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Fraps is stuck in 2009.
Nobody's going to pay $37.00 for this shit.

Fraps is a shittily-coded desktop application that allows you to stream "high quality" video footage of your vidya games. Considering that you need a super computer to run the program at max settings, most people are forced to run Fraps a half-size, drastically reducing the quality of the video feed. Fraps slows down your FPS drastically while recording because the program is just so unstable; this applies even if you own a high-end gaming PC. There's a free version, as well as a paid version for $37.00 that nobody wastes their money on, considering that you can get the full version for free off ThePirateBay. If you download the free version, you're left with a shitty Fraps watermark on the top of your screen, but the only people affected by this are people who don't know what a software crack is.

Fraps also has a built in microphone, but the quality of the voice recordings is total shit; you might as well buy an actual microphone at your local fucking electronics store because you'll likely have better luck with that than you would with Fraps.

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