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Oldest (and happiest looking) foxconn worker ever discovered

Foxconn is a child slave labor camp obviously named by furfags, owned by crapple and its non-existent investors. It is best known for making shitty useless products used by brainwashed Hipsters who don't understand how to use a real computer.

Child Labor[edit]

"Umm. No. We aren't affiliated with that"

Foxconn hires slanted eye children to do hardcore labour when working at their factory. The children that behave excellently and above average get a generous slice of gum for every 5 hours of worshiping The Forbidden Apple and giving rectum massages to the Steve Jobs action figures they secretly manufacture. Even though every child that works at Foxconn is totally asking for it, some of the employees don't appreciate the fair, humane, and completely acceptable behavior Foxconn continuously shows towards their 6 year-old employees. They usually get fired after the first or second time complaining about it.

Average Foxconn Employee after growing too old to work at Foxconn

This will be your new god


Relaxed Work Experience[edit]

If you ask anyone who knows anything about Foxconn, they will surely tell you the great and easy, relaxed working condition kids get to work in at the "factory". Working conditions are so relaxed, so at least 100 kids commit suicide every year from working hard to produce the shitty iDevices so loved by the hipster and liberal faggots who spend all their time whining about the poor working environment when them buying apples shit merely perpetuates the whole situation. Ironic right?

High Quality Products[edit]

Foxconn is known for making the shittiest products of all time. amongst other things thy are responsible for making the iPod, iPad the iPhone, the iHigh voltage neural manipulator which apple use to keep the fanbois coming back and the iCoffin that Steve jobs was buried in in.

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