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David Ryan
Age: 48
Birthdate: November 30, 1970
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Logical Reality, Visions of Alice, Newgon.com
David Ryan is a dangerous pedophile activist from South Australia
David Ryan's VoA profile

David Ryan AKA Warrier22 AKA omega is a determined pedophile activist and dangerous child predator. He has been a long-time member of pedophile boards such as Logical Reality, Visions of Alice and Newgon.com.

On these boards, Ryan has incessantly posted about his "plan" to sue the Australian government, use the proceeds to buy an island for pedophiles, and import children for them to molest children freely. He also has discussed buying automatic weapons to defend his "Pedotopia". Even if this idea may be delusional nonsense, in reality Ryan is a serious threat to any children around him.

During his years on the pedophile boards, Ryan has spoken many times of having sexual contact and "relationships" with young girls in real life. He claims to have friends who introduce him to girls as young as 12. He has also given other pedophiles advice on what methods he uses to entice young children.

Ryan also frequents social networking sites such as Gaia Online and Live Wire Teen Forums, where he attempts to interact with children and posts comments bashing the GLBT community.

In 2008, Ryan was arrested for his participation in a world-wide child pornography ring. While out on bail, Ryan returned to the pedophile boards – changing his name from warrier22 to omega – and continued to post there, in violation of his bail conditions.

Unbelievably, Ryan has somehow managed to escape any serious consequences for this. He continues to post on the pro-pedophile boards, and undoubtedly continues to be a detriment to the safety of any children he may come across.

David Ryan also has profiles on online dating sites, including Plentyoffish.com.


Why shouldn,t the child be allowed to learn how much fun sex is. yes they will happily enjoy a bowlfull of chocalate but so would i. You would be surprised how many kids no chocalate ain,t healthy well not alot of it anyway . I guess alot of sex isn,t always healthy this dosen,t mean that niether kids nor adult should engage in sex does it . I love my bowls of chocalate does that mean i am to irresponsible to have sex at least chocy won,t kill you.Choclate is also a good aphridisiact it make u horny.

how many adults do drugs i.n.c cigs and booze and do it to extremes and how many would never turn down a free smoke or beer these will kill u but adults still get there fixes and will do almost anything to get them. They drink the rent sell there kids stuff or whatever if only responsible should have sex then 75%of adults should be celibrate. Like that will happen Aslong as the child is happy let them screw who they like

Just a thought

"maybe we can get our young friends to say they would rather screw us than take drugs e.t.c"

A safe haven for us child lovers and even our y/f as well

"no they wouldn,t bomb us` unless we started attacking them or causing them problems as it would cost them polliticly espeacilly when we retaliated and the im guessing the u.s started losing battlecroups to my hammerhead aircraft computer controled long range mack 13+ ramjet fighter/bombers any attacking force would need to account for 95%loss rates regardless off what way they attack"

I love teens

"i love teens there sweet funny caring honest non judgemental and smart any teen wanna say hi or upload anything intresting please do this is my first blogg so please if this seems lame im still learning give me some time and maybe some ideas love ya all"

Joseph was a pedophile

"nah arken not intrested in boys lol girls have more holes and better handles to play with and i don,t want an audiance soz "

Our Investigation[edit]

The investigation is ongoing.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Warrier22
  • Omega

Known E-mail Addresses

  • warrier22@yahoo.com
  • warrier@hushmail.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

Adelaide, South Australia

Additional Quotes[edit]

Pray for the economy to collapse...

"then at the same time or late at night we start posting posters all over the place with the get em before there eight doctrine"


"we don,t recruit threw orphanages like we would if we were building a company we visit the poorest ones and we offer them 1,decent funding 2, we offer a nice size donation and we make sure its spent on the kids we then can choose the ones we want we have them checked medically hell we should have some docters among us cl and some who have medical lab degrees e.t.c we offer free medical check ups and the ones who are fit and healthy as in no a.i.ds e.tc we invite to come and stay at the ophanage we promise decent food private rooms and education and free medical care we even offer the kids cash incentives i.e work so they got cash in there pockets we give them the best we no

for recruiting im sure we all no kids that are badly mistreated and abused and looking for away out of home and kids that are on the street and in places like brazil were the mercrnys kill street kids we can offer a bounty on the kids they hand to us live and unharmed based on there age

i.e a 16 y.o girl maybe worth $1,000

a 15 y.o girl 1,500

a 14 y.o girl 2,000

and an extra $500 for each girl they hand us alive and unharmed

we can do the same for both mexico and agentina and any other countrys like that

and yes we could also put bountys on the young boys but no older than say 12

this way we can save a few lives as well as help our selves"

Has anyone of you...

"i belive that sexual interactions as children are only negative if we want them to be even if someone is raped i mean im against rape of course byt even then it can be turned to a positive but having an adult friend play with you as long asthere gental shouldn,t be negative unless you want it to be and you want to use that to get yourself angry"

hey lord mickeal jackson works for me i pray he blesses me with plenty of kids to play with and no cops to harras me lol

of course i wanna conform well to being pedo at least the others are nutters lol i,d have to be nuts not to love kids especially girls lol

i must admitt i get angry and so does me mate warrier22 . warrier22 has a crafty game plan as he no,s heaps of kids and most no he is a gl well cl he sits down with them when there watching the news and when these stories about pedo he asks them if they think he would something like that to a child everyone of them says no way then he says the people who make kids do things against there will are the real child abusers some of the kids he,s nown for ages and in some case they have seen proof of his attitude first hand they love him dearly including my own kids think the world of him i even recived a complaint from the school because my oldest daughter savagely defends both pedo,s and kids rights she even said to the teacher that she woild feel completley safe in a room full of pedo,s the teacher demanded to no why she like pedo,s and she apparently stated that only pedo,s treat kids and teens with the love and respect that young people should be treated with unlike bigoted adults including the teachers who treat kids as dogs in fact she said that dogs are treated better than most kids the school wasn,t happy but both myself and warrier22 are really proud of her and kinda amused maybe things will change if we follow warrier22 idea apparently 99%of the kids that hand with me mate no what he is and wont say a word to there rents lol.

there is nothing wrong with loveing a young girl as long as you arn,t harming her as for the guy and his adopted daughter as long as she is happy and enjoying what u are sharing with her then go for it good luck.

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