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Der Furryher in the fursuit

Foxler Nightfire (also known as starfoxACEFOX, real name Lee Allen Miller) is a furfag and high school dropout who took his Nazi fur fetish a bit further than most. Foxler is a proud Neo-Nazi who established a group of fellow alt-right furries called the Furry Raiders, with their main activities consisting of reciting their favorite quotes of Mein Kampf and The Turner Diaries during their degenerate yiff parties. The irony inherent in the existence of the "Furry Raiders" is that if any of them had lived in Nazi Germany they would've been recognized as the sexual deviants they are and get sent to the gas chambers right along side the kikes.

But is he really a Nazi? (Yes)[edit]

Foxler does not try to hide his lust for Nazi dick. He has performed a Nazi salute in fursuit for a photograph, paid money to join a Neo-Nazi group, discussed his hatred for niggers, stated that he would attend a KKK rally, said "I stand with Hitler", and referred to himself as "Foxler the Hitler of Furry Fandom". Foxler has also tried to associate himself with the alt-right, which should make any respectable Neo-Nazi weep for the future of the white race.

When called out for his blatant attempts at being an edgy white supremacist however, Foxler tries his best to say he's not a real Nazi, and that his actions are just trolling for the lulz.

Foxler admits he made these comments but tells me he was just "trolling".


Foxler being too much of a pussy to admit he's a Nazi

Interestingly, Foxler has admitted that he is half Asian and has dated a black man at one point. If he is a troll like he claims and not an actual Neo-Nazi, then as detailed above, the mongoloid financially supported a group that would happily put him into a camp if they ever got into power. Troll or not, Foxler comes across as incredibly stupid.

Additional degeneracy[edit]

Foxler being a degenerate.

To no-one's surprise, Foxler is degenerate in more ways than just his furry fetish. In 2005, Foxler posted a LiveJournal entry admitting to knowingly engaging in cybersex with a minor. In 2011, Foxler was accused of attempting to convince another teen to run away from her parents, plying her by sending her money and a puppy.

Foxler has been accused of committing bestiality, although this is normal for furries. In addition to admitting to wanting to have sex with dogs, he has claimed that his dogs are "sexual beings" and has described french kissing a puppy. He had an account on Beast Forum, but it has since been banned.

Subsequent Asshurt[edit]

Since the controversy about him broke, Furry Hitler has tried to get the above information removed from the WikiFur page about him, citing "defamation" laws and fearing for his "personal safety". Given that nobody has actually been murdered after being doxed (something that every asspained faggot on the internet thinks will happen to them), his reasons are a load of horseshit. Or, should we say "foxshit".

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