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Christopher "Chris" Cortelyou
Age: 36
Birthdate: October 23, 1982
Race: States Caucasian
Occupation: Self Employed in Lawn Care and as a Computer Tech
Location: Ferndale, Washington, USA
Physical Description:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: "Some Extra Baggage"
Organizations: BoysMagicWorld, Boylove.net
The non understood AKA Chris Cortelyou is co-founder and member of BoysMagicWorld and member of Boylove.net. He lives in Ferndale, Washington where he operates his own lawn care business.

Chris Cortelyou's pic

File:The non understood pic2.jpg
Chris Cortelyou's pic
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Chris Cortelyou's pic
File:The non understood sigpic1.png
The_non_understood's sig pic

The non understood AKA Christopher "Chris" Cortelyou AKA Terminator20 AKA Termy is 36 years old and currently resides in Ferndale, Washington. He is co-founder of BoysMagicWorld and member of Boylove.net. He also frequents YouTube looking for videos of young boys and then he posts the links to these videos at these boylove forums.


In a post on BoysMagicWorld, he mentions how he enjoys a popular YouTube video of a young boy:

My brother got hooked on YouTube but I did not give a hoot about that site. So after some time had passed, I finnaly went over to the site to see what all the hype was about. At that time, a special young boy was heavily popular and still is. So I saw a video link on their homepage. I cliked on it and after watching a few videos, I was hooked. So, what got me hooked on youtube? Galipoka got me hooked! That boy is not only hot but he is also smart and funny at the same time!

Posted: Jun 7 2007

I have had this best friend for over 2 years! We can always talk about anything. One day I came clean with him and told him that I was not straight that I was BI. He had no problem with this and he acted the same as before! I thought about it for 5 minutes and then I decided to tell him I was also a BL. WOW right! How did I do that? LOL

He did not know what a BL was at first, so I linked him to the page that explains all about it and he understood it and he said he was fine with it! So after a few days went by, I talked more about it with him and he seem intrigued as how I thought and all. Further down the road I divolged my interest in Cole and Dylan, after he saw the pics of them he said he understood why I liked them. Then later on I divolged my true feelings for them and again, he understood that! Prays the lord, I have been understood!

Anyway, it was a great moment for me!

Our Investigation[edit]

These are the steps we took to verify that the_non_understood is Christopher Cortelyou:

  • The non understood posted a link to his personal YouTube account at BoysMagicWorld (see quote listed in Quote section).
  • His YouTube account gave us a nick of Terminator20 and led us to his personal Website: The Termy Factor.
  • On that Website, you'll find several pictures of Chris and even pictures of his house. Furthermore, he outlines everything about his business and gives us additional details about his life, such as his name being Chris, stating that he is 24 years old, and that he grew up in Blain, Washington where he lived for 10 years. He also talks about how he moved to Ferndale in 1992 and then describes that he is into computers and video games (FPS, 3rd Person, Simulation, and some RPG's).
  • The Website advertises Chris' lawn care business and he lists a phone number of (360) 380-3420. A quick search of that number leads to a CHRISTOPHER CORTELYOU who lives at: 1625 MAIN ST, Ferndale, WA 98248 in WHATCOM County.
  • Further research on his Website finds additional screen names and aliases: termyfactor, termy and terminator20.
  • Doing a search of terminator20 leads me to a tractor message board forum[1] where an avatar is discovered in a cached version of the site. This is the same avatar that he used at BoysMagicWorld (see Avatar #1).
  • Additionally, at this site he gives several more bits of information confirming a matched identity with his termyfactor Website located on Bravehost.
  • He gives his date of birth as October 23, 1982, his age of 24 and a short biography that states, "I am into, Small Engines, Computers, Lawn Care, and Games. I have a website and write reviews, Location: Washington, USA."
  • More research of the nick Terminator 20 leads to a profile on Amazon[2] where another confirmation of Terminator20 and Chris Cortelyou is made; a confirmation of Termy, Terminator20 and Chris are made here: 3d Game Man[3]; and here, too: Another message board.
  • Searching his real name and Ferndale brings up another confirmation that he owns a lawncare business article.
  • Searching the nick termy leads us to a hotmail addy of Chrises_cornner@Hotmail.com and when searching that e-mail address, we find his MySpace page.
  • Finally, a search of The non understood finds him listed on CQ2's MySpace page as a friend. After clicking on his avatar, I am led to another MySpace page where you'll find the avatar that contains the name Chris in it (see Avatar pic #4 and the screen shot of his MySpace below).
  • In summary, it is visibly evident that the pedophile and co-founder of BoysMagicWorld, the non understood is really Chris Cortelyou of Ferndale, Washington.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Terminator20
  • Termy
  • the_termy_factor
  • Chris Cortelyou

Known E-mail Addresses

  • Chrises_cornner@hotmail.com - MSN
  • chrises_cornner@yahoo.com - Yahoo!

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

1625 MAIN ST
Ferndale, WA 98248

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

(360) 380-3420

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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