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Todd Scott Perkins
Age: 53
Birthdate: July 7, 1966
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Pro-Pedophilia Website Owner, New-Age "Sexual Coach" and "Massage Therapist"; Male Prostitute; Former Teacher
Location: Hawaii
Physical Description:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: None
Pedophile Websites: tperkins.com
Todd Perkins is an outspoken pedophile activist and the owner/administrator of a pro-pedophilia website. He offers "sexual coaching" therapy services despite having no legitimate qualifications or credentials, and dispenses unethical and potentially harmful advice.

Todd Perkins

Todd Perkins is a former middle school teacher and Boy Scout leader. He's the creator and administrator of tperkins.com, a New Age-themed website featuring child pornography images, "Boylove" discussion sections and pro-pedophilia 'articles'. He states that although having previous male and female adult partners, his only true sexual attraction is exclusively to young boys.

Perkins promotes himself as a "sexual healer", "shaman" and "sexologist" and offers fee-based "sexual coaching services" as therapy to people who are having sexual problems, although he has no counseling degree, credentials or license qualifying him to do so. His so-called advice to clients often recommends and/or encourages actions that are illegal and/or possibly harmful, i.e. congratulating members who speak of sexually abusing children, recommending "cures" such as promiscuity with anonymous Internet strangers or smoking crystal meth in order to alleviate sexual anxiety, discouraging the use of condoms when molesting young boys, and implying that the HIV virus is really just a myth.

When a man posted on Perkins' board about feeling attracted to young boys, staying away from children because he didn't want to risk losing control, and wanting help for this attraction because he knew it was wrong, Perkins instead encouraged the man to spend more time around children and act upon his inclinations to molest them.

It is truly frightening that a person needing help might come across Todd's website, as his ideas of 'healing' would be far more likely to cause lasting emotional damage and harm to that individual and possibly to others around them as well. It is also frightening to know that for many years, Perkins was a New York-area Boy Scout troop leader involved with summer camp programs for boys, and a teacher at a middle school for boys until suddenly resigning from his teaching career and from Boy Scouts, leaving his home and the state in 2005. He claims this resignation was voluntary because of a "spiritual awakening" which directed him into moving to California and, according to members of Usenet group alt.hackers.malicious, attempting to join a NAMBLA group. This endeavor was unsuccessful because AHM members intercepted his membership application (posted on their blog). Perkins' most recent known location is around the New Age communities of Big Island, Hawaii.

In addition to charging significant fees for his 'sexual coaching' services, Perkins also offers in-person services as a sexual 'massage' provider and male escort/prostitute for hire advertising in both Hawaii and Los Angeles. Given his interest and support of child molestation and his apparent lack of concern about the HIV virus, he could present a serious physical health danger to any child he may choose to victimize and to any adult partners as well.

Another concern is the possibility that Perkins may presently be working with children in the education field, as he holds a teacher's certificate issued by State of New York and has previously taught technology to middle school students. He also has been either a volunteer or employee at at least one Hawaii-area New Age wellness resort and may be in contact with children through this capacity as well.


I began to see the purpose that I and so many other boylovers had in God's grand scheme for a better world. At a time when parents and authority figures can't seem to understand or relate to teenagers, I do. At a time when no one else can seem to love them for who they are, I can.

I believe that pedophiles were created (by God or evolution, as you like) as an intermediate buffer for kids during the hardest time of their lives. An adult who could understand them and love them unconditionally (something pretty unique to pedophiles) during the period where they are separating from their parents and finding their individualness.

In my role as a Sexologist I have spoken with quite a few adults who will tell you they had been "molested" as kids. But when you talk to them, there was a degree of enjoyment about the situation. (a pedophile situation) How can they both have enjoyed it AND been abused? Because they felt enjoyment and then were TAUGHT by well meaning adults that they were abused.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • Todd Perkins was already a well-known pedophile when we began our project.
  • All of our information has come from his personal Website's discussion board and articles and other publicly available resources.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known E-mail Addresses

  • todd@tperkins.com
  • tod03@pacbell.net
  • maleintimatela-exme@yahoo.com

Last Known Address[edit]

2022 University Ave
Honolulu, HI 96822

Previous Address

1841 Roanoke Ave
Tustin CA 92780

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

(808) 942-1560

Previous Phone Number

(714) 832-7339

Additional Quotes[edit]

Todd's response to an individual's question about if he should stop his ongoing rape and sexual abuse of a friend's 7-year-old son:

"To a child that age, it's seen as a rejection/withholding of love. He has not yet internalized all the social morays and intellectual "rules" of society... so it can make no sense to him why you would want to stop, unless you didn't love him anymore. You are both quite lucky to have each other! I'm really glad he has some one in his life as loving and respectful as you are. You are a great role model Alan!"

Todd's response to board members' questions about condom use when sodomizing boys 15 and younger:

"To me it's a personal choice. If you know you are disease free then I wouldn't think it's even an issue. Some would say you are setting a dangerous example for him to follow in the future... not demonstrating "safe sex"... but frankly, I don't agree with the concept...I think a condom is quite unnatural... and actually doesn't feel as good for either partner. I believe there is also benefit in the semen exchange (in either direction). I think the benefits of not using a condom are too important..."

Additional Information[edit]

Perkins holds a New York teaching certificate and previously taught technology classes to middle school students. He has also worked in the fields of stage lighting production and computer technical services, as well as offering his sexual 'massage' services through the Kalari Spiritual Resort in Big Island, Hawaii.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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