Marshall County High School shooting

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Gabe Parker.png
Gabe Parker
Born 2002/2003
Nationality: Americunt MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore 2 killed
Top 25? No
Style FPS, Single player
An Hero? No
Motive Atheism

The Marshall Country High School shooting is a common school shooting that nobody really gives a shit about. The shooting took place on January 23, 2018 at 7:57am, just when school is about to start. 2 Students died in the shooting and 18 others were injured. Weeks before, Gabe Parker (who he's also a musician) was thinking about shooting up that school and on the day of the attack he took he emerged from his basement taking his step father's 9mm semi-automatic pistol along with a knife just in case he ran out of bullets just so he could have a better chance to overthrow the heroes at Columbine in the ranking which he's failed miserably.



Graded score
Kill count: 2/20 18 others injured
Accuracy: 5/20 Apprentice Shooter
Style: 9/20 Stalinist communist
Butthurt: 2/20 One of his victims actually feel for him.
Bonus: 3/20 One of the victims is special needs
Total score: 21/100 (F-)
Not impressive enough. Still yet a common school shooting.
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Wanted Level:

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Police Force

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