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...until he sucked a man's dick.
Felipe's forum. For people who never finished skewl.

felipeneto aka Felipe Neto Rodrigues Vieira aka 1lus1on or the Brazilian Smugfag is yet another YouTube vloging faggot attention whore with unusually high levels of unwarranted self-importance and teh gay. With a legion of faggot subscribers, Felipe is part of the YouTube Partnership Program, which allows you to make money from playbacks of your video. He also whores himself out all over twatter for twitter Jew Golds.


In late July, 2010, Felipe made it to twitter God tier, trending hard globally after he put up a JewTube panning America's darling Justin Bieber and Twilight (altho he secretly longs to be Edward himself).

Felipeneto On Twilight

Felipeneto On Diustin Biber

Too moonspeak; didn't watch? Brazilian Biebians (or Diustians) and Twilightfags went bonkers and started spamming up the twitterverse with twitter's equivalent of a Googlebomb by RT'ing CALA BOCA FELIPE NETO/SHUT UP FELIPE NETO and other shitposts. Since all the flaming was mostly in Brazilian moonspeak, most people in the civilised world had no idea what was going on but one intrepid twittard was kind enough to translate before tweeting:

Felipe Neto is a famous homosexual in Brazil that really wanted to be Edward



Then the YouTube responses started.


felipeneto is a midget and high school dropout.

Already in deep shit with 55chan over general faggotry and attention whoring, Mr. Neto went above and beyond the call of duty by releasing a vidya calling out trolls and suggesting that 4chan was to blame for stirring up the hæt directed at him via 55chan. Brazilfags were not havin' it so they started multiple threads on 55Chan calling for his head. Butthurt ensued and for the first time evar, /brazil/tards came to ED for great justice. Or something like that. ED is confirmed for brawl.

The Faggot[edit]

Felipe is a wannabe actor/model and vlogger who rants and raves about trolls and Twilight to his adoring fans which somehow number over 100,000. He fancies himself an Internet celebrity and gets all his ideas from talking to his dog Lucifer. Being a flaming Spic. Felipe is also gay for Bridget m00t and thus a constant target of 55chan. He is also 1337 at flash.

In His Own Words[edit]

Maybe you do not know, maybe yes. Being here, at this very moment, it means that somehow, an interest was created for you to know who is behind the words written in this blog. Or, perhaps, by the accumulation of coincidences that is our existence, perhaps you even do that or the idea of who is reading.

In one form of another, there is only one truth: I am the person behind this blog. Well, actually one of the people, since Marcel is also an author. But speaking of blog, I believe the "I" to be presented here is one more set than just the individual.

I am a mixture of thoughts, which invariably end up turning into written words, aligned in formats of texts that are published here. If I am are crazy, stupid, smart or any adjective, it depends on each one to go through my publications, after all, I am not the result of what I think about me but a reflection of what each one plays on my thoughts. So following the logic cliche: I'm what you conclude, but I ask that never subject to a single interpretation, as well as I change every moment, you may discover a new truth.

I do not like when I think as an intellectual. My little old (01/1988) and endless transformations only make me a pseudo for now. Can I find I'm right when I'm wrong, so how can I be sure that you are wrong when they're right. The grace of this blog is that it does not deal with fairness in life, but with opinions. You hardly see me on the fence on any issue and, obviously, tend to choose a position always entail the risk of being wrong. You may agree, may disagree, but let's always worth the premise that no matter the subject, we will always have available a multitude of answers.

Ah yes, why the hell am I making faces? I believe it is a bumbling attempt to show that I have different faces for different subjects. Except that when I'm squinting, there is just to show I'm half retarded, really.

For the more personal side, I am of Portuguese family, there behind the hills, where I discovered the true flavor of the wine and cod. Traveling is probably the activity that causes me more happiness, especially when I go to some paradise with just a right amount of reading and chat. Moreover, since we play in books, I can proudly say that I am fascinated by them, always, at any moment.

Finally, it could not say: I am a great student of the aspects of life such as politics, religion, science, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and any other aspect that might arouse my interest. After all, the issues are show

The Faggotry (Moonspeak)[edit]


Expressions3.jpg Expressions2.jpg Expressions1.jpg

Things That Felipeneto Hætes[edit]

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