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If you don't think this is funny, You're a homo.
According to Google, this is the funniest picture EVAR!!!
Image macros can sometimes be funny, but usually suck balls.
TL;DR reduces the Good Joke:Word Count Ratio and therefore funniness.

What is funny? Strangely enough, the closest definition we have for funny is this:

"Funny" is defined as "that which is not unfunny".
"Funny" is something that you are probably not, and have proven multiple times in your life leaving you a virgin. Only a few people in the world are actually funny, and editing articles on ED didn't get them there. Below are some things actual funny people tend to joke about, and don't bother trying them, it wont make your mother or anyone else love you. This article is not funny, it is serious.

There are those who believe that there are things that are neither "funny" or "unfunny", but those people are unfunny and therefore do not count.

List of Things That Are Funny[edit]

List of Things That Are Not Funny[edit]

Moar info: unfunny.
note: however, you getting banned is also funny.

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