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Falcon Punch

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Captain Falcon saves Russia from the threat of aerial phallic assault.
Falcon Punch: The cure for PMS.

A Falcon Punch can be carried out by any individual with sufficient testicular fortitude, not just Captain Falcon. It has been long-established as the safest and most effective way to abort a teen pregnancy.

How To Falcon Punch[edit]

A successful Falcon Punch requires focusing mass amounts of pure pwn into one's fist, before hitting the target as hard as fucking possible - hopefully dislodging several vital organs along the way. The Falcon Punch is most often used to end the untimely pregnancy of a loved one in a humane manner, especially if the loved one happens to be under the age of sixteen. It is also used often to destroy idiots that are killing the internets, through a primitive, but effective text form.

Carrying out an IRL Falcon Punch is a simple procedure done in a few steps:

1. Pull fist back screaming: FARRUUKON...

2. Thrust fist forward while also screaming: ...PAAUUUUUUNNNCHI!!!!1

3. ????


Caution: Expect arm to catch fire in the shape of a bird if done correctly.

Example Videos[edit]

<center>The Anime</center>
<center>A Hypothetical Simulation of a Falcon Punch Collision</center>
<center>Falcon Punch VS Roundhouse Kick</center>
<center>Falcon Punching a Building</center>
<center>Ash Ketchum Version</center>
<center>Halo K.O.</center>
<center>Fallout Edition</center>
<center>Death Note Punch vs Kick</center>
<center>Lucas Getting Pwnched</center>

Falcon Gallery[edit]

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