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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Michael "Mike" Baldaccini
Age: 40
Birthdate: January 11, 1979
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Current: Web Designer. Previous: worked at DollyWood as Ride Operator and Food Specialist
Location: Pigeon Forge, TN
Physical Description:
Weight: Morbidly obese
Hair Color: Brown
Pedophile Websites: Boylove.net, Global-Unity
Zkish is a pedophile who regularly posts on the BoyMoment and other pedophile forums. A 23-year-old female, who has taken testosterone to appear male, he poses as a 14-year-old boy and regularly grooms minors and encourages them to be attracted to older male pedophiles.

Mike Baldaccini AKA Zkish

Zkish AKA Michael Baldaccini is a 29-year-old pedophile who is a member of the graphic pedophile forum board BoyMoment, and the now defunct Boylove.net and Global-Unity. On these forums boards he discusses such topics like drinking little boys urine and how little boys "taste".

He claims to be both a "boylover" and "girlover" whose AOA or "Age of Attraction" is the ages of 6-12. He was even present on the pedophile forum board Global-Unity the night Lyrical Cancer got naked with several pedophiles who encouraged a minor member of these boards, Allaloneboy to get naked while other pedophiles showed their penises to him on Webcam.

He also has many websites across the internet where he has underage members listed as his "friends". He also claims the last "YF" or "young friend" he had was his 17 year old brother and has no problem with the idea of incest, for he participated in sexual acts with his cousins when he was a child.

The most disturbing aspect of Michael Baldiccini is possibly the fact that he claims to work at and frequent the Dollywood Theme Park in his hometown of Pigeon Fork, TN mostly to look at little boys and even convinces the children’s parents to leave the kids with him for a day the park. He says this happens every year during the summer and over the years has met many children ages 9-13.

He also claims to be excited that Mexico has an Age of Consent of 12 years old, even admitting that he would give up his U.S. citizenship if he met a boy in Mexico who would let him stay.




Re: Boy Urine ...Yay or Nay???

I'm all for that theres nothing wrong with that really.. and i've had a few pee on me alot of times really fun really that just makes you want to shower more and most likely your yf or who ever will too and then u can have piss wars those are fun lmao... when i was like 12-15 i went to the YMCA daily after school and spent most my time in locker room after swimming we all had a blast.. when noone was around we'd pee in all the lockers lol... it was fun.. not all urine tastes the same it's diffrent in one way or another some are just plain bad some can be sweet and lovely some can be sour or what not you just have to think what you want it to be and you'll think it's what it tastes like and won't even notice. for example if u think of chocolate or strawberry and then thats what you'll get but you'd have to think and imagine it really hard though if not it won't work for ya. it varies from person to person or go straight hardcore and go for it... I think it's kind of fun.. if you all haven't figured out by now my life is boring......lol


Re: AOC At 12 In Mexico

hell ya i'd give up my American rights in a heartbeat lol if i had a friend thier that wanted me to stay with them or i knew someone.. i have my reasons for wanting to give them up i'm pretty sure most of us do... I goto Mexico once a year any how when I take my Cruises maybe i should check it out next time i'm around there....


Re: Boys' dicks and ass are both sexy

whats not to love on a boy I'll take it all.. it's so hard to choose

Our Investigation

The following are the steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "Zkish" with the real name of Michael Baldaccini:

  • We noticed the "Zkish" screen name posting on the Boylove.net website.
  • From the email address used on Boylove.net we were able to locate several profiles using that same email address and the name of Michael Baldaccini.
  • Linking from several profiles uncovered connections to pedophiles on several public profiles.
  • Another profile had complete details including address, birthdate and other information that matched the posts on Boylove.net and Global-Unity.
  • Public data records confirmed the above.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Zkish
  • Zkishy
  • pitviperpf
  • Ztek
  • DJFroggy
  • ICQ - 100660147
  • Skype - Zkishy
  • AOL - zkish95

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address


3126 Noland Dr
Pigeon Forge TN 37863 United States

Also possibly Sevierville, TN


Smoky Mountain Computers Web Dev.
P.O.Box 6766
Sevierville,TN 37862

Previous Addresses

  • Alliance,OH
  • Lima, OH
  • Ft.Wayne, IN
  • Galatia, IL
  • Dayton, OH
  • Leetonia, OH
  • Salem, OH
  • Greeneville, TN

Last Known Phone Numbers

  • 865-292-9484
  • 865-292-9484
  • 865-428-1039
  • 865-366-0016

Additional Quotes

Question on BoyMoment:

question:Ever look at boys in your AOA and wonder How good he would taste.

Answer from Zkish:

I live in a Tourist area you have no Idea how good it can get here. Just take a walk down the main strip of road you see lots of them in my AOA



Re: Which do you prefer

watch a boy hump his stuffed animal

shower or nice long bath?


Re: Summer

I live right down the street from the Water park summer time here is endless fun


Re: Incest...

I've been down this road lots of times when I was younger lol... what do you get when you cross me at age 13 with 2 8 yr olds 1 12 yr old and 2 11 yr olds? One hell of a good time for almost 5 years.. they were all either family or next door neighbors and all boys


Re: Would you date a woman just because the had a cute son?

hell ya i would regardless how cute her son is


Re: What would you rather do to a boy?

apart from making love with him i guess i would want to cuddle with him



Re: Boys from Behind

When I goto DollyWood in the Summer time I help people out sometimes I'd get these boys that are visiting to come up to me and ask questions bout this and that about the park. I'd gladly help them out in a few cases I've had actually been asked to goto lunch with him and his Family theres been 3 times I made a Friend with a Boy that is staying in the area for like a week or 2 and thier parents would pay me to take them to dolly wood or places around here since I get into them for free. Yes I gave them my details and all and what ever else they needed to trust me and i never had any problems. Doing stuff like this year to year makes you glad your a BL I've met very interesting lil boys mostly 9-13 but nonetheless very active and playful I'd take them anywhere they wanted to go long as it was ok with the Parental units sometimes it would be A mother and son or 2 sons and had 2 where it was just a mother 2 sons and a daughter and the mother wanted to have a girls day out that was always fun.. I'd go home at nite and come back to thier motel the next morning at the time they told me to come back and i was always there. this one family mother 2 boys just moved and was staying at a motel here and wanted to know if i could watch them while she went looking for a job and place to move into that was fun.. So she found a Job and I talked to my Step Father at the time and we gave her a place that we owned sort of out in the country to live rent free for 6 months.. It went pretty well for first 3 years.. I haven't seen them in a while cause they moved to another town late last year.. Every time I go any where theres loads of Boys around that I check out Secretly cause I never travel alone I always have my brother or friend with me.. My last YF was my 17 yr old brother who's in Foster home cause when my Grandma Died last year they took him and wouldn't give him to us... So now I just look every where for a New YF but haven't found one yet and still looking... If See a boy in walmart or any where it's very Rare I don't see the Front of them Just gotta be in right place at right time .. My Area is swarmming with Boys of All AOA Not when I goto the Community Center for Swimming and Work out now thats a Different Story.


Re: Which do you prefer

Clothed 11 yr old Done seen a few Naked 16 yr olds. In RL



Re: Any Girl Lovers here?

well all of us GL BL lovers could get together and make one Not that hard really just takes lots of work. But I'm more BL then GL and no a few things bout GL



Re: The strangest place... (you have seen a boy naked)

I'd probally Say Wal-Mart kid bout 5 or 6 ran out of the Dressing rooms one year it was funny lol i'd run too if my mom was haveing me put on a stupid outfit that didn't look good..


Re: A beautiful boy in the park

LOL Awesome blame it on the dog stories best way to meet any new yf's if u have a dog and they take intrest in them then you know ur dog has good taste lol


That's a great story! I wish I could have seen this kid!

But my theory is some divine power was jealous of the eye candy you had so they had to fuck with you a bit.

(And yes I believe in a BL god )

Additional Information

  • Avid Computer Gamer, Plays World of Warcraft and Everquest
  • Has a Siberian dog named Lucifer or “Lucy”
  • Claims to be Bi-Sexual
  • His religion is Wiccan and Satanism
  • Spent time in the job corps in Dayton, Ohio
  • Volunteered at the YMCA when he was 15
  • Went to Lima Sr. High

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual and his contact with children, contact [email protected].

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