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Created: December 21, 2006
Referred to as: TeenBoysWorld or TBW
Based out of: Charlotte, North Carolina
Founder: partiboi26
Purpose: To provide socialization and support for pedophiles who prefer teen-aged boys.
Website Address:
Current: http://www.freepowerboards.com/teenboysworld
TeenBoysWorld is a forum dedicated to providing a gathering place for pedophiles who are primarily attracted to teen-aged boys. The danger in this particular board however, is that not only does it attract a high number of teens, but the ownership is perfectly content to let outsiders believe that the board was designed to support gay teens without mention of it being a pedophile based forum.

TeenBoysWorld is a pedophile forum which was designed to provide socialization and support to pedophiles with a preference for teen-aged boys. In addition to this site hosting adult pedophile memberships, teenagers from ages 13 and up are also allowed membership to the forums, making them prime targets for grooming and/or indoctrination.

Created in late December 2006, TeenBoysWorld is believed to have been started by a user who goes by the name partiboi26, who refers to himself as the "CEO" of the board. There have been many changes in board moderators since it's inception, therefore the current list of moderators may not be entirely correct. The names we have listed, however, are all prominent members of the board who have or are currently serving in leadership roles.

As on most other pedophile websites which are supportive of pedophiles who are sexually attracted to boys, they thinly veil their sexual attraction by calling it "boy love." However, it's clear, when reading their posts, that they are not talking about love, but, instead, are talking about molestation.

On boys, well if it sprouts wood (as boys of any age do) then it confirms he is a boy, and of course is in need of love, and can show it even by his coos or whatever. I cannot fail to feel love or some level of attraction to any boy at any age, if he looks like a boy. Otherwise, he is a man, and I'd perhaps not be attrracted to him unless he loves boys, too!

I knew I was into boys around 12. I had a friend Mike. I loved wrestling with his 10 year old bro Phil. Pulling off his shorts so he was just in his briefs. Grabbing and squeezing his little nuts. I LOVED IT!!!!

Just a question. Do any of you guys ever see a really cute teen and then go home and JO to his image in your head, or imagin what he would look like completely nude?





Moderator Managers

Senior Moderator


Buddy Manager


There are currently no staff members in this position

Notable Members[edit]

Additional members may be added in the near future



And ... every night I share my bed with a 9yo male named Sascha - and he never wears a pyjama - not even shorts!

I like boys and girls but boys more, no hair age 2-10 nice smooth skin in nappies and plastic pants and the smell of baby

Post-Project Results[edit]

  • They started another forum on freepowerboards.com, but were quickly shut down, due to the efforts of our volunteers.

I'm well aware of this forum. It was reported around 2-4am this morning by an organization that identifies groups praying on minors. I was provided with more than enough evidence to remove the board at that time.

This is not the first board of this type we've had to remove.

  • They registered teenboysworld.tk, but that domain was taken from them immediately due to the efforts of our volunteers.

As your email alerts us to unacceptable content by a holder of a Dot TK domain, I have researched the case.

Therefore because of the violation, the domain has been cancelled and the registrant has been removed from our database.

Thank you for your assistance & I apologise for any offense or inconvenience caused.

With Kind Regards,

Dot TK Support

  • We are led to believe that the site is likely to be moving to a new domain/server. It will no doubt be using a domain privacy service to obscure the site owner from the attention of Law Enforcement.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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