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Age: 60s
Location: Possibly California
Physical Description:
Other: Wears trifocal glasses and states that he is extremely nearsighted
Organizations: Sure Quality Radio, Pedologues
Technea is a boylover pedophile who participated in the Pedologues podcast with Rookiee. He purports to be a religious leader.

Technea is a pedophile who was once associated with the now defunct internet radio station Sure Quality Radio. He was also a guest on the Pedologues podcast that was run by Rookiee.

Technea, whose real name is unknown, claims to be certified in 22 religious doctrines and is an ordained minister as well. Married twice, he was going through a divorce from his second wife of 34 years during the time of his last interview by Rookiee in episode 18 of Pedologues. Technea states that he went to visit his twin brother "out west", and made the mistake of not erasing the history of his internet surfing activities from the computer in his brother's home. His sister-in-law discovered that he was chatting with a pedophile named Lenny, who is also known as Boystory, as well as surfing pedophile websites and searching for information on inter-generational relationships. Upon learning of this secret lifestyle, Technea's wife filed for divorce. Technea states that his first wife was killed in a car accident early in their marriage. He and his second wife adopted 16 children, whom he claims to all have special needs.

Technea has spoken of meeting other boylovers in person, and that he eventually went to live with Boystory. He does not state whether or not he and Boystory had a romantic relationship, but he does state that he invited another pedophile he met online, Ashleigh, to come for a visit with the goal of setting up Ashleigh and Boystory as a couple.


A boylover. What is a boylover? A boylover could only do four things to a boy, and be a true boylover, and that's to give four things of himself. One, is his head, and I'm talking about the one that holds the ears apart...Okay. Two, is his heart. Three is his time, and four is his money. That's the only thing that a boylover, as an adult friend to a young friend can be able to do, to be able to give. Now, the first thing about quote, as I was telling you about the pedophile, if the fact that you see the physical and the emotional beauty of the child.. The second thing is that you nurture a child. You're a child nurturer, and that becomes the aspect of a boylover. What is it. The aspect of saying, 'I am your mentor, I am your teacher, I am your counselor, and I am your friend', that's it buddy. There is no more greater things that I can do for you, than to be those four things. If I do anything more, I am not thinking of you. I am thinking of me, and that takes away from being a true boylover, because it's all of the boy. You take that child, you put him up on a high pedastal with that no one exists except that one child you're in love with. And yeah, definitely, an adult friend can be in love with a young friend, but if you ever, if you ever go below the belt, and you take that child, and you become intimate with that child, you are doing two things. You've already given him your heart, now you're giving him your life.

Our Investigation[edit]

All information found on this individual has been taken directly from his podcast interview with Rookiee in Episode 18 of Pedologues. Our investigation is ongoing at this time.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Technea


Pedophile Websites


Additional Information[edit]

  • Plays the piano and accordion
  • Had some sort of neuro-muscular disease as a child
  • States that career had something to do with helping children in "end of life" situations
  • Has a twin brother
  • Second wife has been in politics for the past 3-4 years

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