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New York
Another of history's great "fixed it for you".

The expression "Fixed" (alternatively: fxt, FXT, fixt, or Fix'D on Gamefaqs) is netspeak/chanspeak used primarily as sarcastic "helpful" advice to indicate that the quoted poster is a complete moron and/or is otherwise doing it wrong. In some cases the edit will have been transformed into an insult at the n00b, but it is possible that there are still kind people left on the internets. However, it's less likely than you might think.

Fixed or fixt are both common edit summaries on Encyclopedia Dramatica, usually referring to one fixing broken templates, or buggy code on a page, etc.

ED Style[edit]

ITP: Crazyconan was doing it wrong. ODB fixed it. Fail was narrowly avoided. Conan was forgiven for his actions.

/b/ Style[edit]


"Creative" use of the reductive ALLCAPS variant.

/mu/ Style[edit]

There's a Music label/multi-label Indie distribution agency called FiXT that features a lot of DDR-esque music, oldfag Industrial musicians, and slight Mac-fapping that was created literally because the creator of said label, Celldweller founder Klay Scott, would call his music/production shit "FiXT" when finished.

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