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With a nose like that, I'd resent men, too.

Feminist Software Foundation is a group effort by trolls pretending to be feminazis developing non-normative alternative programming paradigms.

Often seen shilling/trolling/posting on 4chan's /g/, the FSF are working on the first feminist programming language, C+= or “C-Plus-Equality.” Concerned /pol/acks and /g/entoomen began working together to create the fake language “C+=” when a feminazi called for a feminist and misandry-enabling programming language. Yes, it's a language for ladies— so they can feeeeeeel programs into existence, rather than submit to the oppressive Patriarchy's "silencing" tactics (namely, requiring that you open your sophisticated interactive development environment and just write some fucking code).

Incidentally, C+= is not actually a programming language at all and only consists of several C++ definitions (much like a certain other language). What this means is C+= cannot exist on its own and lives only on the back of the patriarchy, much like feminism itself.

In the scope of my research, a feminist programming language is to be built around a non-normative paradigm that represents alternative ways of abstracting. The intent is to encourage and allow new ways of thinking about problems such that we can code using a feminist ideology.


—[Because programming languages are the perfect way to promote a political ideology. Similarly suited to the task: arithmetic, shoes, and the Sun.]

As a student of Technology and Social Change, I am currently exploring what a feminist programing language would look like for my thesis. Technology and Social Change an interdisciplinary degree that combines computer science with the humanities so that technology can interpreted and created through a socially conscious, interdisciplinary lens. Some projects I have been involved with are FemTechNet, WikiStorming, and research regarding teaching kids computer science. I am interested in women in technology, feminism, and computer science.


Asking for it.

Attributes of C-Plus Equality[edit]

Typical C+= Program

C+= is a strong-typed, high-level programming language that draws many of its influences from the variety of complex emotions women have that men will never get to feel. I'll attempt to keep this explanation in layman terms for those gender-normative gay-closeted heteromen out there attempting to grasp this incredibly profound and new-era-defining language.

The entry-point of the program—the area where the program must start—is always womain, as main is classist oppression. The language itself relies on nearly no constant values, but rather a massive jumble of random arbitrary numbers which ultimately end in the program screaming for gender equality.

In short, C+= can accurately program a female mind.

Example of the well known "Hello world run by men!" script:

#include <ioscream.rape>
cunt <3 "Hello world run by men!";
return 0 equality;

Status of C-Plus Equality[edit]


The FSF isn't all talk— instead of just shilling on /g/, they are actually working on C+=. They have a logo, which is apparently enough for them to shill for donations (In Bitcoins, pending the release of the new patriarchy-smashing Femcoin) too.

The Final Goal of C-Plus Equality[edit]

To create an "undo rape" function. Unfortunately this goal is impossible as no feminist has ever actually been raped.

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