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One who adds everyone they have ever been within 12 km of to their Friends List on Facebook, LiveJournal, Friendster, MySpace, and other social networking web sites. Almost exclusively girls, they will not rest until they are friends with every fucking person on the internet.

Certain types of Friend Whores include cheap whores who will try to have cybersex with anyone giving them attention. This type of whore is also known as a slut. These girls are usually easy and have over 9000 friends who they have never met before.

Trolling Friend Whores[edit]

Friend whores will add anybody, and check their MySpace at least 100 times a day, so you can send a friend request to a friend whore and have it be approved within hours. Then goatse and shittingdicknipples can be spammed with epic lulz.

Not to be confused with friends only, although the two are not mutually exclusive.

Typical Behavior[edit]

Friendwhore's have strange habbit of sharing everything on their Facebook/MySpace accounts and this literally means FUCKING EVERYTHING. They also update their status every 5 minutes and have gallery of over 9000 pictures, including wide collection of fat girl angle shots, kittens, puppies and group shots with their IRL friends. (Read: random people they have never met before, who have accidentally stumbled/forced in the pictures) They also comment on every fucking thing that's been posted by other people.

Outside the interwebz, they are usually known as the slutty girls with way too much makeup and who constantly gossip about other people.

PRO TIP: Avoid any and all contact with these girls, for they are most likely to become pregnant and/or almost raped

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