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Behold the glory of his latest YouTube channel.
His OC Chrissie (or Chrissy).

On October 25, 2012, LIAT ban evading YouTube as always, created YouTube channel FuturisticHub to blend in with the current generation crowd and make horrible Minecraft porn videos with his new partner-in-crime Marko Princip. And as always, The Grandfather of Cringeworthy Minecraft Porn himself uses bots to increase his subscribers and views to cheat his way to his beloved YouTube jew gold. He still threatens anyone accusing him until Marko gets involved and pretends to be civil with users to get away with trouble by lying his ass off. He and Marko also weaselly stolen the YouTube channel videogames from Brandon Keating and David "Ty" Moss, and has a huge grudge against DJ Keemstar by making Minecraft revenge porn and stealing his #DramaAlert idea as #DramaHub.

It was a good start to scam their way to fame. Until the time passes...

$20 Million Lawsuit Lost & The Missing LIAT Stories[edit]

Good morning lovelies. I am FuturisticHub and I am going to sue you for making fun of me.
No exceptions.

In April 4th, 2016, miracles do happen. MrRepzion video blogged about the full story and latest failure that happen to Dennis The Menace himself. As usual LifeInATent goes into his daily shitstorm against Repzion with butthurt faggotry death threats. What people didn't know that LIAT is a sick fuck, posting and jacking to a photo of Repzion's 1-year-old nephew and demand strangers to break into his nephew's home and rape him up the ass. Repzion was a pussy to not explain what's happening between him and LIAT due to LIAT's blackmail.

But now Repzion is free to explain what really happen between the two because Repzion is proud to report justice. LIAT and Marko Princip both lost a lawsuit of $20 MILLION DOLLARS against Brandon Keating and David "Ty" Moss for fraud and damages over YouTube channel videogames. If LIAT doesn't pay his court fines of $20 MILLION DOLLARS he could lose some of his licenses, lose his ability to sell goods and services, have his car immobilized, his property seized, serve community service, and better yet, ending up in life prison as his new name LifeInACell. Unless if he can come up with $20 MILLION DOLLARS, he's got to sell his loot to a garage sale, cheat on Megan for someone richer, give up all his YouTube jew money he and Megan stolen, sell his body to science, chop off his organs to the black market, and prostituting in a high crime rate city for a living. But this is $20 MILLION DOLLARS we're talking about! LIAT claims that he doesn't have to pay shit, which is your typical LIAT lies of self defense.

If LIAT doesn't face a reality check through his thick psychopathic skull, he will face prison as LifeInACell with his asshole nice and loose for his new prison daddies. If he brings out the lawsuit to his haters who "defame" him, he will need to present himself to court and anyone who caught true facts of his years ago illegal criminal activity will get him enough years to never get his cell out from escaping the big nigger menace behind after his scrawny ass. Fucking idiot did not think this through at all!

MrRepzion explains it all.
DramaAlert of his longtime lolcow.

FuturisticHub Versus Wikias[edit]

LIAT tries to sue Wikia because the articles about his FuturisticHub channel weren't called "Hub".
He stayed up all night to vandal-edit wikia pages about him. It lasted several hours until morning.

LIAT found a new place to not only throw his temper tantrum at users making Wikia pages about him and his FuturisticHub channel, but to vandalize the pages by DELETING EVERY FUCKING CONTROVERSY ABOUT HIMSELF. When he doesn't get things his way he'll threaten the Wikia users he calls haters to "GROW UP!", "I'LL KILL YOU!", and his favorite "YOU WILL BE SUED!". Ended up globally banned a few days later. But that doesn't stop him from creating sock accounts and pretend he's a close friend or gay lover. Recently, Wikia shut down most of the 'terrible (THING)" wikis, thus making the FuturisticHub pages on them no longer accessible. It's unknown if FuturisticHub was involved with the shutdowns of the wikis, but its possible he had something to do with them.




—Typical common FuturisticHub threats before the lawsuit threats.


Why dont you leave me the f*ck alone and stop taking this shit so serious moron




Number 1. Its NOT VANDALIZING. You are nothing but a harassing little bitch ass troll. MANY people on YouTube have debunked this lifetent bullshit it is NOT ME SO SHUT UP ALREADY. I am clearly putting facts out there and I will continue to edit pages about me to fit those facts you understand me? Waste your time elsewhere. Nothing you do is going to stop me or my channels. Period. I will still have great success no matter what. So knock it off.


—FuturisticHub hypocrisy


Just so you know if you continue to speak about personal people and or stalking behavior, it will be used against you in court. We are telling you now to stop, you will stop. This is not appropriate AT ALL. STOP YOUR STALKING AND ABUSE


—FuturisticHub wants to start a lolsuit


It is very simple. The edits made are actually FACTUAL edits. You can't vandalize this page. Furthermore, the edits made are unbiased. Several things were left in and others were taken out as it doesn't support evidence. We either do this the easy way or hard way but you are vandalizing the edits. What you are undoing is literally a hate page and full of untue things.

We will continue to undo this into the night and day until an admin locks you out. Stop with the BS already and conduct yourself accordingly! READ the edits we made. THEY ARE FACTS Also we are in talks with BERT of this website he is aware of all of this. You will be in trouble if this continues. Do the right thing and STOP VANDALIZING the page and wait for legal to deal with this!


—He doesn't know how Wikia works.


Bert, I would appreciate a timely mannered resolution about the hate and abuse toward the Futuristichub branding. We have a zero tolerance policy on lies and defamation to the brand. Please have ALL things Futuristichub removed from this website on all Wiki. We have emailed you a few. Please comply with this request.


—Bert finds out that in the email he claimed to have no connection to this account when he mentioned the bad language FuturisticHub used to scare users on a Message Wall thread.


Your edits are being undone. If you continue this you will have a lawsuit on your hands. The Futuristichub brand is currently in contact with this website and their legal team. If you wish to be involved and possibly get yourself sued, then continue and see what happens. I suggest you be smart and walk away.


—FuturisticHub vandalizing


Quit calling me or this brand "LIAT" and or the name "LifeInATent". The legal team has already dealt with that with someone on YouTube who was forced to remove their video as evidence was brought forward proving those claims are false. Furthermore we do not care about ED that website is false and misleading and admins of this website have already told people and they will tell you the same to never reference ED in this website wiki.

That is the end of this. We dont know who you are, but if you wish to be a part of legal filings then continue doing what you're doing and you will have a file against you as well. We have no issues sending legal notices. We have done so with Keemstar and other people and succeeded. You would be another one. Cease immediately and do something productive. Thank you.


—LIAT using FuturisticHub on Wikia


It is not fake legal threats. What you are doing is a crime, and legal is already in talks via email to this website. It is not your concern unless you want that to be then we will be sure to file against you as well. Its very simple. Stick to facts, stick to unbiased material, and be respectful and you won't be in trouble.


—Fact is that FuturisticHub is LifeInAtent the liar and bully.


Popping in here to undo back to the right information. Nobody knows hub more than me. Other page was horrible. Sorry.


—A FuturisticHub sock

FuturisticHub Facts[edit]


LS Mark is not the only one with a problem against him.

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