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Lindsay Ashford
Age: 50
Birthdate: 10/04/1968
Location: Claims to be in the Netherlands
Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Dark, curly
Organizations: GirlChat, Puella.com
Lindsay Ashford is a publicly known pedophile. He is a political activist for the acceptance of pedophilia and the world-wide abolishment of age of consent laws. He runs the website called Puellula.com and is constantly moving to different countries in fear of persecution.

Lindsay Ashford

Lindsay Ashford, aka Zanthalon, is a well-known self-proclaimed pedophile, who strives to be in the spotlight. In 1989, he legally changed his name from David Alway to Lindsay Ashford because he needed to 'find himself'. He claims that he currently is residing in the Netherlands, a trip that was paid for by fellow pedophiles in a fundraising effort started to help him leave Columbia. He has one daughter named Chelsea from a previous marriage.

Lindsay has made headlines since 2002, when, at the age of 34, he came out to the world as being a pedophile. He now runs a website named Puellula.com where he and other pedophiles post about their views on pedophilia. Lindsay uses this website to post about his beliefs on girl love and his desire to eradicate current Age of Consent laws.

His age of attraction, or AoA is little girls between the ages of 7 and 11. There is also a section of the website dedicated to missing and murdered girls called "Taken From Our Midst". In this section, all of the pictures are of little girls (no boys). Some of the parents of the missing children were made aware of the website and asked him to take down the pictures. He complied. One particular part of this website that is probably the most controversial is a section entitled "Sugar and Spice" It is intended for little girls involved with pedophiles to encourage them to "follow their love".

In 2005, Ashford and fellow pedophile Todd Nickerson, AKA Markaba raised money and sent a donation of $1300 to the Save the Children Foundation in celebration of Alice Day. The foundation did not know who these two men were, so they accepted the check and sent a thank you note. This note was used as proof that their political cause for acceptance of pedophilia was being supported by a national organization. Upon hearing this, several women contacted the foundation to let them know who sent them the check. Save the Children immediately refunded the check and sent it back. It is unknown what happened to the donation money, other than that the members of GirlChat were very angry at Markaba about it.

The most recent controversy (March of 2007) involves politics and the upcoming presidential election 2008. Ashford found pictures of presidential-hopeful Barack Obama's prepubescent children and posted them on his website, Puellula.com. He then wrote that he was supporting Obama because of how beautiful his little girls were. He did, however, take down the pictures at the request of Obama's lawyers.

In 2007 he was compiling a list of events that little girls attended, much the same way Jack McClellan did. These two pedophiles likely collaborated on the list, since two of the events were in Santa Barbara, CA.

However, shortly thereafter he announced that due to lack of funding and his inability to keep a job because of his known status as a pedophile, he had to close his website Puellula.com. He still remains a regular poster at the pedophile forum boards GirlChat and VoA.


My interest in little girls comes from the fact that I am a girllover, somebody who is physically and romantically attracted to little girls. I would also refer to myself as a pedophile. To use this word, however, I must stress that there is a major difference between a pedophile and a child molester. Unfortunately, society often blurs this distinction and does not attempt to understand that pedophilia is not an action but a sexual orientation. The second purpose of this site, therefore, is to demonstrate this difference and to explain my ideal of consensual childlove, an emotional and spiritual attraction to young children that transcends a simply physical or sexual attraction to them....

Indeed, I wish to treat her with the utmost respect, to talk to her, to listen to her, to laugh with her, to play with her, to love her. The love that I wish to bestow upon her will start with phileo, the love which is equated with friendship, companionship and affection. As I get to know her better and appreciate her for the unique individual that she is, this love will deepen into agape, a profound respect and admiration. Our friendship and mutual respect will allow us to fully appreciate the joys of our eros, or physical love, which will, in turn, affirm and reinforce the beautiful bond we have created together.

Our Investigation[edit]

Lindsay Ashford has been an "out" pedophile for years, posting his personal information on his now defunct Puellula.com website, YouTube and other internet locations, where we gathered the information for this article.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Email Addresses:

  • webmaster@alicemail.net
  • lindsay@marmotmail.com
  • lindsayashford@volny.cz
  • hfp@puellula.com
  • bereshith@hushmail.com

Known Screennames:

  • zanthalon (Yahoo)
  • Amator Puellularum
  • AP
  • Bereshith



Last Known Address[edit]

Postbus 93548
Amsterdam, 1090EA

Previous addresses:

271 Newbury St. #12
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Box 223, El Correo

Last Known Phone Number


Previous Phone Numbers

  • 50259774548
  • 336.23507881
  • 316.27412036
  • (617) 266-0181
  • +507.67033461
  • +502.59375424

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