointed out that my initials would be BS M-------, which is a bad word! So they changed it to Bryan Patrick M-------. But Shane ended up being one of my favourite boy names, before I knew it could have been my middle name. So then I got my name changed to Bryan Patrick Shane M-------.

The above post allowed us to locate online information for his parents through ancestry and genealogical sites.

From a February 2009 Post.

aww, I'm jealous right now. I'm 27 and she's 9. No weddings in our future for a very very long time. XD

So an Age of Consent law of say 2 could *in theory* be protective and beneficial for both sides.

From a May 2005 Post.

But in a few years, and several tens of thousands of dollars, I will be a teacher, some grade between Kindergarten and Grade 6. I've said it before, the perfect job for a paedophile is a summer camp counsellor. Maybe a day-care center, because they go all day, all year... but an overnight summer camp would probably be even better. Well, I've worked damn hard to become a teacher, so that would be my answer. Does it have anything to do with my sexuality? yes, but not the sexual part of it, because I loved children long before my sexual attraction to them was awakened.

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed "Tamachan" posting on GirlChat where he used this Email address in his posts: [email protected]
  • We linked this Email address to a Facebook account that provided the name Bryan McMullon, the town, Toronto Ontario and a photo.
  • From another online search tool, we found his reference to numerous jobs.

--job title : Frontend Cashier
--company : Sobeys Inc.

--job title : Early Childhood Assistand – Supply
--company : Active Kids Daycare Centre

--job title : Cash
--company : Taco Bell

--job title : Early Childhood Assistant
--company : Comunity of Maple Child Care Services

  • A Google search of his name found a site where he is known as Bryan McMullon AKA "Someone Blyssfully Happy" Administrator, JordanTodosey.com Forums.
  • This site led us to his profile there where he revealed still other internet IDs.
  • Being the administrator of the above site, The Jordon Todosey forum provides him with access to the personal details of anyone who signs up there. This site is primarily for young girls who follow the career of the 14-year-old actress.
  • His Yahoo account provided little information except to confirm his Sig picture used on GirlChat. It is the same as his Yahoo profile picture.
  • Further searching of his name turned up two Myspace accounts. On one, 5 of his 6 friends are 16 year olds or younger.
  • Here he professes to be a daycare teacher.
  • He attended York University and is a 2006 graduate.
  • Further searching found a gamer page and more IDs and further confirmation of the name and Richmond Hill residence.
  • Finally, putting all this together, we located his entire family tree which we won’t publish for obvious reasons.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Tamachan
  • Brybear - King of Teddies
  • Gaia: Kingbry
  • AIM: neokingbry
  • AIM:androbryamon
  • Yahoo: bryanspaulding2001

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

701 Lansdowne Avenue
Toronto, ON M6H 3Y9

Previous Address

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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