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We watch it for the plot

Fritz the Cat is an American animated furfag film made before the internets were invented. This film is both the debut and career poison of director Ralph Bakshi, who would later go on to molest little children at petting zoos.

The movie is about Fritz, a 2deep4u furfag that rapes women because he can, blows shit up, and gets a bunch of niggers bombed by the military. No, seriously. If he wasn't a furfag he would be awesome. The film tries to be "satire" in the same sense that ED tries to be satire when talking about Scientology, and features a mess of unnecessary nudity, racism, and drug use as a result of this (AWESOME!), and became the first X rated animated film (non-Americunt translation: it's legally rated pron). It focuses on Fritz, a furry in pre-internets NYC who explores the ideals of yiffing and being an absolute shitbag. Oh, and this movie also somehow made a fuck ton of money (despite it's release being limited) because the world is full of sick fucks who secretly enjoy bestiality.


Something for everyone.

The film opens up with some construction workers talking about shit that nobody cares about, when suddenly one of them starts pissing on pedestrians below. Charming. Afterwards, we're greeted with a lovely New York park, where Fritz and his fursona friends show up with guitars in an attempt to meet girls, all in vain as the women in the park would rather try to get big black dick inside of them. No, seriously.

Fritz, upon realizing that niggers don't really care for SJWs like the dumb sluts in the park, decides to act intellectual and ramble cult-like bullshit so that the whores will follow a complete stranger into his bathroom to have a drug-enhanced orgy. Hey, nobody ever said women were smart. Things get out of hand at the party as the dirty stinking hippies catch the attention of the cops, which are literal pigs in human clothing. Get it? Fritz starts tripping out from toilet water and shoots some plumbing, causing the apartment to flood and carry with it the naked furries into the public, where they don't belong. The police, unhappy with furfag yiff material as much as the audience, chase Fritz into a Jewish sanctuary. No, not a bank or Isreal, a silly little temple. He escapes after a decision that would make /pol/ shit itself, the US giving free things to the greedy Jews. Of course, the lack of police brutality in this scene makes the audience question if this is really in 'Merica or not. Fritz decides that this isn't cool enough for him so he drops out of college like a real winnar, but not before lighting the college on fire because he's a fucking idiot.

Now committing several felonies, Fritz runs to the ghetto to hang out with niggers. Like Eminem, he blends into their culture, raping their women, promoting violence, stealing things, and being a racist piece of shit. Yep, full blown nigger. He then tries to fuck a black woman against her will after doing some dank weed, yo. Feeling the jungle fever course through his veins, Fritz starts a race riot in the ghetto. Niggers start sniping cops, cops start lighting niggers on fire, and a lot of animation is re-used. Fritz realizes that he is not a nigger and leaves just before the military is called in to airstrike the dreaded nigger habitat while Mickey Mouse cheers them on. No, seriously.

Fritz meets up with a fuckbuddy of his, a total feminist bitch might I add, and the two of them decide to flee the scene before the cops haul Fritz off to jail for some quality playtime with Bubba. We're treated to some shitty 60's music while the two drive past a bunch of random shit all toward the motherland of college libtards that happen to be horrible people: California. Unfortunately, the two run out of gas and Winston, the fuckbuddy, decides to bitch at Fritz for her forgetting to fill the gas in her car. She gives Fritz a bucket to put gasoline in. Fritz decides that a bitch isn't worth it, and leaves Winston on the road to either be raped by truckers or killed by vultures and, like a dumbass, wonders off into the desert. Suddenly, deus ex machina in the form of a drug-addicted Nazi rabbit and his obese horse girlfriend rescue Fritz from the desert and adopt him into a little revolution cult. They take him in and talk about revolution, which Fritz agrees with because of his race riot bullshit from earlier, and two of the cult members suddenly rape the horse for no reason. Fritz sits there during the whole assault and does nothing but say "Hey guys, that's not cool" like the true slacktivist he is. Fritz cum-farts comforts the horse afterwords.

Fritz follows through the cult leader's plan to blow up a power plant up unto he's handed dynamite. He then starts on a monologue and suddenly realizes that he doesn't want to blow up the power plant, all while planting the dynamite and not doing anything as the fuse on it burns.

After the explosion stock footage, we're treated to the whores from the beginning trying to visit Fritz in a hospital. The horse, dressed as a monk, gets the three whores into Fritz' hospital room, where the gang starts engaging in an orgy, complete with lesbian furries, fat furry, and Fritz rimming another cat. The End.

Legacy and Internet Relevance[edit]

But cats have 8 nipples...

Surprisingly, a 1960's indie film can have a lot of interwebs relevance when it appeals to the absolute worse of everybody on the internet. Furfags can't let shit shit die because of the animal penis in it (why, even one furfag admin saved this article from destruction so that he could jack off to the gallery). Edgelord 13 year old boys like the senseless violence and nudity in the film, and love to see cartoon pigs getting their brains blown out by angry niggers and the rampant cat-tits. Niggers find kin in the crows, forming bonds with the not-racist crows and forming relations with them. Intellectuals like Fritz' counter-culture ramblings because senseless liberal bullshit never gets old in Hollywood, and a character that destroys numerous lives around him (including his own) is somehow smart if he spouts off some anti-establishment bullshit. Basically, everyone that's a horrible person can find something to like in this film, and it warranted enough cash to make a sequel.

This leads to the question of how is it internet relevant. Well, you have something with naked animals accessible from the same machine that you can use to access DeviantArt. The connection is obvious. In fact, some argue that Fritz was one of the reasons why we have furfags today.


<center>Around blacks, NEVER relax.</center>
<center>Arbcom: the furfag edition</center>
<center>How Tumblr expects to get laid.</center>
<center>Admit it, you fapped to the horse bitch.</center>


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