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Fat Girl Angle Shot

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Dinna let your guard down laddies. The FGAS is a bloody ruse for these cock-famished abominations!.

What? This article does not need any more pictures of the ex girlfriend (or boyfriend?) who dumped your faggot ass, not at all.
You can help by not adding anything, especially not pictures of the ex girlfriend (or boyfriend?) who dumped your faggot ass.

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Fat girl angle shot is a title given to a photograph of a secretly fat girl with the camera looking slightly down from above to hide cheek chubbiness and chin multiplicity. Found in personal ads, LJ icons, etc. The most over the top symptom of those afflicted with internet disease.

Men can also use the fat girl angle shot in order to turn into an E-donis.

This technique is also occasionally referred to as the "LiveJournal head tilt", which we also see used on a variety of other social networking sites.. All these girls have, man, is just a bunch of misleading thumbnails.

See also BBWchan (where they want more than just a fat girl angle shot) and Hot or Not (where FGAS techniques are perfected).



A textbook case of the Fat Girl Angle Shot.

If you are fat and need to take a good-looking picture of yourself, basic camwhore rules apply: you have to use high contrast, wear copious amounts of makeup, etc. However, be certain that you take special precautions to hide your fat.

  • Never look down at the camera, as it emphasizes your double chin.
  • Always blast the contrast way up to mask your bad complexion, rolls, bedsores, et cetera.
  • Fuck up the quality. Everyone LOVES fuzzy pictures.
  • If you feel the audience is right (i.e. fat-sympathetic), you might want to include cleavage. However, never go below the boobs, because it's all disaster from there. Remember: if there's no full body shot, there's no proof you are fat!
  • Note: some say that if you have never posted a full body shot on the Internet, then you must be a fatty. This is true about 95% of the time. If you are not a fatty, pictures plz.

Prime Examples

Gallery of 'Before and After' Shots About missing Pics

FGAS + Cropping

FGAS plus Crop.jpg

Victims of the FGAS, and how to overcome the shame

Typically, victims of the FGAS wind up having sex with the fat girl in the picture, either because of hard liquor or their growing tired of fapping to the "Big Tits" series. Either way, after the deed is done (typically involving spelunking for a lost condom), the FGAS victim is ripe for ridicule and spirited jabs.

For the victim, there is a choice. They can either keep fucking fat chicks, or they can better themselves by learning the tells of the FGAS and avoiding such situations in the future. Such tips are:

  • In a top-down picture, are her thighs as big as her breasts? Then she's a fatty.
  • Does her upper arm skin fold over her forearm? Then she's a fatty.
  • Is there any quantity of empty SPAM cans or junk food containers in the background? Yep. Fatty.

Gallery of Whales

Gallery of Fat Girl Angle Shots About missing Pics

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