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Jack, Ronald, Rocky, The King and The Colonel feed it to Wendy.

With television ratings in the crapper, advertisers are currently hard at work trying to virally market their shit products with forced memes tied in to dedicated websites in the hope that the likes of /b/ will pick-up on such wacky 'characters' and spread them IRL like morons did the Budweisser Wassup!!! commercial:

The old Wendy's gem Where's the beef? was used by Reagan to tow the mindless television zombies into voting for him.

A 90s favorite, the "Got Milk?" commercials have spun off the most imitations.

Some are actually lulzy and cross over into Internets meme-dom, but most FAIL IT hard. Also, since /b/tards are either broke or cheap fucks, the likelihood of these forced TV memes turning into Jew golds is slim to none.

Forced EPIC Win[edit]

Old Spice Guy[edit]

In response to Anon's comments, Old Spice Guy is now a meme

The Most Interesting Man In The World[edit]

See also: Dos Equis

Project Mayhem[edit]

Failed Force[edit]

Tony Sinclair[edit]

Dancing Owen[edit]

  • Note this wasn't it's main point of popularity despite the amount of views.

Messin' With Sasquatch[edit]

Bill Kurtis[edit]

No faggy site yet but he's Bill Kurtis and he's just found the Internet.


GEICO Ringtone[edit]


Forced Shit[edit]

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