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From 1999 to 2004, Fredryk Phox released a series of videos -- prior to the explosion of YouTube and other flash-video sites -- promoted using his LiveJournal [1]. He quickly became something of a celebrity on the intarwebs due to the popularity of the videos posted on ebaumsworld and AlbinoBlackSheep. His relationship with ebaumsworld soured quickly due to Bauman's over-acquisitive nature and prompted a series of mini-films portraying Bauman (probably accurately) as a mouth-breathing headcase.


Early Videos

The first few video clips of Fredryk Phox are drenched in seemingly anti-fur sentiment, wigger antics such as lip-synching to shitty rap songs, and an unhealthy obsession with the word "faggot".

The ebaumsworld video

The AlbinoBlackSheep video

Courage: The Anti-Fur

Fredryk vs. Eric Bauman

Fredryk found out that ebaumsworld was hosting his other videos and some other Flash animations he had been working on. While initially surprised by the discovery that Eric Bauman stole indiscriminately from others, rather than whining about it, Fredryk began a series of mockumentaries that put forward the hypothesis that perhaps Eric Bauman was somewhat impaired in ways other than the ethical sense. While Bauman's response is unknown, one can assume it would be indecipherable.

Curent Projects

After failing at making a drug war movie due to a hard drive crash, Fred decided to start The Animated Series.

It's not done yet, but he'll surely abort this project too like he's done with everything else he's applied his crappy art skills.

Fredryk = Furry?! ZOMG

While some of his videos mock furfag culture, the sad truth is that Fredryk Phox is a furry. According to an Urban Dictionary entry:

He's an average guy that attends furry conventions here and there (I personally met him at Rocket City Fur Meet, and he has intentions of getting to AnthroCon).


—"Kamunou Hyena", defining the urban term "Fredryk Phox"

He has many fox plushies in every video. He has also drawn his fursona being fucked by various other furry faggots.


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