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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

zlurker AKA GL Meister
Age: late 30s
Occupation: Scientist
Location: New York, USA
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, BoyChat, VoA, Glorious Girls Blog, GSA Member
zlurker AKA GL meister is an out pedophile who frequents GirlChat and BlogSpot. He actively "dates" young children, making him a very dangerous man.

zlurker AKA GL meister is an out pedophile who frequents GirlChat and BlogSpot. He is also a member of BoyChat, presumably there to discuss activism since he is primarily attracted to little girls. Although he is not an active member, he does maintain a profile on a site called Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), a site for adults who engage in incestuous relationships. Apparently zlurker thought he would gain an ally by joining this group and comparing struggles in society, however, he was met with discord when he stated that he is attracted to toddlers as young as 2 years old. In addition to his extremely young AoA, he believes that age of consent laws should be repealed.

He is a former military man, who is married with children of his own. He spends quite a bit of time around children, and has been known to speak of his attractions to them in his blogs, even to the point of giving details. He also takes great pride in having won the trust of other parents who bring their children to playgrounds and sporting events/practices where he brings his own children. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this is that he admits to actively seeking "dates" with little girls.

In addition to having come out to his wife, he also outted himself to his best friend. Both were apparently understanding, with his best friend even allowing him to take his own young daughter out on a so-called date, alone. He claims to have had a "crush" on his friend's child for quite some time. His best friend's wife is unaware of his pedophilia and more specifically, his attraction to her daughter.



The following quotes include some very disturbing, explicit, subject matter. Reader discretion is strongly advised:

OK, over the weekend, I saw another girl less than 1.5 years-old who was very sexy!This one had kinda short hair, but I could have kissed and licked every square inch of her silky flesh. I like to lay in bed masturbating and thinking about having loving, non-abusive, consensual sex play with girls like this

I have never gotten down to 6 months, but I have had some great fantasies about 15-month-olds recently! Just last week I played briefly with a 18-month-old. She was cute (not stunning like the one I described here) and I got to hold her hand and arm a few times. Her skin was just so incredibly soft. I could have played with her for hours. Too bad her dad did not offer to let me give her her bath. That would have been fun.

All a 2-year-old little girl needs to do to turn me on is to be herself. She can laugh, eat, play, run around, climb over me as if I were a piece of gym equipment, ask me to carry her when she is tired, fall asleep in my arms... I could go on and on. Of course, the "turn-on" is mostly emotional, and only a little bit sexual.

I have an extensive collection of what I presume is legal child erotica. It sure gets me hard. I jerk off to it just about every day. I’d love to see some hard core stuff that was still nice and consensual. Kids will be willing to do it, and I think it should be legal, if they are willing, but I’m not going to jail over it!

Our Investigation[edit]

The investigation into this individual is ongoing; however, all information obtained to date has come directly from his posts in his blog and through his activities on pedophile related Websites.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • zlurker
  • GL meister

Known Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

New York

Additional Quotes[edit]

WARNING: The following quotes include some very disturbing, explicit, subject matter. Reader discretion is strongly advised:

Little "nubs", as I like to call them, are the finest breasts Mother Nature could ever give to a female. I think girls hit their peak of sexual desirability just as those breasts begin to "bud". The most beautiful breasts are those that are the size of half a walnut shell. (Or half a ping-pong ball).

I would like to see some toddlercon where all the sex is consensual

I visited a friend after dinner yesterday. He has a pool, and his kids, my kids, and other kids from their neighborhood were all there. One of the cutest girls there was this 6-year-old blond with that really, really light blond hair. She as wearing a bikini, one that was rather conservative for my tastes, but still a bikini. At one point she was on a swing, and I was sitting on part of the swing set right next to her. Every few swings the top of her suit would go a bit slack and I could see one of her nipples. I was making small talk with her while she was doing this, and she was telling me about what grade she was going into and how old she was when she learned to swing and all that.

I was with my children at a playground today, and who do I find there - the LG who hugged my legs earlier this month. She had a birthday, so he is actually 5-years-old now. She soon asks me to help her do some stuff on the climbing equipment that she cannot do on her own. So I end up helping her (and also my daughter) get on and off the high spots, climb ladders; hang from the high bars, etc. When she hangs from the bars I get a nice eye-level view of her exposed flat stomach and cute little belly button. I am on good terms with her parents, so her mom does not mind at all that I am lifting her and carrying her.

I regularly attend youth sporting events and practices.

It one such event, I routinely see and admire a beautiful young girl who is probably about eight or maybe nine years old. She is very much the "blonde ideal" — smooth, fair skin; long, silky blonde hair with what appear to be natural highlights; delicate facial features; and a slender body. She typically attends with one parent or the other.

Well, we have had our date. I arranged to take her out to a show and then for a bite to eat. When I picked her up, I hung around at my friends house for about 15 minutes. Though I am out to him (but not his wife) everything was completely normal. I had wondered if he was going to pull me aside and give me a "warning" but he did not.

We headed of to our show, which she and I both enjoyed. The show was good enough on its own, but the fact that my crush was sitting next to me for two hours made it that much better. A couple of times she briefly rested her head on my shoulder, which was really nice. At another point I leaned over to whisper something to her, put my hand on hers, and she grasped my hand and held on for about 30 seconds — that was great!

Later as we were refilling out bellies, we had great conversation. She is quite talkative, so my general shyness doesn't hold us up at all. Towards the end of our meal, without saying a word, she slides her plate over, and changes chairs so that instead of sitting across from me she was sitting next to me. She did not say why she did it, and I did not ask, but I was happy.

On the way taking her home, I asked her if she would like to do something else again in the future, and she gave an enthusiastic "yes" reply. Getting this "date" arranged took some effort. My wife knew of course, but allowed it because it did not take time away from the family, despite the fact that I spent 4.5 hours with my crush. I am already thinking of what we can do for our next outing...

A bigger question I have is how long can a "crush" continue before it is not a crush any longer, but something more? I have been calling her my "crush" for seven months now, and my feelings are the same now as they were seven months back. I think about her every day. I certainly love her, but should I really be saying that I am "in love" with her?


Yes, people (even other Girl Lovers) often have a very distorted view of what Nepis really would like to do with baby / toddler girls. I can understand how a nepi, as a fantasy, could think about having penetrative sex with baby / toddler girl. But I think the vast majority of nepi Girl Lovers really just want to hold, caress, kiss, snuggle, and physically love little baby / toddler girls — preferably naked ones

Sometimes. I have had a few fantasies where I am cuddling and caressing a girl at the very low end of my AoA and she accidentally pees or poops on me. In the fantasy we just have a laugh about it, clean it up, and go on with our fun.

I don't get into anything more than that. The whole eating / drinking / playing with the bodily waste thing is not for me.

As I sit here and browse GC this evening, I am feasting my eyes on no less than six very pretty tweens who are within 30 feet of me. Most are still sans bumps, though two, including a particularly striking brunette (Greek or Italian ancestry perhaps?) have started to develop.

Sadly, I am an outsider in this particular setting, which combined with my shyness trait, makes it unlikely that I will get a chance to actually talk to any of these girls this evening. Oh well, at least I already know when I will next get to see and play with Jen (my crush).

Seven more tweens just walked ten feet in front of me... oh, and one for the nepiophiles as well... about a year old, in her stroller, pink pants... A little young for me, but give her another year...

Tonight I was at the local playground with my children. I soon noticed two very cute little girls that I figured for about 6-years-old playing nearby, with no obvious adult supervision. (I later realized that mom was off in the distance keeping an eye on them and on their brother's baseball game at the same time.) Then I notice a 2-year-old, also very cute, in an adorable little summer dress, playing around the same area. I said "hello" to the older girls, and made some small talk about the playground. They were both quite outgoing, and were not shy at all about telling me about what they do on the playground, how old they were (5 and 6, in fact), and that they were sisters. Turns out the 2-year-old is also their younger sister.

At one point one of my daughters is on a swing, when the 2-year-old approaches the swing next to my daughter and tries to get on it. She also seems outgoing, and is in no time talking to me in her 2-year-old toddler talk about swinging. She almost, but could not quite get herself up, so quickly sizing up the situation, I decided that it would be zlurker to the rescue! I asked her if she wanted me to help her up, and she nodded, so I lifted her up on to the swing, and gave her a little push. It was heavenly to touch her just for that brief moment, and it is amazing how light they feel at that age.

Later, the 2-year-old was climbing on the playground equipment and I caught a brief glimpse at her bulging, peedrenched diaper. It looked like it was in danger of falling off any moment—I wish it had! laugh.gif Their mother was around by then, trying to organize them to go home. She and I exchanged friendly nods and smiles. The kind of nods and smiles that say "Yeah, I know how hard it is to drag three kids away from a playground when they are having fun".

It is all about circumstances. I do not know if she saw me lift her 2-year-old up on to the swing, but I am convinced that she would not have cared even if she did see me. So tonight, Friday, July 11, 2008, a Girl Lover, a man who is attracted to 2-year-old girls, made physical contact with a 2-year-old girl at a playground... and everyone was happy!

Additional Information[edit]

  • He's prior military, serving some time in Asia (branch of service and rank unknown).
  • He states that he first noticed he was "different" around the age of 12.
  • He thanks other pedophiles (Lindsay Ashford, jd420 and Markaba) for encouraging and supporting his coming out to his wife.
  • The work he does took him to the UK in the summer of 2006.
  • He might work in the medical field:

Earlier this week, my work took me to a medical center. Three of us (some on-the-job training was occurring) enter an occupied, but initially empty double room to check on some malfunctioning equipment.

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