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Thomas C. Reeves AKA "Alex Marbury"
Age: Deceased
Birthdate: 1939 or 1938
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Freelance Writer
Location: Spain or Montreal, Canada
Physical Description:
Hair Color: White / Gray
Organizations: NAMBLA, Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, The New NAMBLA
Tom Reeves is one of the founding members of NAMBLA and has been a national spokesman for NAMBLA. Tom Reeves is also one of the original signatories on the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign petition.
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Tom Reeves AKA "Alex Marbury"
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Tom Reeves AKA "Alex Marbury"

Tom Reeves

Update, March 1, 2012: Tom Reeves is deceased, and in his fellow pedophile activists' grief, they revealed that his alias was "Alex Marbury," who ran The New NAMBLA. Pedophiles and their allies across the world mourn Reeves' death, lauding him as a hero, humanitarian, and gay activist, when in fact he was one of the founders of NAMBLA and The New NAMBLA.

Pro-pedophile activist Tom Reeves is best known for the role that he played in founding NAMBLA. In the late 1970s, prior to the formation of NAMBLA, Tom Reeves was already referring to himself as a "Boylover" and publicly defending adults making sexual contact with adolescents. On December 2, 1978, Reeves organized a meeting on the topic of "man-boy love,"; it was at this meeting which NAMBLA was formed. Inside of NAMBLA, Reeves played a prolific role acting as a spokesman for the organization.

In the late 90's, Reeves formed a new group of pedophile activists and their allies called "Reform Sex Offender Laws." It is known as The New NAMBLA because it has the same goals, agendas and many of the same members as the original NAMBLA.


PAN a magazine about boy-love - Number 4, February, 1980

"The core of our identity must be unashamed love of boys as boys."

"The authentic boy-love identity is not apologetic, does not view sex as temptation, and does not see the need for therapy or 'help' of any kind to reform or modify his sexuality. Love of boys as they are rules out any attempt to mould boys into what society expects of 'adults', and certainly not into 'normal' heterosexual men."

EXPECT THE WORST LIVE FOR THE BEST: Three suggestions by Tom Reeves, NAMBLA activist

(Appeared in 1981 issue of NAMBLA NEWS--now defunct) "2) Prepare the boys for questioning by the police. Explain to them that police will lie to them about you, that police will threaten the boys with arrest and other troubles, that the boys need not ever say anything at all about their sexual lives, that they need not go with police or answer any questions. All of this sounds very simple--and most boys will respond initially that, of course, they would not talk about sex to a policeman."

The Prescott Courier - 21 Apr 1978 (prior to the formation of NAMBLA)

Boston gays want to cross age barrier

"I feel It is important to say it is possible to be a man and have a variety of relationships with adolescents, including sex, and still be an ethical, upstanding individual."

"Those relationships can be beneficial, and there Is nothing wrong with adolescents and men having sex. Sex is not a vile. awful thing. Sex is loving and caring."

"Boys between the ages of 14 and 16 just need sex all the time. They need to get it out of their systems. Some adolescents have a need to actively seek and seduce older men and do so regularly."

Our Investigation[edit]

  • Tom Reeves was already out as one of the founding members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association
  • His alias, "Alex Marbury" was leaked right after he died, and pedophile activists and pedophile apologists and defenders are mourning both "Alex" and Tom Reeves at the same time. AZU found a RSO activist mourning his death, and revealing his alias, at which point it became obvious that they were one and the same.

Additional Quotes[edit]

RvP: But you have sex with different kids.

TR: Yes. And also with older men. I've even had sex with a person of 80, sure. I don't just have sex with 13-year-olds. But this 80-year-old is still young in his mind, still a boy, because he also hasn't accepted society.

I was involved with many new gay organizations: Gay Community News, Boston Area Gay & Lesbian Youth (BAGLY), Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), the Gay Liberation Front, and much later Act Up.

Meanwhile, I kept on meeting boys and loving them. I should have noticed this happened mostly outside the newly defined gay parameters - back in Baltimore or in other cities' gritty neighborhoods. I saw my activism and my sex with boys as parallel.


Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Erasumustom99

Known E-mail Addresses

  • erasumustom99@yahoo.com
  • alexm60@fastmail.fm


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