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Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, are simply questions that are frequently asked on the Internet by n00bs. It is common knowledge that 99% of internet users don't actually ever read a website's FAQ page(s), rendering them as the Internet's equivalent to "WET PAINT" signs and labels on Oxycontin scripts that say "DO NOT CHEW OR CRUSH!". Most websites have an FAQ page full of stupid questions (and presumably stupid answers) the webmaster keeps getting asked and have given him a twist in his ball sack.

Common FAQs on ED[edit]

Not to be confused with FAG.

Avoiding Conflict[edit]

It's common practice for new users to forego logical methods of gaining knowledge in favor of either pestering other users, or, in far more lulzy and banhammer-worthy fashion, mailbombing admins for information readily available on site. To maintain your self-respect, attempt the following before bothering anyone else with your newfaggotry:

  • Find the FAQ on the sitemap. If you can't find it, try typing /FAQ after the domain, or opening your fucking eyes.
  • Lurk more and see what other people are doing. It's okay, you're going to end up stealing other people's ideas and reposting mudkips anyway.
  • Ask your mom. She's been around. Trust us.
  • Explore the site and its various functions. Learn by doing. Most things on the Internet are intuitive enough for people to figure out on their own.
  • Check the forums (if available) for a section related to user questions and issues. There's probably an existing thread out there already that covers your dumbass question. Don't ask it again in the "Post Dick Pictures Here" section.
  • If you really can't find the information anywhere else, then use the website's chain of command in contacting administrators. Contact the moderator before you call Bill Gates and ask him what The Game is. Your SysOps will thank you.

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