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I suck dick for money.


—FilthyWhore - 26 Oct 2006

FilthyWhore is a filthy whore...Yay!
You Go Filthy!
Sellin it like its going out of style
Renetto meets his biggest fan
Jacci IRL
Jacci about to eat a small child.

Jacci, as she is known to her customers, is a 22-year-old woman who is always on the look out for new ways to turn the attentions of her subscribers into cold hard cash so that she can feed her addiction to the Internets and feed her face at the same time, all without ever having to leave her flat.

Her Internets ID, "FilthyWhore", started out as a joke among her friends because of the way that she used to have sex with people for money, and, according to Jacci, it just stuck.

FilthyWhore's "EmoGirl21Toronto" video managed to get on the YouTube website's most viewed pages, (during the time before Azns had learnt how to spam their fucktard anime video's page-view-counters), instantly making her an efamous personality amongst the twenty other attention-whores on the site at the time.

How she is different[edit]

Most of the attention-whores on YouTube (male and female) make a big deal about being different from the thousands of other professional cam-whores on the Internets because they keep some of their clothes on. The real difference is that cam-whores earn their money by putting in 8-12 hour days, 5 days a week, whereas YouTube attention-whores make a 3 minute video bitching about how poor they are and hope a few insane/lonely/retarded suckers send them some cash.

Inspired by ParisHilton (a fellow YouTuber), FilthyWhore managed to steal a march on all the other YouTube attention-whores by publishing her noods on the Internets. This brought her thousands more subscribers (the YouTube currency). In order to keep up with FilthyWhore the other YouTube attention-whores either had to drop their pants too, or try and tear Jacci back down by throwing a hissy fit about how immoral and underhanded her tactics were.

Emmalina originally rose to the challange by publishing her noods on the Internets too and was rewarded with a huge boost to her Honorz. Before every other attention-whore on the site could start flashing like it was Mardi Gras, YouTube super-troll LittleLoca made a video pointing out how fat FilthyWhore looked in the photos. This little three-letter-word, FAT, managed to kill the entire YouTube noods publishing movement stone dead, as all the YouTube attention-whores were secretly fat, even the thin ones.

This off course left Emmalina's boney ass literally hanging out in the breeze and she was unsure of whose example to follow, so she claimed her noods had been stolen and that she was only 17 years old when they had been taken and that fapping to her loli photos that she had illegally made was illegal. She also said that her bank account number had been stolen by haxorz and that depositing money in this bank account, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx, without her knowledge was probably illegal too, especially after fapping to her loli pics.

FilthyWhore is currently the 86th Most Subscribed member of YouTube and is likely to keep her high Honorz until an even greater number of professional cam-whore companies than are already on YouTube eventually move in and take over completely.

Filthy whore lights her Farts!!!!

FilthyWhore Trivia[edit]

  • At one point, FilthyWhore was the most subscribed-to member of YouTube.
  • FilthyWhore was a former contributor to failed Internet promotions site Riffagedotcom.
  • In the past, FilthyWhore was best buddies with YouTube auto-refresher cheats The Ska Brothers
  • FilthyWhore is a cousin of Bridget

Related Videos[edit]

Renetto and FilthyWhore get drunk and tell each other lies

This was a video of Renetto and FilthyWhore meeting up at a Chilli's diner. Other than the staff getting freaked out by what they instantly recognised as a pimp and his ho making an intro for a hardcore porno (seen one, seen em all), nothing interesting happened.

YouTube Favicon.png FilthyWhore EXPOSED at Chilli's! (Part 1) - From Renetto -

HellionExciter Wants FilthyWhore[edit]

Apparently HellionExciter was the only guy who on YouTube who had never checked out FilthyWhore's noods and, not content with a quick fap, he wanted the real thing.

YouTube Favicon.png The Bachelor Party and I fall in love on YouTube - From HellionExciter - 26 Feb 2007




FilthyWhore made a video of herself kissing her boyfriend after Hellion posted his video. People debated whether HellionExciter was out of luck or her boyfriend was out of luck.

FilthyWhore's Role model

YouTube Favicon.png U whore - Family Guy - From pantherxc- 10 Oct 2006

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