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Valerio aka Victor Gallis
Age: 50's
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Former Teacher
Location: Greater New York area
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat
Valerio aka Victor Gallis is a known pedophile who frequents BoyChat. He is a former teacher and Boy Scout leader.

Valerio, aka Victor "Vic" Gallis, is a pedophile who frequents BoyChat. He is a former High School teacher and has done volunteer work with children as well. Gallis has lived in the Greater New York area and has traveled on occasion to South America. He has noted that in his travels, he volunteers his time working with children. He has also stated through his posts on BoyChat that he has had an attraction to some of those same children with whom he works. Gallis also has had a membership with the popular video sharing website, YouTube, where his profile clearly shows that he is drawn towards children. He is also a member of Yahoo, although it is unclear as to whether he is currently active or not with chat or with any groups.

Gallis was a member of the Boy Scouts as a youth, and that claims that he and other troop members engaged in sexual activities amongst themselves. As an adult, he returned as a Scoutmaster and states that he and the Assistant Scoutmaster of his troop participated in the same type of behavior with young members under their charge. After "leading" the troop for two (2) years, he then took a job which required him to leave the area. He claims that some of the kids he molested have stayed in touch with him, and that they occasionally get together socially.

Following his time with the Boy Scouts, Gallis states that he spent a few decades trying to be heterosexual, and was in fact, married. Eventually his wife divorced him, at which time he decided to join BoyChat. Valerio says that he's had "some" boys in his life since then, including a long term, non-sexual, relationship with a boy who is now 20 years old (as of April 2007). He says that sex isn't as important to him anymore. Valerio also notes the use of antidepressants, claiming to have suffered from a depressive disorder his entire life.

Considering the above, it is not surprising that Vic Gallis is one of the signatories for the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign; a NAMBLA-related group that is attempting to get sex offender registries and restrictions abolished.


For those of you who may have abandoned all hope:

I recently found myself a volunteer position where my job is to play with kids. For the sake of opacity, I can't offer details, but I had a great time a few nights ago crawling around a carpet with 6- to 11-year-olds. Okay, if I still were in the horny stage of my life it might have been unbearable, but I'm not, so it was just a ton of fun.

So be of good cheer, laddies. You never know what might come along. It's even conceivable that a special boy may emerge from this. Fingers crossed.

Long enough ago so that the statute of limitations in my state has run out eight or nine times, I led a Scout troop. I had been a member of that troop as a boy, and messing around with other boys was, well, traditional. Nothing had changed when I came back as Scoutmaster except that the Scoutmaster (and my friend, the Assistant Scoutmaster) joined in. My friend and I were still very young, so we weren't disgustingly decrepit by boy standards, and the fact that we were of "legal age" didn't seem to matter. Nobody took the "messing around" too seriously -- it was just something that felt good. It wasn't even gay (in a contemporary sense -- the term "gay" didn't exist yet -- those guys were homos.)

I had the troop for two years, then moved some distance away to take a job. The kids grew up, as kids will, and moved on; but a couple of them stayed in touch. Somewhat more than three decades later, we still get together from time to time. We don't discuss sexual escapades of years past, except for an occasional joke. The now middle-aged "boys" I see are still in touch with some of the other troop members, so I have some information on about ten of them. One, I know, grew up gay. He contracted HIV when it still was new, and died in the eighties. The rest, as far as I know, are conventional heterosexuals, all married at least once, some more often.

After the Boy Scouts, I tried being heterosexual myself for a few decades, but I was never too good at it. When my wife divorced me, I said to hell with it and found boychat. I've had some boys in my life since then, including one wonderful, totally satisfying non-sexual relationship with a boy who is 20 now. I still love him, as much as I love my own kids, and he still loves me. Sex just isn't especially important anymore.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • Somebody using the screen name "Valerio" was a long-time poster on Boychat.
  • He posted from an email that included the unique spelling "valerio"
  • Searching "valerio" on Usenet returned posts from a Vic Gallis with the email valerio@yahoo.com
  • Boychat posts from Valerio included the email valerio@mac.hush.com
  • Vic Gallis posted on Usenet newsgroups asking how to send anonymous emails on a Mac
  • Victor Gallis' website vicsworld.com is registered with email address vgallis @optonline
  • Somebody named Vic was posting from email address vgallis @optonline in alt.fan.prettyboy Usenet CP trading ring
  • Vic Gallis was using the email address olvic @mail.htp.net to promote a teachers’ union website on Usenet
  • He used this same email address olvic@mail.htp.net to post on a Usenet child pornography trading thread
  • In the above post, he mentions having sex with others in Boy Scouts when he was younger; this matches Valerio’s posts on BoyChat about having sex with others in Boy Scouts
  • Victor Gallis' location in New York matched Valerio's posts
  • Numerous personal information from Valerio's posts matched Gallis' bio detail for detail; including his grant-funded work in the field of anthropology, history as a teacher and involvement with teachers’ unions, interest in pre-classical / ethnic world music, and even his various pets

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Email Addresses

  • valerio@mac.hush.com
  • olvic @mail.htp.net
  • vgallis @optonline
  • va1erio @yahoo.com
  • valerio@earthling.net

Known Screennames

  • Valerio
  • va1erio


Additional Quotes[edit]

It's nice being the only male doing volunteer child care at the women's center, because all the boys want to be with ME. (A couple of the girls do too.) There were a bunch of second graders there tonight, each cuter than the next with their missing front teeth. One of the new arrivals, toothless as he may be, is breathtakingly beautiful.

...so I closed my account. They can find somebody else to be their YouTube sex abuse poster boy, which is my current role on their website.

Last Known Address[edit]

Greater New York area

Additional Information[edit]

  • Has been involved with teachers' unions
  • May have relocated to another area; possibly Florida or the West Coast

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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