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Foetus soup (or Fetus, in American Retardese) is a rare delicacy which originated at least 100 years ago in Vietnam, China or some other Asian country. Foetus soup is the only reason Tom Cruise goes to Asia.

Ingredients & Preparation[edit]

To prepare the perfect bowl of foetus soup, you will require the following:

  • At least one pregnant female
  • One wire coathanger
  • Being a sickfuck
  • Some vegetables
  • Some herbs and spices
  • Asian ancestry

Firstly, procure the foetus from the female. It is best to use a coathanger for this, as the standard vacuum-and-grind method of extracting the foetus will mangle it and render it useless for eating. An alternate, should you not have a coathanger, is by using a falcon punch. You may now discard the empty female.

There is no need to gut the foetus. Place it in a bowl of cold water, and add the vegetables. Next, season with your herbs, salt and pepper, and mix well.

Bring to the boil and let it simmer gently for one hour. The resulting broth with chunks of dead baby may now be consumed at your leisure, either hot or cold.

Other Oriental cuisine[edit]


Foetus soup was brought to the internets by Colin, who is noted for eating various fucked up things, not least haggis and baby seal.

Foetus soup also happens to be moot's favorite soup whenever he is Brb, soup.


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