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This sums up the community nicely. This person has admitted to making it, defeating the point of it being a "secret."

Just as normal bourgeois citizens confess their banal stories of lonely and failure to PostSecret, Otaku and Wapanese send their own, far more pathetic, tales to the Livejournal community fandomsecrets.

What is Fandom Secrets made of?

  • 28% of the secrets are about how two lesbians roleplaying yaoibuttsex fall in love with each other.
  • 12% consists of lesbians getting dumped by their yaoibuttsex RP girlfriends.
  • The rest are heart-wrenching confessions about how two characters in some anime thing didn't end up together, or how a character died and it made the poster cry for weeks, or something equally lame, or how someone wants to screw a character whose name they picked out of a hat for the lulz.

A Lonely Existence[edit]

... There are no words.

Every single post in there was written from the depths of a lightless basement on a keyboard sticky with crumbs, tears, and grease.

The comments for each posted secret are even worse, if such a thing is possible, and it has been established that each Moderator there is likely to be a cunty elitist asshole (scroll down) and possibly even bisexual. Very bisexual. This caused much Internet drama, Lulz and Wank. One of the mods and the resident pedo of the secret LB organization have even been rumored to be canon and were a very popular pairing at this OTP meme. But they're not actually a gay couple, since they're both just fangirls roleplaying yaoi because none of the boys in their high school will date them. Clearly an example of bad breeding and failure.

Unknown to most, although the community is supposedly run by three 16 year old girls, fandomsecrets is in fact run by a shady internet organization known as "LB." Any members that voice dissent about either the moderators' opinions or how the community is run are either quickly silenced, gangbanged into submission, or made offers they can't refuse. And by means of ridiculously vague "rules" regarding what secrets are and are not posted, this organization of drooling fangirls suppresses all secrets that might possibly go against the gay agenda.

Idiots are prone to calling it fandom_secrets when there really is no underscore. Putting in the underscore will take you to an even shittier copycat community that nobody joined but the mod's friends. It got changed to tv_secret once the mod realized how stupid they were for not checking before creating the community.

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[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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