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Fantendo Front Page Logo

Fantendo is a fanon wiki created by a bunch of basement dwellers whose primary hobby consists of jerking off to Nintendo games. It's filled with a bunch of losers and geeks who write fan fiction revolving around their favorite Nintendo franchises as well as nonexistent games that they pretend are "real".

The wiki was created by whoever the fuck made it, in 2000 something. It's main goal is to have users make their own games, characters and fanfiction for fellow no-lifes to read. The most common targets of fan fiction depicted are Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, and Star Fox.


Fantendo was started sometime in the late 2000s, created by somebody who was obviously bored out of his mind and hard pressed to obtain precious Lulz. However, it turned out to be a big hit and spawned a huge fan base. However, unfortunately, the majority of its users are giant fucking douchebags who criticize and mock their sperged out brethren, particularly n00bs.


A lot of it's users take their articles way too fucking seriously and actually pretend they are real projects and thus, are trolled easily.


Non-canon characters are often used in articles on Fantendo, the most popular being Koopa Children that should have aborted, such as one Koopa actually based on Lady Gaga.



Most fanfic is based on Nintendo games with a scant few originals. Many take the form of summaries, owing to the fact that the author's godlike talents are needed elsewhere. These tend to be composed of the same tired, generic shit, with the main character of their respective video games fighting in some nerd's fantasy.

Fan Games

Fan Games are another Fantendo wiki trend in which some loser actually invents, not creates, a game for a franchise with which they are obsessed with. They usually have a summary of the game's "story" and have galleries of obviously shooped pictures they found online. They also describe the game's controls and what consoles they where made for.

Popular Users


Exotoro (formerly Sorastitch)

Admin, likes to criticize others but can't take it. Sorastitch also makes art on Fantendo that people love or else they will be banned and kicked off the wiki. Plus he has depression, and seeing how his depression has lead to him almost giving up art because He feels his praises are empty. And adding to the fact that a majority of his blog posts has had him Express his depression and that he won't take anybody's help. He also became a tranny. I think it's safe to say that this page will contain an....


Possibly the most deserving of a good fuck. Ironically enough, she'd be tolerable if she weren't such a bitch. She is hated, even within this cluster-fuck.


Admin, Somebody who likes to troll users for the Lulz. Cobweb also creates music with his band. Nobody cares about his music because it's generic and bland.


A complete tranny asshole who trolls people for their opinions. Spark01 usually likes to go on other people's articles and trolls like fucking crazy because he can't write a good fanfiction. He also deleted any articles that while sucked, were still better written than his garbage. Fortunately, he got blocked in 2016.


Possible creator of Fantendo. Not much is known about him, besides of his being an up and coming video game critic who reviews games similar to another game critic. He has an Afro that everyone on the wiki seems to think is funny to worship.

Cloverfield Monster

Makes God-Awful Fan Games that don't even count as Failures. Cloverfield Monster is an unoriginal shit maker that constantly creates terrible fan games that are basically the same thing, over and over again without any since of Innovation. His love of action movies led him to make shitty rip-offs of said action movies, any explosion and he'll eat that shit up.


Admin and Possible Rapist. He's possibly the biggest douchebag on the site. Enuff' Said. He is no longer on the wiki, possibly because he realize everyone on there is turning him into a faggot.


Admin, proclaims that he would have sex with a Nintendo Character. Do you even want to know more about this sick fuck?


An annoying little fuck who likes to get into other people's business. Surprisingly, this one has a bit more back story than the other hacks. Dark Planet Pictures is the owner of a website called Earth Entertainment Studios that creates and produces multiple means of media. So far, the site is just a fucking rip-off of the already terrible That Guy with the Glasses site! He's also a disturbed fuck with anxiety, aspergers and diabetes. Needs to learn a lesson.

As of now, DarkPlanetPictures (Depp) has left Fantendo on a honorable note, after spending months of stalking people, harassing women and fan-fic, he will be missed.


A stupid little bitch in need of a good fuck. Just like Sora, Brochi is an artist, but this time, instead of creating art that people have to like or else they are banned, She makes art based on her love for the Legend of Zelda series and constantly creates art on She is also noted as being one of the few Fantendo users that has a vagina. It's also noted that she is Australian, and Asian descent. Hence explains why she's hypocrite. She also has an apparent fetish for emotes, particularly: "OuO UwU ;u; @[email protected] @[email protected] ;v;" Which if you think makes her more of a shallow whore, then you are correct.




A gay fucktard who makes a fanfic about Peach and Daisy having a fight which contains wedgies. He also makes terrible, godawful fanfic about almost anything!

Lulz Ensures: The Rise

Since his legendary arrival in 2012, Meme911 has made DOZENS of TERRIBLE AND CRAPPY fanfic based on Kirby, YoshiEgg Nook and Mario Galaxy. The fan ficiton was SO god awful, that even the users themselves shun them and trolls Meme911. Pretty ironic since their pages suck just as much. However, unlike everyone else, he's much MORE hated on Fantendo then any other user, even more hated than Cloverfield Monster, and you know you fucked up when your rated lower than fucking Clover!

All the hate began last thursday when Meme911 made his first blog post in which he begs people to make comments on his shitty Sugar Rush game. His next big disaster was with the creation of Spunten the Brother of Unten. This began the already falling respect for Meme as the creation of Spunten not only contradicts the entire canon of the game Meme's respecting. But the faggot actually said this:

With the reactions he got from the page, you'd think he'd have the idea to improve, right?

Popular Articles

  • Super Smash Bros. Movie - A fan-fiction that is a rip-off of the Avengers (2012 film) but with Nintendo Characters.
  • Majora's Mask 2: The Fierce Deity - Honestly could have been worse.
  • Nintendo Cinematic Universe - This is just sad, all horrible retelling of Nintendo Games.
  • Mario Kart 8 Wii U - Lame
  • Fantendo Funfair - Bullshit ripoff of Nintendo Land.

Fantendo Power

Fantendo Power was an online magazine created to pay homage to Nintendo Power. The magazine included reviews, interviews, original character art, and information on upcoming games. However, the magazine only produced 1 Issue and was canceled because everybody was so busy making their own articles that they forgot this existed.

Spamming of Trolls

Sometime in Fantendo's early years, n00bs would enter the site asking questions and at times giving negative feedback on some pages the wiki's veteran users would make. This caused the admins to get butthurt and proceed to block and spam the user in question. usually proclaiming them to be trolls.

They would also at times even troll the users themselves, often making them feel bad. Whenever a n00b would ask how something would work or how to create stuff like Headlines, the elder users would insult and/or criticize the user for great justice.


Pedobear's long lost brother?

Unten is a mascot created by Fantendo user Plumber in 2007. Unten was created as somebody's attempt at lulz, however it failed because he realized people liked it so much that they made Unten the mascot of Fantendo much to his dismay.

Unten is The last Beorn that first appeared in the article Fissure Fissure Fissure. Apparently he has the magical power to defeat Deities and nothing else because he's a waste of thought.


Unten looks very similar to the famous Pedobear, in that they are both bears created by a sad nerd's fantasy who tends to wave and have a strange desire to be with children. This has yet to be confirmed by Fantendo users.

Crossover Appearances

Unten appears in a very wide amount of Fantendo fan games such as the Fantendo Heroes series, Fantendo Smash Bros., Fantendo: Wasteland, Fantendo: Playing War, and Zelda: Ura Gaiden

Response to Encyclopedia Dramatica

On January 31st, 2013. Fantendo Admin, Cobweb, made a statement about both the Fantendo page and Encyclopedia Dramatica itself.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is essentially the troll version of Wikipedia. Wikipedia makes articles based on how notable the subjects are; ED makes articles based on how much they can offend the subjects or the subjects' fans.

The troll who made the article and posted it here was truly awful at what he was doing, normally capable of producing very minimal amounts of lulz. But thanks to the frenzied reactions of some users, he got what he wanted anyway. And some users thought it would be a good idea to complain about the page on ED, which is exactly what Christian Weston Chandler did, and we all know how that worked out. You've brought it to the attention of the wiki as a whole that the people on Fantendo get butthurt easily.

Thank you to those of you who did not get upset. To the rest of you: try to learn from this.


—Codweb - We love you to.

Other Responses

Also, ever since this page was made, multiple Faggots got together to try to "Get Revenge On Dramatica" in which Cobweb rightfully responded with "Are you fucking nuts?" acknowledging that Encyclopedia Dramatica is a god compared to them.

I also suggest looking at this list of other faggots attempts at "destroying" ED, such as:

and even Fantendo's lord and savoir, Cobweb, contributed to this clusterfuck of butthurt with RE: Fantendo has an ED article AND official wiki policy on trollfeeding. If you want to pay Cobweb and the rest of the community a little visit, then click here.




—The common response to a N00b

You IDIOT! Your such a friggin' IDIOT!


—That's mature, isn't it?

I don't actually know very many female video game characters I would actually want to "go out" with. I'd still have sex with them though.


—JesseRoo, Dude... Why?

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