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Frosted butts in action.
Explain this, science!

How does a /b/tard know what frosted butts is? ¯\(σ_ο)/¯

The Meaning Behind "Frosted Butts"[edit]

Scholars are currently in deep debate as to the sociopolitical and religious meanings associated with Frosted Butts. While some claim it is a message from some greater power, most believe it is some upcoming cereal brand. Regardless, rampant speculation continues as we see both an increase in Frosted Butts sightings as well as a decrease in national math aptitudes. Some go so far as to suggest that in the future, the SAT and ACT will cease to feature a "Mathematics" section of their tests, instead requiring test-takers to demonstrate their knowledge of Frosted Butts. On the day that Frosted Butts becomes as widely-known and loved as Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs, we will know that it is the end-times.

The Truth Behind the Mystery[edit]

Actually, faggots are apparently too busy touching their dicks to realize Frosted Butts originally came from the 90's Cartoon Network show Cow and Chicken. Ironically, only faggots watched Cow and Chicken, thus once again proving that everyone on the planet is a homo.

The Falsehood Behind the Truth Behind the Mystery[edit]

According to a reputable source, Cow & Chicken showcased not Frosted Butts, but Sugar Frosted Weenies. Clearly, those are not the same thing, ergo OP is a faggot.

Who Really Gives a Shit, Though?[edit]

Apparently these idiots care, but in the end, no one of importance cares what Frosted Butts is or are. This is just another crazy Internet fad/meme that will be misquoted in a week, remembered only in passing in a month, and forgotten by the time you finish this sentence. Regardless, it's just as good as a combo breaker, and more funny. Lulz are emitted when a Frosted Butt is posted, so poast moar!


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