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Fag can refer to:

  1. Faggot
  2. Emos
  3. Anyone 0n not4chan
  4. Anyone who still uses 4Chan in the current year, 2018.
  5. AIDS victims
  6. A bundle of sticks
  7. A cigarette, in some cultures
  8. Anyone who gets pwn'd or recieves a 1up mushroom.
  9. A kind of meatball
  10. A regular on the ED IRC# Dani Faulk
  11. Persons born on the last thursday before last.
  12. theredskull
  13. Bigbadron
  14. Liberals
  15. A Maggot
  16. Chris Crocker (more like Chris Cocker, amirite?)
  17. Your mom
  18. Hinder
  19. Confession
  20. MrRepzion
  21. TheAmazingAtheist
  22. Anyone (STILL) with a myspace
  23. Bret Michaels
  24. Anyone with a LG
  25. Anyone you dissin'
  26. G00ns
  27. Ewoks
  28. Jesse Harrison
  29. Dr. Firecrotch
  30. Moby
  31. Disaster MB
  32. Juggalos
  33. George W. Bush
  34. Barack Obama
  35. Bush Voters
  36. Hillary Voters
  37. People who like it in their butt and have to make a big deal about it
  38. Elton John
  39. Stickkam users
  40. You
  41. High school Drama whores
  42. Australians
  44. Anyone who plays Runescape. period.
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