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Furtopia is a furry webhosting community owned by Gene Angel (WhiteShepherd) and has existed in part or in whole since 1998. The website itself hosts a variety of crap, including an IRC Server, MUCK server, forum, paintchat, and various other shit like a radio show.


The Furtopia forums cover many aspects of a furfag's life within the furry fandom. Various ares include:

  • "Lifesylers" - The furfags that claim to be wolves and want to end up being like stalking cat in a few years. Home to the many "Do you wish you were an anthro" topics.
  • "Furries on Furry" - Where furfags talk about what furry means to them. Also home to many "Are you in the furry closet" and "is it okay to have a dozen murrrsonas?"

Kathera Lockharte also has her little area in the Art section.

The Night of Goatse[edit]

Furtopia's forums had many flaws besides the fact that IT WAS A FORUM FOR FURRIES. There were a few very large security flaws with the system as well, apparently running on a 5-year old version of their forum software. Essentially, the security hadn't been updated in half a decade.

One of the few awesome trolls within the furry fandom exploited this. supercutefurri decided to single-handedly destroy the forum in all it's entirety simply for the lulz.

99.9% of the entire attaxx and database zipzip happened the Night of Goatse. this was BEFORE the very first that LOLFurries ever heard of it. it was already GREAT SUCCESS before *anyone* could do a thing about it. well that's not exactly true, since it was a FIVE-YEAR-OLD SECURITY FLAW with FIVE-YEAR-OLD PUBLISHED PATCHES AND UPDATES running on a server COMPLETELY WIDE OPEN WITH NO PROPER OS ACCOUNT OR DATABASE RESTRICTIONS. lol you guys yall c'mon now it wasn't even a good hax0r. asking for it, perhaps? you should be glad it wasn't someone who actually hated you :P.


supercutefurri on [1]

The entire situation led to the entire Furtopia community to place blame on LOLfurries until WhiteShepherd could point out who was to blame.


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