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Robert "Bob"
Birthdate: April 19th (Year Unknown)
Location: Maryland, near Chesapeake Bay
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BLISS
White Falcon is an administrator with the BLISS forums.

White Falcon AKA Robert/Bob is a longtime member and assistant webmaster of a pedophile Website called BLISS. In the early days of BLISS, White Falcon met with the owner, Steven Jones and some other boylovers in person. Together, they had high hopes for the social aspect of the board encouraging posters to meet each other offline. Eventually though, BLISS would struggle to survive as hosting services began to learn of the content of the site and subsequently shut them down. White Falcon, along with Steven Jones, worked to find boylover friendly services for the site.

In an exchange with another poster, who is clearly against adult/child sexual relationships, White Falcon gave his opinion that seems to indicate that he believes "overreaction" by adults regarding a child having had sex with an adult is what causes more harm than the actual sex itself. Many in the pedophile community seem to subscribe to this same belief.

White Falcon considers himself to be gay, as his attraction is to other males, however he doesn't exclude pedophilia and ephebophilia (attraction to teens) from this sexuality.


Months after I had started viewing the galleries on one particular site, I clicked on the link for "Forum", and that one click of the mouse changed my life. I had known that there had to be others like me but had no idea how to find them. Now, I was suddenly in a community full of them. Unfortunately, my initial impression was that they were just like me and, by extension, I was just like them. As I read posts in the forums (and I read every word posted on that board), I came to believe things about myself that weren't accurate, simply because they were true of others on the board. Still, it was better than what I used to believe about myself, and it started me on a quest to find out who I really am.

During different periods of my time on BLISS, I've considered myself to be a boylover, gay, and an ephebophile. Currently I consider myself gay. That doesn't mean that pedophilia and ephebophilia are absent from my sexual orientation. It simply means that I'm predominantly attracted to other males. The ranges of ages that I find attractive to look at isn't the same as the range I'd want for a sexual partner, which isn't the same as the range I'd want for a life mate. Fortunately, I have some overlap among those ranges.

I certainly don't advocate sex on the basis that "it might not be harmful", but I'm realistic about the fact that no matter what we say here, there will be boys and men who engage in sexual activity, some of this activity will become known to people who will overreact to the situation, and that overreaction will cause harm to the boy. As much as you don't want the sex to happen in the first place, I don't want the boy harmed by that overreaction.

Our Investigation

  • All information we have obtained thus far on White Falcon has come directly from his profile and his posts on the BLISS pedophile website.
  • Our investigation is ongoing; however, we will update this article when new information becomes available and has been confirmed

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • White Falcon
  • Robert/Bob (was referred to as "Bob" by Steven Jones in a birthday greeting)


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