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gameguySX75 (aka Shawn Durkin), is exactly what you would expect out of a typical deviantart user. Fat, autistic, neckbeard, obseesed with video games, unemployed, and artistic talent that would make Sonichu look good by comparison. Shawn's favorite passtime is to start massive shit flinging contests with other DA users over Mario shipping, having a massive hate boner for Luigi and insisting that everyone treat Mario like Jesus. Anything negative said about Mario will drive Shawn into a frenzied tard rage and lead him to bait suicide. All over a fictional character. Autism is truly an unstoppable force.

"Mario is Mental" makes Shawn mental[edit]

Shawn begs for attention through suicide threats.

Shawn's biggest trigger is, by far, Game Theory's "Mario is Mental" video. The video in question attempts to paint Mario as a psychopath. Unlike a normal person, who would just go about their day normally, Shawn practically declared war on Game Theory. He wrote up DA journals where he talked about how he literally cried for hours, made art protesting GT, and threatened suicide, shown on the right.

Battles with trolls[edit]

He wrote an entire page about his desire to have no nipples so his large man breasts would be less visible. Somehow...
Psychotic rants against Trump

Shawn has attracted a few trolls (or people he perceives as such) during his time on deviantart. DA user PerelPeck made parodies of Shawn's artwork, which led to Shawn ranting about how they should die in a fire and threatened to take their deviantart account down (despite not breaking any of the site's rules). Another DA user called gameguysexSX75 claimed to be the real Shawn Durkin and that gameguySX75 was an imposter who stole artwork. This caused Shawn to have an absolute meltdown, to the point where he decreed an assault against gameguysexSX75 and called for his death. After one user told him that he was way too serious about Mario shipping and that he should just calm down, Shawn completely lost his mind, calling the other user a nigger, and, quote un-quote, "the most evil person on the Internet".

Shawn vs. Kiwi Farms[edit]

All of Shawn's crude works and nasty attitude naturally caught the attention of the users of Kiwi Farms. After making a thread on Shawn's rampages, Shawn threatened to commit sucide. Claiming that the site was making him afraid to post his works on DA, he begged the users to take his thread down. When this didn't happen, Shawn turned into a hermit and took down his active accounts. He then brought the accounts back because he was too lazy to think of a good name for a sockpuppet account. After stating that he would henceforth ignore his thread, Shawn would mention it again a month later by telling the users of Kiwi Farms to go after people he finds worse than himself in a sad attempt at deflection, and to go die and burn in hell solely because they made fun of him.

White Knights[edit]

Occasionally, somebody will take one of Shawn's suicidal threats or stories at face value, give him a compliment or a word of encouragement out of pity, then continue on with their day. Others take things a step further, and will give Shawn constant encouragement. Of these people, two in particular stick out.


DA user KoopaKrazy85 constantly intervenes on Shawn's behalf and tries their best to keep Shawn's digital meltdowns to a minimum. In a sense, KoopaKrazy could be considered Shawn's online watchguard. The most likely reason they've taken up this job is due to the fact that they're a proud brony, furry, and Steven Universe fan, who makes porn of Mario characters, and can therefore relate to Shawn's immature and often sick behaviour. Defending Shawn isn't where the line ends for KoopaKrazy, as she is also on record for white-knighting people who want to fuck children.


With the kind of username not even an edgy twelve year old would be caught dead with, pwwnd123 is a lot like Shawn in that he is a terrible artist, an aggressive shipper, and a proud of having a mental disability which impairs his day to day functions. The ending of Super Mario Odyssey caused such rage in pwwnd123 that he started a petition to get Nintendo to change it. pwnd123 is no stranger to acting like a dick to others over the internet, having been banned from the Mario Wiki after harassing another user. To no-one's surprise, pwwnd123 has come to Shawn's defense and believes that having autism excuses Shawn from his loud mouth and strange actions.

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